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KFC Menu Prices Canada 2024

Canada is a well-known spot for fast-food chains. A lot of famous restaurants including KFC, McDonald’s , Tim Horton’s etc. have established their business in Canada. So if you are a Canadian then you don’t have to worry as you will be able to enjoy every famous meal of your favorite restaurant.

If we talk specifically about KFC then you will get abundant meal choices. Whether it is their chicken bucket, wings, wraps or sandwiches, you will get each and every item of your preference. KFC menu Canada makes it easier for the customers to pick their favorite menu items.

Whether it is KFC boneless bucket or their original bucket, you will have many choices within them. From KFC 10 piece bucket price to KFC popcorn chicken price, everything is present in KFC ca menu. If you want to know more about KFC buckets deal prices then consider the following price chart.

Original KFC Buckets

The KFC Canada menu has a whole section dedicated to big boxes . Believe it or not, but almost 8 customers out of 10 prefer to buy these meal boxes . KFC prices and menu has all the items included.

Big Boxes

Another special thing which KFC has included in their menu is combos . Their sale prices drastically increased with the introduction of these combos. Just like the time when Burger King introduced the famous Whooper in their menu. People literally loved this menu item and now it has become famous because of it. KFC menu with prices (2024 Updated) has all the combos available for their customers.

Chicken Items

Sandwiches And Wraps

A La Carte

The A La Carte section of the KFC menu includes wings, tenders, and chicken pieces etc. KFC now has some serious competition with the launch of Costco chicken wings . However, if you want to enjoy any of the below-mentioned items then place your order now!

Go Buckets

KFC bucket prices in Canada vary from bucket to bucket. You will be able to get your hands on the go bucket, famous bucket as well as boneless bucket.

The Kentucky fried chicken menu is popular among people. The menu has all the relevant stuff included so you don’t need to navigate here and there in search of a particular menu item.

Famous Buckets


We have great news for all the sweet dish lovers. KFC not only offers spicy chicken and burgers but also offers brownies and cookies in their desserts menu section.



Would you like to eat a Kentucky burger without a drink? Of course not! Then order yours now! Even here KFC has provided you with ease by introducing an individual section of beverages. You can order your favorite drink to satisfy your cravings.

Dipping Sauces

KFC menu prices also include the prices of dipping sauce. You get to enjoy sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, buttermilk ranch, Carolina honey mustard and Southern plum etc. The prices are mentioned below.

Boneless Chicken Combo

Feeling bored of regular chicken? Look no further as KFC has offered you the boneless chicken combo. It has the mouth-watering popcorn chicken combo as well.

Limited Time Offers In KFC Menu

KFC menu with price offers limited time deals which are mentioned below.

Favorite Items Of KFC In Canada

By keeping in mind the purchases made by the customer, we have prepared a separate table which shows the favorite items of KFC.

The popular items include:

Alternatives to KFC Canada: Savoring Canada’s Best Fried Chicken and More!

I’ve scoured the country for the finest alternatives to KFC, offering a diverse range of fried chicken experiences and other savory delights. As a seasoned food blogger, I’m thrilled to guide you through some of the most mouth-watering options that promise to satisfy your chicken cravings and introduce you to new, exciting flavors.

1. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen:

Popeyes brings a taste of Louisiana to Canada with its spicy, flavorful fried chicken. Their unique blend of seasonings and crispy batter makes their chicken a must-try for anyone seeking a different twist on the classic fried chicken. Don’t forget to pair it with their famous Cajun fries and buttery biscuits for a complete Southern experience.

2. Mary Brown’s:

Mary Brown’s, a proud Canadian brand, offers a delectable array of chicken dishes. Their claim to fame is the Big Mary sandwich, a must-try for chicken sandwich enthusiasts. Additionally, their signature taters are the perfect complement to their tender, juicy chicken.

3. St-Hubert:

St-Hubert is a beloved Quebec-based chain known for its rotisserie chicken and legendary BBQ sauce. While not fried, their perfectly roasted chicken is a succulent alternative, offering a different but equally satisfying poultry experience. Their homestyle sides, like coleslaw and fries, add to the comfort food vibe.

4. Jollibee:

Jollibee, the Filipino fast-food giant, has been winning over Canadian taste buds with its unique take on fried chicken. Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, known for its crispy, juicy goodness, offers a slightly sweet and savory flavor profile that sets it apart from traditional fried chicken. Their spaghetti and Peach Mango Pie are also popular choices among fans.

5. Nando’s:

For those who enjoy a bit of heat, Nando’s is the go-to place. Famous for their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken, Nando’s offers a variety of spice levels to suit any preference. Their chicken is marinated for 24 hours and then grilled to perfection, offering a healthier alternative to fried chicken.

Each of these alternatives to KFC Canada offers a unique take on chicken, whether it’s the spicy kick of Popeyes, the home-style comfort of Mary Brown’s, the rotisserie goodness of St-Hubert, the sweet-savory blend of Jollibee, or the fiery flavors of Nando’s. These chains not only provide delicious chicken options but also reflect the diverse culinary landscape of Canada. So, next time you’re craving some poultry, step out of your comfort zone and try one of these mouth-watering alternatives.

About KFC Canada

Harland Sanders , the person who is behind the success of KFC. He opened KFC after facing lots of failures but he didn’t give up. Now he is the brand ambassador of one of the top-rated food chains i.e. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) . KFC was opened in Canada in 1955 and since then it has been recognized internationally. KFC Canada prices are a bit different than the prices of other branches but the taste and quality remains the same!

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, has been a major player in Canada’s fast-food industry for many years, standing alongside popular chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. Known globally for its signature fried chicken, KFC Canada brings a unique flavor to the table with its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Beyond just offering delicious chicken, KFC is committed to providing a diverse menu that includes a range of side dishes, sandwiches, and more, ensuring high-quality food with every meal.

Whether you’re enjoying the classic Original Recipe chicken, digging into a Zinger sandwich, or trying out their famous Popcorn Chicken, KFC caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Their dedication to maintaining the original Colonel Sanders recipe while innovating with new menu items keeps their customers returning for more. Exploring the KFC menu is an adventure in discovering the rich and savory tastes that have made this chain a cornerstone of fast food in Canada. It’s clear that KFC is not just a place to grab a quick meal; it’s an integral part of Canada’s diverse food culture. A visit to KFC is always a journey into the heart of comfort food.

KFC Canada Contact Info

If you’re looking to get in touch with KFC in Canada, be it for feedback, questions, or to satisfy your cravings for their famous fried chicken, KFC Canada makes it easy and convenient for customers to reach out. They place a high value on customer interactions and offer various channels to ensure effective communication.

The primary way to contact KFC Canada is through their customer service phone number, which is readily available on their website and in their advertising materials. This ensures that customers can reach out easily for any assistance or inquiries they might have regarding KFC’s services or menu items.

KFC Canada also maintains a significant presence on various social media platforms. By interacting with them on Twitter and Facebook, customers can not only get their queries addressed but also stay informed about the latest menu items, special promotions, and updates from the company. These social media channels offer a quick and engaging way to connect with KFC and stay in the loop about what’s new and exciting.

To contact KFC Canada, here are the essential details:

Website – kfc.ca
Instagram – @KFC_Canada
Twitter – @KFC_Canada

KFC Canada’s array of contact options ensures that every customer, whether a frequent visitor or someone with specific questions, can easily and effectively communicate with the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The KFC Chicken Sandwich Price In Canada?
The famous KFC Chicken Chicken Sandwich costs you around $10.29. However, there are other sandwich options available as well which you can pick according to your preference.
What Is The KFC Veggie Burger Price In Canada?
KFC plant-based sandwich price is about $10.29. The newly introduced veggie menu contains other plant-based items as well apart from burgers.
What Are Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu Prices In Canada?
Kentucky fried chicken menu Canada has prices ranging from $14.99 to $42.99. You can order any menu item of your choice.
What Are The Best Alternatives To KFC In Canada?
A – The best alternatives to KFC in Canada are as follows:1- Mc Donald’s2- Burger King3- Swiss Chalet4- Osmow’s5- Subway

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