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McDonalds ice creams really do not need an introduction. It has always been people’s favorite for over ages. No competitor can even come close to McDonalds when it comes to their delicious ice-creams.

Just to start with, McDonalds serves a diverse range of ice-creams to satisfy different tastes of people. The classic soft-serve cone is one example of such ice cream. To add a little more flavor or how it’s often described as ‘Blend of flavors’ is McDonalds’ McFlurry that people absolutely love!

And if you are looking for something incredibly delicious and more flavory, you can go for McDonalds Sundaes which are layered with hot fudge, caramel, strawberry and topped with cream.


McDonalds’ has constant food as well as ice-cream items everywhere in the world. So the above mentioned flavors or types of ice-cream are served in Canada too with some little new touches and taste.

McDonald’s signature soft serve ice-cream is made up of a blend of milk, sugar and corn syrup after which it is further mixed and frozen to make combinations of different new flavors and types which include sundaes, McFlurry or in the form of simple cones.


McDonalds one of the most popular Ice-cream is the vanilla cone which is made of organic vanilla flavor that gives the ice cream the incredible good and original taste with a golden brown biscuit in the form of cone, outside. The ice-cream is often topped with sprinkles and some other stuff that people often ask for.

Another popular item at McDonalds ice-cream menu is sundae, which is a blend of different flavors such as caramel, strawberry and hot fudge. This dessert is literally the best choice for anyone who is looking for some mixed flavors in their ice-creams.

These ice-creams are included in the McDonalds happy meal deals too as a dessert in the end with some other fast food items.  


McDonalds offers a diverse range of different ice-creams and flavors. The classic ones available at all McDonalds outlet are:

  • Soft Serve Cone

McDonalds soft serve cone, a blend of creamy vanilla flavor served on a golden biscuit on the outside in the shape of corn, has been a timeless delight for the generations of people for over decades.

  • Sundaes

McDonalds sundaes are creamy soft serve cones served with a variety of different toppings. The options include hot fudge, caramel or strawberry sauce all topped with whipped cream.

  • McFlurry

The McDonalds McFlurry is a frozen delight which is made with the perfect blend of cream and cookies giving it a smooth and crunchy texture. With each spoon you eat, the cream quickly dissolves in, giving your mouth a unique, everlasting flavor with a little bit of crumbs.


McDonalds special $1 deal on vanilla soft serve cones is actually back in Canada! You can now beat the summer heat which you’ll hardly experience in Canada, with McDonalds special vanilla cones.

Yes, we all know, summers are not really a thing in Canada. But who doesn’t love a good ice-cream? And that too, when it’s too cheap! So just forget about the weather and order a $1 vanilla soft serve cone at McDonalds to taste what heaven must taste like!


  • Oreo McFlurry

Oreo McFlurry is made with vanilla soft serve and mixture of blended Oreo cookies which creates a perfect balance of texture and taste. This ice-cream is loved by many people.

  • Apple pie sundae

Apple pie sundae is made with the perfect balance of McDonalds Apple pie mixed with vanilla soft serve.

  • Hot Fudge Sundae

This is made with McDonalds special soft serve ice-cream topped with hot fudge sauce, cherry and some whipped cream.

  • Skor McFlurry

This ice-cream is also made just like Oreo McFlurry but includes a slight difference. The soft serve vanilla ice-cream is blended in with Skor toffee bits to give the ice-cream a texture.

  • Smarties McFlurry

Smarties McFlurry is made with the same vanilla soft serve ice-cream topped and blended with the smarties. This is also quite popular in Canada as most people ask for Oreo and smarties McFlurry.

  • Caramel sundae

Caramel sundae is just like a classic dessert made up of vanilla soft serve and further topped with rich, gooey caramel sauce.

  • Hot fudge sundae

Hot fudge sundae is another McDonalds classic sundae, a mixture of creamy vanilla soft serve topped with hot fudge.

  • Strawberry sundae

All the sundaes have one thing in common which is the creamy vanilla soft serve and then the distinguishing thing is just the toppings and extra ingredients. Strawberry sundae is made in the same way too but with the toppings of strawberry and its flavor mixed with vanilla soft serve.

  • Caramel sundae

Caramel sundae is a delightful experience of one of the tastiest ice-creams that people get to have. This is made with vanilla soft serve blended with caramel.

  • Fruit N’ yogurt parfait

This is not entirely a dessert item but it is considered as one because of the creamy layers of yogurt, fruit and granola.


Here are some of the incredibly delicious McFlurry flavors that people absolutely love to eat:

  • Oreo McFlurry
  • M&Ms McFlurry
  • Twix McFlurry
  • Snickers McFlurry
  • Reese’s McFlurry
  • Kit Kat McFlurry


In Canada, McDonalds also has this limited offer on some ice-creams that are only available for a part of the year in specific seasons. These are:


McDonalds in Canada provides a detailed note on the allergens information in every item available there. They include all the common allergens such as milk, soy, peanut and more written next to the ingredients in each item.

They also make sure to avoid cross contamination by using the same utensils and equipments to make a single item.

Moreover, if you are allergic to some other non-common food materials which most people may not be aware of or if you have certain other requirements related to the specific food item’s ingredients, you can let the staff know beforehand and you’ll be accommodated accordingly.  


McDonalds never fails to surprise and keep its customers happy. From incredible happy meal deals to delicious breakfast and fast food items at McDonalds has always been a treat to eat.

Talking about its ice-creams, McDonalds made sure not to disappoint us here too. From incredibly creamy vanilla soft serve cones which people drool over to McFlurry that has a heavenly taste and not to forget the Sundaes! Absolutely delicious! It’s always fun and an adventurous experience to visit McDonalds and have a little happy time. 


How Much Is McDonald’s Ice-cream?
McDonald’s most ice-creams range from $1.50 - $2.50.
What Is The Best And Most Asked For McDonalds McFlurry Flavor?
The most asked for McDonalds McFlurry is the Oreo McFlurry and M&Ms McFlurry.
How Many Calories Are There In A Normal Sundae At McDonalds?
The calories in a sundae can range from 180 Cal – 340 Cal, depending on the type of sundae you choose as well as the extra toppings that you may like to add.
Which Are The Best Sundae Flavors?
Although, people love all the flavors of sundae at McDonalds but still some of the most famous ones are Caramel sundae, hot fudge sundae and strawberry sundae.

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