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Earls Kitchen And Bar Toronto Menu

Have you ever thought about a restaurant which fulfils your food cravings? Well, the good news is you have it now in Toronto! The place is none other than Earl’s restaurant in Toronto. After visiting famous restaurants like A&W Toronto, Pizza 73 etc. you now have Earls Kitchen and Bar near you.

After getting fame in Canada Earl’s decided to open its branch in Toronto as well. Today, I will be discussing Earls Toronto Menu with you all so stay tuned!

Most Ordered

Starting from the most ordered list, this contains the menu items which are ordered the most from Earls kitchen menu. All the items from Fettuccine Alfredo to Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich are served here.

Sushi + Raw

If you are a sushi lover and want to spend your money on something delicious then the Sushi + Raw section is a go for you! You can order crispy prawn rolls as well as sushi tacos of your choice!


The shareable section includes menu items which can be shared with others as well. Famous wings, angry chicken lettuce wraps and a wide variety of fries are included in this section. You can think of this section as share boxes served at KFC.


As we all know that Dominos is famous for its pizzas but have you ever tried the pizzas served at Earl’s? If not then you must have to try their Margherita and Tropic Thunder Pizza as they are to die for! Moreover, if you are concerned about the calories then Earls nutritional menu is also included for every section.

Salads + Soup

Salads and soups are the two items which no one will ever refuse to order. Many people prefer having salad with their main course. Luckily, if you are one of such people then you need to see this section before placing your final order.

Burgers + More

Two burgers in this section which are Bacon Cheddar and Impossible Burger are also served at Burger King. Other than these two you can always consider ordering Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich or Bigger Better Burger.

Noodles + Bowls

People often ask about Bangkok Bowls which are served at Earls Kitchen and bar. The bowls are served with fillet and sirloin so you can order whichever one you prefer.


Now comes the main course. It includes BBQ Back Ribs, Oven Roasted Salmon, Crab cakes and Cajun Blackened Chicken. If you are a seafood lover then you can order BBQ Back Ribs or Salmon otherwise you can go for chicken items.


Where are all the steak lovers? Now you can get your hands on your favorite steak by ordering from this section. There is no restriction when it comes to steaks. The famous 14 oz. Ribeye is also available for you to order.

Earls Brunch Happy Hour Menu

If you are looking for Brunch options then you can go to the Earls Brunch Happy Hour Menu and order from there. Unfortunately, there are only two options available but you can order whichever one suits you.

Plant Based

If you are a vegetarian visiting Earl’s for the first time then there is nothing to worry about as there is a plant based menu available for you. You can easily order from this section as the items present here are purely vegan.

Gluten Aware

Unfortunately, some people have gluten allergy due to which they cannot eat items having gluten in them. Earl’s Kitchen and Bar takes care of its customers here as well by offering a gluten-free menu to its customers.


Along with spicy items this restaurant also offers dessert options to its customers. You can either order a key lime pie or chocolate pudding depending on your cravings.

Earl’s Wine List

After the Old Spaghetti Factory, Earl’s has the largest drinks menu. You can order wine from any category including white wine, red wine and rose wine. Detailed options are given below.

Beers, Coolers + Ciders

In a mood for some beers, coolers or ciders? Earl’s has got you covered! Order your favorite one right away.

Earls Cocktail Menu

Cocktail lovers can consider ordering from the cocktail menu having two options i.e. Dirty Gin + Toni and Earl Grey Sonic. The prices are pretty reasonable as well.


Trying to avoid alcohol? Well, then this section is definitely made for you! Go for soft drinks, red bull and even San Bendetto.

Earls Kitchen And Bar Happy Hour

Earls Kitchen happy hour is the most talked about among people. It takes place from 2PM to 5PM + 9PM-Close. The only restriction here is that you have to dine in instead of take away. All the food and drinks options which are included in this menu are as follows.


Earls Kitchen Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Earls Kitchen, then do try the following restaurants.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.


Visit our official website https://earls.ca/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is In Earl’s Bangkok Bowl?
Bangkok Bowl served at Earl’s is a combination of bold and fresh flavors. It contains marinated button mushrooms, cucumber + fresh Thai herbs which are tossed in lemongrass vinaigrette and crisp greens. All these things are served over jasmine rice.
What Is In Earls Dynamite Rolls?
Earl’s serves Dynamite Rolls having shrimp tempura or yellowtail, with veggies like avocado, radish sprouts and cucumber.
How Many Calories Are There In Kung Pao Chicken Served At Earl’s?
There are about 1180 calories in the Kung Pao Chicken served at Earl’s.
How Many Calories Are There In Santa Fe Chicken Salad Served At Earl’s?
There are about 880 calories in the Santa Fe Chicken Salad served at Earl’s.

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