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A&W Menu Prices Canada

If you are hearing about A&W for the first time then you must be wondering about the initials ‘A’ and ‘W’. Well, to figure this out you must know the history of this successful fast-food restaurant in Canada. A person named Roy Allen prepared a recipe for a beer, it became a hit within no time. He planned to sell this beer at drinking spots all over California.

His companion, Frank Wright took this small business to a bigger level and it became so successful that later on its many franchises were opened. So basically the ‘A’ is for Allen and the ‘W’ is for Wright.

The A & W Canada menu has everything that you are looking for. Although the specialty of this restaurant was its root beer, later on new menu items were added by Frank.

Does A&W Serve Breakfast?

Yes, a and w menu prices will inform you about the prices of breakfast items as well. Not just individual items but you will get to see the combos as well. If you are a breakfast lover then you must try the famous breakfast combos offered by A&W.

How Are A&W Burgers Different From The Rest?

The burger options in every fast-food restaurant are almost the same. But what’s special about the A&W burgers lies in their names. Starting from the famous Mama Burger and ending at uncle bacon burger, you will get a burger named after every family relation.

It is kind of exciting and amazing that you get to order a burger based on your favourite family relation. No other restaurant has adopted this strategy yet.


What Options Will I Get In Burger Combos?

A&W prices of burger combos are slightly higher than the regular burgers. In combo options, you get to enjoy a little extra than the regular ones. Now it is up to you whether you want to order a regular burger or a combo option.

Burger Combos

What Can I Order From The A&W Chicken Section?

Due to increase in the demand of chicken items, a&w menu prices in Canada have increased. But this doesn’t bother the true fans of A&W. They keep coming to visit this amazing restaurant to fulfil their cravings.

People usually ask about A&W chicken nuggets price. A&W Canada prices for its nuggets are $5.99 and $7.99 for 6 pieces and 10 pieces respectively. If you are craving for the chicken nuggets then order them right away!


Just like you get to enjoy the burger combos, similarly you can enjoy the chicken combos as well. The prices may be a little higher but it is worth every penny!

Chicken Combo

Kids Meal

How Many Total Options For kids Meals Are There?

Unfortunately, the kids’ meals have only 3 options. You can either order a baby burger, 2 Pcs of chicken strips or a chicken buddy burger. Although, the A&W prices Canada 2024 have increased a bit due to high demand but these kids meals still remain affordable. Dairy Queen’s kids meal section also has 3 options but the variety is different there.


The yummy and mouth-watering side options are to die for. Every side item is extremely economical. You can get your hands on the fries, onion rings, poutine, gravy and more. Just under $5 you can get every item of your choice.

Coming towards the “Sweet Section” might be a good news for the people having sweet tooth. Although the menu items in the “desserts section“ are only 4 but they are extremely yummy. And of course you will get to enjoy the sundae as well.


The famous A&W root beer is the first item of the “Drinks” section, after all it all started because of it. The remaining items are those which are commonly served at other restaurants as well.


The most popular items of A&W are as follows.

Alternatives To A&W Canada: Discovering New Fast Food Treasures Across the Country!

As an experienced food blogger with a taste for adventure, I’ve journeyed from the bustling streets of Toronto to the serene landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, seeking out the best fast food alternatives to A&W Canada. Let me guide you through a culinary journey of fantastic options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and perhaps introduce you to new favorites.

1. Harvey’s:

Experience Canadian pride with Harvey’s, a true gem in the fast-food landscape. Their unique selling point? Customization. At Harvey’s, you become the artist of your meal, choosing from a variety of fresh toppings to create a burger masterpiece. Don’t miss out on their signature poutine, a delightful Canadian classic.

2. Mary Brown’s:

For those who adore fried chicken, Mary Brown’s is a must-visit. This Canadian chain prides itself on its juicy, tender chicken made with a secret recipe that has won over hearts nationwide. Their taters, a crispy and savory side, are the perfect complement to any meal.

3. Smoke’s Poutinerie:

Dive into the world of poutine at Smoke’s Poutinerie. They take this Canadian staple to the next level with an array of creative toppings and combinations. From traditional to gourmet, their poutines are a culinary exploration of flavor and comfort.

4. Booster Juice:

Looking for a healthier alternative? Booster Juice offers a refreshing array of smoothies and juices, perfect for those seeking a nutritious yet delicious option. Their smoothie bowls and wraps are also great choices for a light, energizing meal.

5. Mucho Burrito:

Add a little spice to your life with Mucho Burrito. This chain brings the flavors of Mexican cuisine to the Canadian fast-food scene. Enjoy their fresh burritos, tacos, and bowls, customizable to your preference, making each visit a new experience.

Embarking on this fast-food journey across Canada, I’ve discovered that there’s so much more to explore beyond the familiar. Each of these alternatives to A&W Canada presents a unique taste of the diverse and rich culinary landscape of our nation. So, whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet burger, a comforting poutine, or a refreshing smoothie, there’s always something new and exciting waiting for you. Let your taste buds lead the way and enjoy the delicious diversity of Canada’s fast-food scene!

About A&W Canada

The A&W fast-food restaurant is undoubtedly one of the greatest restaurants in Canada having an enticing history. Starting from an ordinary beer and ending up being a big-hit demands a lot of hard work. It’s standing tall alongside giants like McDonald’s and Burger King. Renowned for its iconic Root Beer and commitment to quality ingredients, A&W Canada distinguishes itself with a menu that emphasizes both taste and health-conscious options. They’re particularly famous for their hormone-free meat and commitment to sustainability, setting a high standard in the fast-food industry. 

Whether you’re savoring the classic Mama or Papa Burger, enjoying the unique flavor of a Chubby Chicken, or relaxing with their famous frosty mug of Root Beer, A&W caters to a diverse range of preferences. Their dedication to offering organic and responsibly sourced ingredients resonates with customers who seek both flavor and quality in their fast-food choices. Navigating A&W’s menu is like taking a journey through a more conscientious and delicious approach to fast food. It’s clear that A&W is not just about serving meals; it’s about upholding a legacy of quality and sustainability in Canada’s culinary landscape. A visit to A&W is always more than just a meal – it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression. So if you ever want to enjoy a good meal then A&W has to be on your visit-list.

A&W Canada Contact Info

Connecting with A&W Canada is a seamless experience for anyone looking to engage with this iconic brand, whether you have questions about their menu, need to provide feedback, or simply crave some of their classic root beer and burgers. A&W Canada prioritizes customer communication and offers various channels to ensure a smooth interaction.

For a quick and efficient response, A&W Canada is accessible via their customer service phone number, prominently displayed on their website and in their advertising materials. This ensures that you can reach out to them conveniently for any assistance.

Moreover, embracing the digital age, A&W Canada maintains an active presence on several social media platforms. By following their accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, not only can you get your queries addressed, but you’ll also stay informed about the latest offerings, promotions, and updates from A&W. These social media channels offer a dynamic way to interact with the brand and join in on the community of A&W enthusiasts.

To connect with A&W Canada, here are the essential contact details:

Website – www.aw.ca

Contact Us Form – A&W Canada contact us

Instagram – @AWCanada

Twitter – @AWCanada

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new customer, A&W Canada’s diverse communication channels are tailored to provide you with a convenient and pleasant interaction experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A&W Veggie Burger Price?
According to A&W menu Canada prices a simple veggie burger costs around $6.99 and if you want to go for a combo then it will be a 10.98 dollar bill.
What Is The Teen Burger Combo Price?
There are two options for a teen burger combo; single and double. You will have to pay $10.88 for single combo and $12.68 for double combo.
How Much Is A Teen Burger?
A single teen burger has a price tag of $6.69 whereas a double teen burger costs around $8.49.
What Is A Buddy Burger Price?
A&W buddy burger price is $1.99 for single and $2.99 for double.
What Is A&W Onion Rings Price?
You can enjoy the yummy onion rings for just $4.29.
What Is Papa Burger A&W Price?
A&W burger prices in Canada mentions the price of papa burger to be $7.09 (without cheese) and $7.84 (with cheese).
What Is A&W Coffee Price In Canada?
In just $1.97, you can enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee at A&W.
What Is A&W Chubby Chicken Bucket Price In Canada?
The chubby chicken bucket is an optional item on the A&W menu. But if you want to enjoy a yummy chubby chicken burger then it will cost you about $6.69.

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