OPA Of Greece Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


OPA Of Greece Menu And Prices In Canada

OPA! You must be thinking what’s with the excitement right? Well, when the news is about Opa’s restaurant then one can’t control himself from expressing. The notable point here is that OPA is now available in Canada! People living here can now easily enjoy their favourite item at their favourite restaurant.

OPA Menu With Prices

Once you know about the opening of a particular restaurant, the next step is to wait for their menu. OPA did a good thing here i.e. soon after its establishment it released its menu so people can come prepared regarding their order.


The OPA menu is as vast as it can get. For starters, I will be discussing the “Meal” category first. Here you will be able to get your hands on OPA platter meal, Souvlaki and salad meal, pita wrap meal and calamari meal. Isn’t it amazing?


Next on the OPA menu Canada is Combos. There is a difference in combos and meals so make sure you figure it out before-hand. The combo options consist of the options present in the meals section along with some additional choices.

If you look at the OPA menu price then you would know how affordable these combos are. The most expensive item in this particular section is Calamari and salad meal combo having a price tag of $17.45.


If you observe the OPA Calgary menu then you would know that it is pretty much similar to this one. Well, OPA Greek food doesn’t need any additional description. It is more than enough for its own popularity.

The best thing about the salad section is that it offers low carb options as well. You can take this option with Santorini, Greek and Caesar salad.

Olympus Bowls

Well, this seems new right? Olympus bowls are regular bowls but with a bit fancier name. There are two available options here. You can either go with the rice bowl or the fry bowl.


The best snack considered at OPA is the falafel snack bites. First, they are pretty affordable and second of all they are a unique menu item that people want to try.

Kids Meal

You either go with a regular kid’s meal or a grilled cheese meal. The regular one is more expensive than the grilled one so choose wisely.


As this is OPA we are talking about, you must be wondering whether there are fries included or not. Of course, they are included! It was an obvious guess. However, there are other side options as well to consider. Make sure you try each one of them.

OPA Extras Menu

In the extras menu you will most likely receive Tzatziki and Hummus. Both of them cost exactly the same i.e. $1.55.

Beverages Menu

Regular water, canned items, iced tea and juices are the menu items which you will get in here. Minute maid juice is a different beverage so make sure you try it out.

The most popular items that you will come across at OPA! Of Greece are:

OPA’s Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for OPA! Of Greece Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

Osmow’s make sure that you get the best quality food with great taste. It holds specialty in wraps, shawarmas and donors as well.

  • Greek Restaurants

It is a possibility that there is at least one Greek restaurant in your area. Such types of restaurants serve dishes like Souvlaki, moussaka and baklava etc.

  • Middle Eastern Restaurants

If you want more variety in Greek dishes then you can pay a visit to Middle Eastern restaurants. They serve kebabs, grilled meat and other similar items.

About OPA! Of Greece Canada

If you are looking for Greek cuisine in Canada then there is nothing better than visiting OPA! Of Greece. It serves an extensive menu of Greek dishes ranging from Souvlaki to Baklava. OPA is committed to provide the best quality food to their customers no matter what.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.

(403) 245-0033

Visit our official website https://opasouvlaki.ca/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are OPA Chicken Pita Wrap Calories?
The chicken pita wrap at OPA has 350 calories.
What Does OPA Put On Their Pita?
Following items are included in the pita served at OPA:1- Onions2- Tomatoes3- Lettuce4- Fresh jalapeno peppers5- Feta cheese
How Many Calories Are There In OPA Fries?
OPA fries have a total calories of 430.
What Is Vegetarian At OPA?
At OPA you will be able to order a vegetarian pita, vegetarian souvlaki and OPA sauté.

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