Taco Bell Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Taco Bell Menu And Prices In Canada

Taco Bell, as most of you would already know about this amazing eating spot. If you are hearing its name for the first time then allow me to enlighten you. Taco Bell is a Mexican dine-in spot that serves all kinds of Mexican food items. If you are a Mexican food lover then waste no time and visit this spot with your friends or family.

Taco Bell Value Menu And Group Bundles

Value menu and group bundles are the first ones to appear in Taco Bell Canada menu. If you are planning on visiting this place with other people then buying a group bundle or value deal might be economical to consider just like at KFC.

Limited Time Offer

Taco Bell menu in Canada also offers some items which are available only for a limited time. Gladly, all the items in this section are nachos. Different varieties of nachos can be experienced if you are planning on ordering from this section.

$5 Fan Favorites

Evident by its name, this section has all the items having a cost of $5. You can enjoy tacos, burritos or crunchwrap that too in just $5. Amazing, isn’t it?


No one can beat the combos offered at Montana’s. However, if you haven’t tried them yet then you are missing out a lot. To make an exception, you can always try the combos served at Taco Bell. They include a variety of options such as soft tacos combos, burrito supreme combos, quesadilla combos and much more.

Party Pack

If you are doubtful that one taco might not be enough for you then you can consider the party pack section present in Taco Bell Canada menu with prices. By doing this you will have plenty of them to satisfy your cravings.


Sushi tacos available at Earl’s are people’s favorite. They like their taste and want to experience it again and again. Despite this fact, people also visit Taco Bell mostly for eating tacos. The variety here is different and unique than the rest and this is what people want, the variety.

Taco Bell Burritos Menu

Generally, there is a high ratio of people who like to enjoy burritos more as compared to any other Mexican food item. Luckily, you will be able to experience the taste of the best tacos served at Taco Bell.

Specialty Items

Taco Bell Canada holds specialty in some of the items and you will find them under the Specialty Items section. Don’t worry about the prices as they are reasonable enough.

Taco Bell Vegetarian Menu

Vegan people who don’t prefer eating meat can now enjoy other food items which are prepared from vegan ingredients. Don’t think that there are only 2-3 items in this section, in fact there are a total of 8 items available for the customers. Similarly, restaurants like Moxies also take good care of their vegan customers.

Taco Bell Cravings Menu

The good news is that there is a separate section with the name Cravings Menu which is meant to satisfy your cravings fully. You can order your favorite item at a much affordable price.

Nachos And Fries

For the sides options you can consider ordering nachos and fries. You will be given a variety of options to choose from.

Extra Add Ons

Extra add ons include only 2 options i.e. Jalapenos and Nacho cheese. If you like any of these items then wait no more and order it right away!


There isn’t much to discuss in the drinks section as you will be offered a 20 oz. and 32 oz. drink in different flavors. Along with this a 591 ml bottled water is also available to buy.


The desserts section of Taco Bell stays limited just like Costco’s dessert menu. You can either order cinnabon delights or cinnamon twists. There is no third option available.

Taco Bell Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Taco Bell, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Mucho Burrito

If you want to have a Mexican dining experience then visit Mucho Burrito as it serves freshly prepared tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

  • Chipotle

You can have the tacos, burritos and salads of your choice as Chipotle allows its customers to customize their eating items as they want.

  • Barburrito

Same as other traditional Mexican fast-food restaurants, Barburrito also offers a variety of tacos and burritos.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.

(905) 690-2468

Visit our official website https://www.tacobell.ca/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taco Bell Halal In Canada?
It is difficult to say that all the products used by Taco Bell are halal certified. Most of the items prepared here are not specifically halal.
Which Items Are Included In The Value Box Of Taco Bell?
Buying a value box from Taco Bell will allow you to enjoy chalupa supreme, beef crunchy taco, beef burrito, regular fries along with a 20 oz. drink.
What Is The Most Popular Meal At Taco Bell?
5 most popular meals available at Taco Bell are:Crunchwrap Supreme, Quesarito, Soft Taco, Chicken Quesadilla and Bean Burrito.

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