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Harvey’s Menu Prices Canada

If you are a true Canadian then you must have visited Harvey’s at least once in your life. It came long before McDonald’s itself. You can also say that the locals literally grew up with the Harvey’s.

“Harvey’s” wasn’t the first name which was decided to be put as the main label. Many suggestions were collected and out of them only Harvey’s was able to make it to the top. It was originally inspired from a restaurant under the name Henry’s Hamburgers.

Harveys menu Canada is not as vast compared to the menu of other restaurants. Despite this, people still love it. What is the reason? Well, the reason is simply its age. It is old enough for the native people to know about this and who doesn’t love old bonds, right?

Harvey’s Original Burger Price

Harvey’s menu Canada prices has a special section of “Original Burger” where all the flavours in which it is offered are mentioned. Ranging from a regular flavour to Cheese and bacon flavour, you will get all the related information. Not just this but you will get to enjoy Angus burger and double original burger as well.

What’s a better thing other than ordering a simple burger? Ordering a burger combo of course! Harvey’s menu prices include all the related information about its burger combos as well. The flavours however remain the same but who doesn’t love a little extra?

Harvey’s Chicken Section

There are all the sections in the Harvey’s Canada menu which are usually loved by the people. You can order individual chicken items along with chicken combos as well, whatever suits you!

Harvey’s Hot Dog price

You will get to see an unusual item i.e. “Hotdog” in Harvey’s menu with prices. The reason for calling hotdog an usual item is that it is not included as a menu item in every fast-food restaurant menu. It is a rarely seen item. But this isn’t the first time that Harvey’s is making an exception, you can witness many exceptions if you track down its history.

Harvey’s Fish

Harvey’s menu prices will not only inform you regarding the prices of burgers and chicken only but fish as well. So if you are a fish lover then get ready to make your taste buds experience the taste of a delicious fish sandwich.

Harvey’s Value Menu

The famous Harvey’s value menu includes Jr. Burger, fringes, chicken tenders and apple pie. If you are a fan of any of these items then feel free to order them right away! You will get all the related information about these in the Harvey’s menu prices 2024 Canada.

Harvey’s Kids Combo

Harvey values its little customers that’s why it offers kids combo meals to them. Believe it or not but you can get any item of your choice within $6 only. Let it be Jr. Burger combo, cheeseburger combo, hot dog or chicken tenders, you will get everything!

Harvey’s Salad

Along with wraps, you will see salads being offered by Harvey in their menu. A basic chicken entrée salad is being served if you pick the salad section to order. Another variety for the same menu item is that you can order it with a drink.

Harve’y Poutine

Over 6 menu items are included in the “Poutine” section of Harvey’s menu. Starting from a 2 dollar price tag and ending at 6 dollars, you can order any poutine option of your choice.


The side section of every restaurant is almost the same. For instance, Popeye’s side menu has all the below-mentioned items. But one special item which makes Popeye more popular than the rest is its biscuits.

Harvey’s Milkshakes

Harvey’s menu has a great variety of milkshakes. You can get every flavour in two options; classic and premium. As the name suggests, the premium option costs more than the classic one. But if you decide to go with the premium option then you will get a little extra as compared to the classic.

Harvey’s Drinks

There’s nothing new in this section of Harvey’s menu. Basic soft drinks and milkshakes are served to the customers. The tea or coffee option comes additionally for the people who love them.

The most demanded items of Harvey’s are mentioned below.

Alternatives Of Harvey’s Canada

In curating this list of alternatives to Harvey’s, I’ve considered factors such as menu variety, quality of ingredients, customer satisfaction, and my personal dining experiences. Each alternative offers something unique, whether it’s a twist on the classic burger, a commitment to sustainability, or a distinctive flavor profile.

1. A&W Canada:

Known for its commitment to high-quality ingredients, A&W’s Teen Burger is a personal favorite, with its savory combination of beef, bacon, and cheese.

2. Wendy’s:

The Dave’s Single at Wendy’s, with its fresh beef and premium toppings, makes for a satisfying and hearty meal. Wendy’s commitment to fresh, never frozen beef really shines through.

3. Burger King:

The Whopper, a classic at Burger King, stands out for its flame-grilled flavor and generous toppings. It’s a staple for those who love a traditional, well-made burger.

4. Five Guys:

The Cheeseburger at Five Guys, with its customizable toppings, allows for a personalized and delicious experience every time. The freshness of their ingredients is particularly noteworthy.

5. Hero Certified Burgers:

Their Original Hero Burger is a testament to their quality, featuring 100% Canadian Angus beef. It’s a burger that not only tastes great but also supports local producers.

6. Fatburger:

The Original Fatburger, with its juicy, cooked-to-order beef, offers a satisfying and indulgent experience. It’s a treat for those who appreciate a burger with a richer taste.

7. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken):

Their Zinger Sandwich, a spicy and flavorful chicken burger, provides a delightful change of pace from the usual beef burgers.

8. Dairy Queen:

The DQ Ultimate Burger surprises with its taste and quality, making it a top choice for a fast-food burger with a unique DQ twist.

9. Smashburger:

The Classic Smash, with its unique smashed patty cooking technique, offers a delicious and uniquely textured burger experience.

My journey through Canada’s fast-food landscape has shown me the diversity and quality available across the country. Each of these chains brings something special to the table, and I’ve enjoyed discovering the unique flavors and offerings they provide. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic beef burger, a spicy chicken sandwich, or something a little different, there’s an option out there for every palate.

About Harvey Canada

If you have decided to eat out with your friends or family then what better option would be other than Harvey’s? This amazing restaurant has been serving high-quality meals to its customers for a long time now. If you are also a fan then don’t forget to visit Harvey’s and recommend this to your friends as well!

Harvey’s Contact Info

Harvey’s, a renowned fast-food chain in Canada, offers several convenient ways for customers to reach out for support, feedback, or inquiries. Understanding the importance of customer service, Harvey’s has established multiple channels to ensure that every customer’s experience is heard and valued.

Website –harveys.ca

Phone Number – 1.833.953.1999

Instagram – @harveys


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Harvey’s Veggie Burger Price?
A regular veggie burger will cost you around $4.69.
What Are The Opening Hours Of Harvey’s?
In Canada, the restaurants remain open from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM.
Is Harvey’s Canadian Or American?
You will be happy to know that Harvey is currently owned and operated by Canada.
Does Harvey’s Use Canadian Beef?
Yes, 100% Canadian beef is used by Harvey's staff.
Does Harvey’s Use Real Cheese?
Yes, 100% real cheese is used by Harvey's staff.

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