Tim Hortons Menu And Prices In Toronto – April 2024 Updated


Tim Hortons Menu And Prices In Toronto

When any specific brand gets famous in one city then people expect it to become famous in other areas as well. The same thing happened with Tim Hortons. It initially conquered its space in Canada and later on it expanded its chain in Montreal and Toronto as well.

People living in Toronto gave the same love and support to Tim Hortons and didn’t let it down. Moreover, the quality of the products remained consistent irrespective of the branch location.

Tim Hortons Prices Toronto 2024

The first thing to discuss in the menu is the popular items. You will see a small chart with the label “Popular Items”. Here, all those items which are loved and liked by people are included. 

The purpose of preparing this chart is to let people know about the most-selling menu items so they can include these items in their order.

Meal Bundles

Another thing to discuss in Tim Hortons menu prices is the price of Meal Bundles. Evident from its name, this section offers various meal options to its customers. The serving usually includes 2, 4, 6 or 20+ people depending on the option you choose.

Tim Hortons Coffee Prices Montreal

Famous for its coffee, Tim Hortons has a large variety of coffees. The first section deals with hot drinks. It mostly includes hot chocolate, decaf coffee, mocha and other similar options. If you are a fan then you can easily order your favourite one right away!

Hot Drinks

Cold Drinks

Next we have cold drinks. Some people prefer ordering cold drinks so if you are one of them then consider this section carefully. The famous Iced-Capp is also included in this section. Along with this you will be able to see frozen lemonade, Vanilla cream cold brew and other yummy drinks as well.

Baked Goods

It is always nice to have something with your coffee. If you have tried the Maple Iced Glazed donuts of Krispy Kreme then you will love Tim Horton’s donuts as well. For this you have plenty of options to consider. Most people love ordering croissants with their coffee. Not just this, you will be able to get your hands on donuts, muffins and cookies as well.

Breakfast Menu

This section is undoubtedly created for Breakfast lovers. You have to try these menu items even if you are not a breakfast person, otherwise you will be missing out on most of the things. Sausage, bacon, croissant and bagel; everything is available just one order away!

Tim Hortons Toronto Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Tim Hortons Toronto, then do try the following restaurants.

All the famous and popular menu items of Tim Hortons will be seen in its Montreal branch as well including donuts, muffins, cookies etc.

  • Dark Horse Espresso

If you are looking for someplace which is comfortable and also offers a good coffee then Dark Horse Espresso should be included in your list.

  • Boxcar Social

It is not a regular coffee-shop but a drinks corner. It serves coffee along with beverages and cocktails as well.

About Tim Hortons Toronto

Tim Hortons holds the same importance in Toronto as well. People love this coffee brand in Toronto and enjoy the menu items as much as they can. The love and support of people for Tim Hortons is the same as before. If you haven’t visited it yet then go and visit it now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Tim Hortons Take 12 Coffee?
Tim Hortons take 12 coffee price Toronto is around $23.99
What Is Tim Hortons Dozen Donuts Price?
Tim Hortons 12 donuts price will cost you a bill of $9.39.
How Much Is A Muffin At Tim Hortons?
Tim Hortons muffins price is $2.69.
What Is French Vanilla Tim Hortons Price?
The price of French Vanilla at Tim Hortons is $2.99.
How Much Is Tim Hortons Coffee Box Price In Toronto?
Tim Horton’s coffee box price in Toronto is $23.99 having 12 coffees.
What Is Small Iced-Capp Price?
In Tim Hortons menu 2024, the price of small Iced-Capp is around $3.59.
What Is Timbits Price At Tim Hortons Toronto?
A multi-pack Timbits has a price tag of $3.59.
What Is Tim Hortons Cookies Price?
Multi-packed cookies at Tim Hortons are $8.79.
How Much Is A Donut At Tim Hortons?
The simplest donut i.e. Apple Fritter Donut has a price of $1.99

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