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Burger King Menu Prices Canada

Burger King, this fast food restaurant doesn’t need any introduction. The Canadian franchise of burger king has been serving its customers for a long time now. Bk Canada menu has all the items which are generally loved by the native population.

Bk was first opened in 1969 and now the Burger king price menu has changed a lot, in terms of menu items and their prices. Many new items have been introduced and their success status is seriously impressive.

Menu for burger king with prices includes their famous burgers. The newly introduced “Whopper” has been making its customers go crazy with its juicy and yummy texture. Instead of ordering a regular whopper, you can order whopper Jr, impossible whopper, double whopper etc.

Flame Grilled Burgers

What Are Other Options Apart From The Whopper?

Burger king menu Canada also gives you other options of enjoying a hamburger, bacon king, quarter pound etc. The varieties will not end because there is a whole range of unique menu items.

What Meal Deals Are Offered At The Burger King?

Don’t just get full yet. If you are a true foodie then you would prefer ordering a meal instead of an individual item. Luckily, BK has it all covered. The menu section of “Flame Grilled Meals” has all the options available which you can consider before ordering.

Flame Grilled Meals

Are BK sandwiches any good like their burgers?

Moving on, we have another variety of chicken nuggets and sandwiches. If you are thinking that you will be able to get your hands on only a regular sandwich then you my friend are wrong. Whether you are craving for a crispy sandwich or an original chicken sandwich, burger king has it all.

Not mentioning Keg’s Thai Chicken when talking about chicken would be extremely unfair. That Thai Chicken is literally to die for so if you ever want to make your taste buds experience the taste of this delicious chicken then wait no more!

Chicken And Fish

Chicken And Fish Meal

Which Unique Breakfast Items Are Served At BK?

A fast-food restaurant without a breakfast menu? Sounds unfair. Well, you don’t need to worry as Burger King Canada breakfast menu is waiting for you. You get to enjoy French toast sticks, pancakes, muffins, and other sandwiches as well.

Breakfast Meals

Breakfast Sandwiches

There is an addition of “Hash Browns” in the breakfast side menu of Burger King. So if Hash browns are one of your favourite food-items then you should definitely order them.

Breakfast Side Menu

Generally, the burger king menu price is affordable by almost everyone. This is because there are lots of items in their menu that if one seems to be expensive then another one can be considered. The breakfast drinks at BK are extremely budget-friendly. Although there isn’t much variety in this section, the offered items are really worth it.

Breakfast Drinks

King Jr Meals

It is not a fact to mention that McDonald’s McNuggets are loved by almost everyone. At burger king you will get the same nuggets options having the same price as McDonald’s. Now it is up to you whichever one you want to grab.

Bundle Deals

Burger king Canada menu with prices has a whole section dedicated to its bundle deals. Every bundle deal has its unique formation. You can buy anyone of these depending upon your craving.

Veggie And Salads

The newly introduced veggie burger has all the eyes on it. Other vegetarian items include green salad and veggie burger meals.

Limited Time Offers

Burger king side menu has options which are mostly related to fries. Other than this you can order onion rings, nuggets and mozzarella sticks etc.

Burger King Side Menus

Burger King Beverages And Shakes

Desserts Menu

 The burger king Canada menu prices include the pricing of the most popular items as well. Out of many items, only a few were able to make it to the “Most Popular” category.

About Burger King

Burger King came after popular brands like McDonald’s, KFC and Subway, etc. but it managed to be included in the list of top fast-food restaurants in Canada. The reason is, BK offers their menu items at a fairly low price as compared to their competitors and who doesn’t like less expensive items, right? So if you ask about BK then it is undoubtedly one of the best fast-food restaurants in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Whopper At Burger King?
Burger King Whopper price in Canada is around $8.49. But this price doesn’t include the flavour of cheese. If you want to enjoy a whopper with a slight flavour of cheese then the price would be $9.69.
What Is Burger King Chicken Nuggets Price?
Burger king Canada menu prices include the chicken nuggets price as well. If you are interested in ordering 8 pieces then you would have to pay $3.46. But if you want to exceed the limit then for 10 pieces you will have to pay $4.39 and for 16 pieces you will have to pay $6.92.
How Much Is Whopper Wednesday Price In Canada?
Whopper Wednesday Canada price will take you by surprise. You can place an order online or you can even use a burger king app to do so. You will get it at the price of $3, regular or impossible Whopper, depending upon your preference.
How Much Is A Veggie Burger At Burger King?
The Burger King veggie burger price is $4.59. If you ever feel like eating anything other than meat then you always have the option of ordering this yummy veggie burger.
Is Burger king Regina Menu Any Different From The Rest?
No, burger king Regina menu is no different than the rest. You will get almost the same items in the Regina menu as you get on the regular menu of Burger king.

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