Costco Food Court Menu Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Costco Food Court Menu Prices Canada 2024

Canada is no doubt the Centre of a fast food chain. If you ever feel like you want to eat something which will satisfy your cravings then see no more as Costco is there to provide you with the best food.

Costco Canada food court is a choice for many people. After KFC, subway and Tim Horton’s if you are looking to try a new place then do visit Costco restaurant. The menu has an abundance of options and you will not get disappointed by their taste at all.

First of all, we will start off with their signature menu which is demanded by most of the people. Before looking for the food choices in the regular menu, people tend to look for the signature menu first. The signature menu has special Costco chicken strips and fries.

Sea food, chicken and beef choices are also available in the Costco food menu. If you are a Turkey lover then this option is also available for you. Now you must be wondering so much of this in their signature menu only? Well surprisingly, yes.

Signature Menu

The menu chart for the beef domain is restricted to just one option. The majorly missing items are steaks and ribs. If you ever get a chance to visit Keg then you must eat their famous Striploin steak which is undoubtedly the best.


Costco food court Canada has a side corner for pizzas as well. So if you are a pizza lover then you don’t have to go anywhere but Costco. 


Costco food court menu also includes the option of beverages. However, one thing which needs to be looked at is the availability of selected items in this section. You will be able to get your hands on either a cup of coffee or pop. Coffee further has 2 more flavours i.e. Cappuccino and latte. We hope you won’t mind compromising on beverage options while enjoying other menu items.

Ice Cream And Sundae

Being a sweet dish lover is not easy especially if you are unable to decide what to eat. However, Costco menu Canada offers ice-creams and sundaes to fulfil your cravings. The ice-cream has basic flavours i.e. vanilla and chocolate. The sundae is also available in its standard flavour.

Costco food court menu Canada 2024 has now introduced a menu for their most popular items. These items are basically those items which are frequently bought by the customers. All beef hot dogs, pizza, French fries, pop and vanilla ice-cream are some of the most popular items which are considered the most.

Opening Hours Of Costco Canada

If you are thinking about Costco food court hours then they are usually open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 AM. So if you want to specifically dine-in in Costco then you will have to follow these working hours strictly.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Items

Costco Canada food court menu has many options but if you want to know about the cheapest and most expensive items then we will filter them down for you.

  • Cheapest Item

The cheapest item on the menu is coffee which will cost you around $1.99.

  • Most Expensive Item

The most expensive item on the menu is chicken wings which will cost you around $19.99. The wings deal will have 30 pieces.

Other Items

Apart from the regular and most popular items we have other items to talk about as well. The below-mentioned items have a special mention in the Costco menu.

  • Costco Poutine

If you are a poutine lover then we have good news for you all. The restaurant offers poutine to its customers. Costco poutine price is $5.99. So if you want a good taste by staying within your budget then Costco poutine is good-to-go. 

An interesting fact to be known is that McDonald’s was the one which introduced poutine as its menu item but Costco managed to make it famous in its own menu.

  • Costco Fried Chicken

Another specialty of this restaurant is their fried chicken. Costco wings food court has a satisfactory variety of wings menu.

More About Costco

Costco is always a good-to-go option to consider whenever you are feeling hungry. Whether it is your after school lunch or office lunch break, Costco always has some surprises for you. You will be presented with many food options so it becomes easier for you to choose among them.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Costco Pizza Price In Canada?
Costco pizza Canada is equal to $2.19 (for a single slice) and $12.99 (for whole pizza). Now it is up to you whichever preference you go with.
Can I Order My Food Online From Costco?
The Canadian franchise of Costco does not offer online food delivery currently. So if you are meaning to order Costco Canada pizza online then unfortunately you are unable to do so.
What Are Some Of The Alternatives Of Costco Canada?
Considering the Costco food prices, some of the alternative options are mentioned below.McDonald’sBurger KingSwiss ChaletKFC
Does Costco Canada Serve French Fries?
Yes! As a fast-food restaurant Costco makes sure to include French fries as one of their menu items. You can easily order your favourite fries from Costco.

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