McDonald’s Desserts And Shakes Prices Canada – May 2024 Updated


McDonald’s Desserts And Shakes Prices Canada

If any restaurant has the label of having the most variety in its sweet treats section then it is undoubtedly McDonald’s Canada. Let it be sundaes, pies, McFlurry or milkshakes; everything has got the quality of its own. People are literally crazy about this stuff and they visit here to satisfy their cravings. Today, we will be explicitly discussing the desserts and shakes served at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Shakes Menu

Starting from the famous shakes menu. Luckily, McDonald’s has got three standard milkshake flavors which are liked by everyone. Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla are the only flavors which you will come across while ordering from the milkshakes section.

Then we have the famous McFlurry which also comes in three different flavors; Oreo, Smarties and SKOR. You can order whichever one you like because all three of them have the same price.

McDonald’s Desserts Menu

Now it is time to discuss McDonald’s Canada desserts menu. Your favorite apple and blueberry pies are served here having a price tag of $2.09. If you are in a mood to eat something different then try ordering Sundaes from the menu. It comes in two flavors; caramel and fudge. Most people prefer fudge flavor but again it is totally up to you.

McDonald’s Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for McDonald’s Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is McDonald’s Serving Ice Cream?
Yes, McDonald’s has a separate section for its sweet treats which includes sundaes, shakes and McFlurry options. Apart from this McDonald’s serves a vanilla cone as well costing around $1.
Is McFlurry A Soft Serve?
McFlurry indeed is a soft serve and best for hot summer days. It is prepared from whipped soft serve vanilla ice cream. Different toppings on it make it unique and different.
How Much Does A Soft Serve Cost At McDonald’s?
A soft serve at McDonald’s is served for $1.15.
Can I Eat Frozen McFlurry?
It is not at all recommended to freeze any soft serve ice cream dessert including McFlurry. Freezing can change the texture and taste of these items and as a result you will experience a less enjoyable taste.
Does McFlurry Have Eggs?
No, McFlurry doesn’t contain eggs.

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