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New York Fries Menu Prices Canada

Where are all the fries’ lovers? May I have your attention please? Today, I am bringing to you another exciting article that might be about your favorite restaurant. If you are thinking about Gladiator Burger then you might be a little closer to the correct answer. I won’t test you anymore and will tell you the restaurant’s name I was talking about. Well, it is your favorite New York Fries!

Diving into New York fries menu prices might be the thing you are waiting for. Well we all are! So without any further ado let’s discuss New York fries prices, shall we?

The first section in the menu is the most popular items like the one at IHop. Here all those items which are ordered by 80% of the customers are present including poutine, premium hot dog, fresh cut fries, etc. If you are confused about your order then you can start by ordering from this section.


New York fries Canada menu also includes combos. If you are visiting this restaurant with your friends then ordering a combo might be a good option to choose. Don’t worry as these combos are not too expensive to buy.

Poutines And Fry Meals

Poutine served at New York fries is another great thing to talk about. Due to its likeness among people, there is a separate section allotted to it. You can order veggie fries, nacho fries and all other kinds of fries you like. Unfortunately, the waffle fries served at Chick-fil-A are missing from this section.

Hot Dogs

You might have come across different types of hot dogs including cheese, bacon and kosher style served at Five Guys. But have you ever heard about a premium hot dog? Well if you haven’t then you can have the taste of the incredible premium hot dog.


Planning on adding some extra flavor to your food? Well, you surely can do this by adding side options to your menu. I mean who wouldn’t want delicious cheese sauce with their food, right?


There is nothing new to discuss in the beverages section as the options are regular unlike Mr. Puffs. You can have the taste of bottled drinks along with a Nestea.

New York Fries Poutine Price – Poutine Kits

Now comes the famous Poutine Kits. They taste just as yummy as the poutine in the poutine section. So what is really the difference? The answer is quantity, the quantity here is much greater as compared to others.

New York Fries Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for New York Fries, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Smoke’s Poutinerie

As it is pretty evident from its name, this place is famous for serving a variety of Poutine including the classic as well as the customized ones.

Chipotle is a Mexican place which is popular due to its bowls and burritos. You can have your favorite topping including beans, salsas, meats and other options.

  • Big Smoke Burger

Big Smoke Burger is mostly famous for its burgers but you can also have a taste of hand-cut fresh fries which are more than enough to satisfy your cravings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is New York Fries Gravy Vegetarian?
New York fries gravy is prepared from Soy Sauce so it is technically vegetarian. However, if you ask is New York fries gravy vegan then the answer would be no.
Are New York Fries Gluten-Free?
Yes, all the fries that you will order at New York fries are 100% gluten-free.
Is New York Fries Halal?
It makes sense to call New York fries halal until and unless no poutine option is being included because that would lead to a different answer.
How Many New York Fries Sizes Are There?
There are a total of three New York fries sizes: snack, regular and large.
How Many New York Fries Poutine Sizes Are There?
Just like regular fries, New York fries poutine also comes in three sizes: snack, regular and large.
What Are New York Fries’ Ingredients?
Regular fries are freshly cut with skins-on. They are cooked in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil and served with delicious dips.
What Is The Price Of New York Fries Butter Chicken Poutine?
Butter chicken poutine at New York fries is served for $7.79.

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