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Starbucks Menu In Quebec City

Well, this is the most asked query among people whether Starbucks is present in Quebec or not. There is no need to say that Starbucks is included in the favourite coffee shop list of people. Everyone wants to have a taste of it. It is no wonder that people travel from place to place in search of this coffee. Starbucks knows its worth and luckily, it has managed to open multiple branches across Canada. One of its branches is also present in Quebec, Ta-daa!

Starbuck Menu Quebec

People were more than happy to know about the opening of Starbucks in Quebec. They wanted to get their hands on Starbuck menu as soon as possible. They were amazed by the fact that the prices were somehow the same as compared to Starbucks Canada.

Anyhow, now we will be discussing Starbucks beverages in more detail. Individual sections are included with separate menu charts. Don’t forget to go through each and every section in detail.

Price List for Starbucks

The time has finally come for which you all have been waiting for. We are about to disclose the price chart of Starbucks so stay tuned!

Cafés chauds/Hot Coffees

By keeping in mind the weather details, people living in Quebec often crave for hot coffee. They want to have a variety in this section. Reason being, this is their frequent drink so if you keep on drinking the same coffee on a regular basis then you will get bored. This is the reason people often demand diversity here.

Thés chauds/Hot Teas

The regular tea served at A&W Montreal is the same as the chai tea latte served here. There is a bit of variation in the overall taste but other than that everything is almost the same. Tea-lovers usually prefer tea over coffee. If you are one of them then this section is for you.

Boissons frappées Frappuccino/Frappuccino Blended Beverages

Frappuccino is a famous drink in the Starbuck menu prices Canada. Not just one, not just 2 but a total of 6 different options are available here. You can keep on trying different flavours for 6 consecutive days.

Boissons chaudes/Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are also a part of Starbucks Chicoutimi menu. What does this mean? It means that something must be special about this item due to which it is present everywhere. You can order hot chocolate, steamed apple, and even steamed milk from here.

Cafés froids/Cold Coffees

Now comes the turn of Starbucks cold coffee prices. Your choice for deciding a particular menu item solely depends on your mood. If you want to enjoy cold coffee then there is always a section available for you. People have noticed that cold coffees are also a part of Starbucks Sherbrooke menu which contributes to its popularity.

Thés glacés/Iced Teas

People are die heart fans of Presotea’s iced tea. But hey! Don’t worry, as we are here to discuss its replacements with you which are served at Starbucks. It will be easier for you to decide among the 9 available options. Each drink has its own taste and freshness.

Boissons froides/Cold Drinks

Don’t misunderstand that the cold drinks section contains regular drinks like Pepsi, Coca Cola etc. Here Starbucks serves its own beverages instead of the labelled beverages. For instance, you wouldn’t get to enjoy a dragon drink in the regular cold drinks section but here you will definitely get it.

Déjeuner chaud/Hot Breakfast

Tim Hortons Toronto breakfast is the second best thing, the first is Starbucks hot breakfast. Lots and lots of options will be made available to you from which you can order your favourite. You can order a Bacon, Gouda and egg sandwich if you really are in the mood for a nice sandwich. Other than this, you can order wraps, egg bites and oatmeal as well.


Who wouldn’t want to have something nice to eat with a cup of coffee? If you also have this mindset then visit the bakery section of Starbucks Quebec and order whichever item you find tempting. Order muffins, cookies, chocolate cake, banana loaf, bagel or anything else; it is all yours!


Don’t think that Starbucks doesn’t offer you lunch items. Although the items offered are less in number, they are definitely high-quality. A proper meal will be served to you which will actually remind you of Jollibee’s lunch items.

Collations et sucreries/Snacks & Sweets

Now is the turn to discuss snacks and sweets. This section includes salted almond chocolate bites (your favourite of course), peanut butter cups, potato chips and Raspberry Chia bar. They all have a balanced taste.

Café en grains/Whole Bean

This might be something new for you but this new variety has made many changes. Usually people get afraid to launch something new because they think that they will fail. But Starbucks took the risk of launching this new section and succeeded fabulously.

Café VIA Instant/VIA Instant

This is another common section for people to consider. Out of 4 menu items you can order whichever one you want.

Dégustation à la maison/At Home

If you want the taste of your home then these freshly made menu items will remind you of it. The options usually include drinks so make sure you go through the chart properly.

The most popular items at Starbucks Quebec are:

Starbucks Quebec Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Starbucks Quebec, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Café Myriade

This is one of the famous coffee shops in Quebec. If you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a cosy environment then this spot is for you!

  • Kittle Coffee

The coffee at Kittle coffee is prepared from freshly brewed coffee beans. The taste and quality of coffee here is worth it.

Tim Hortons need no introduction. A variety of coffee options are served here and people love the taste of each and every item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Starbucks Hot Chocolate Price?
A single cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks is $2.25.
What Is Starbucks Iced Coffee Price?
Iced coffee Starbuck price is around $3.45.
What Is Starbucks Latte Price?
Iced coffee latte at Starbucks is served for $4.35.
What Is The Price Of Cappuccino At Starbucks?
You can get a nice cup of Cappuccino by paying a bill of $4.25.

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