Denny’s Menu Prices Canada – April 2024 Updated


Denny’s Menu Prices Canada

Restaurant hunting in Canada is not so difficult. You will always come across such eating spots which aren’t famous like McDonald’s or KFC but they have a great food quality. One of such restaurants is Denny’s. The chances are that you might not have heard about this restaurant but don’t worry, after reading this article you will get to know each and every thing about Denny’s.

Denny Menu Canada With prices

The first thing which probably everyone wants to know is the menu and prices. There are lots of items in the Denny’s menu so we have prepared separate sections for all the relevant items. This creates an ease for the customers.


Denny’s menu with prices has “Features” as its first section. Here you will get the option of melts or bowls. You will get all the options under $23, no matter whichever one you order.

Slams And Pancake Breakfasts

The Denny breakfast menu is all that you have been looking for. It includes your favourite slams and pancakes. Not just one or two options but you will get a large variety instead. All-American Slam is the most expensive option of this section.

Apart from slams you can always have an option to order the pancakes as well. The pancakes have more variety than the slams.

Signature Breakfasts

Denny’s breakfast menu prices have the famous “Signature Breakfasts” section included as well. The whole section is further divided into subsections like omelettes, skillet, poutine, slamwich etc.

There are four different kinds of omelettes, 2 different kinds of skillet and even more options for you to order. Decide from this vast menu and enjoy the greatest breakfast feast.

Dinner Entrees

By now you must be thinking that Denny’s is solely a breakfast place. But it is not the case. You will get a whole dinner menu to order from. Again, the dinner menu is divided into subsections and the first one has to be your favourite i.e. steaks. If you have tried the Sirloin steak at Kegs then you must have an idea how tasty it is. You will get the same steak here.

Other than this you will have a free-hand to order your favourite bowls, skillet, salmon, turkey, meatballs etc. This is what Denny’s menu with prices 2024 has to offer to you.

Burgers And Sandwiches

Who doesn’t like burgers and sandwiches, huh? If you are a burger lover then we have great news. You can now get your hands on the famous cheese burgers served at Denny’s. Along with this you can have simple bacon burgers or patty melt sandwiches as well.


Nachos has to be the first item included in the Appetisers section. If you want to order nachos then you can do so in two options; half order and full order. If not nachos, you can look into the tots options as well.

Other options are the regular ones including chicken tenders, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, wings, poutine etc.


The “Sides” section is quite long and full of variety. You will get 12 unique side items in this section. Out of 12 you might have seen 2 or 3 items in other menus as well but the rest of them are purely unique.


The desserts section has cakes to offer to the customers. Plain cakes and cheesecakes, both are available, you can easily order whichever is your preferred one.


Iced tea, lemonade and soft drinks etc. are the items which you will get in this section. There is nothing new here, you will get the same items at other restaurants as well.

Denny’s Senior Menu

If you are 55 or above then you can avail the discount at Denny’s using their senior menu. Below are the items on which you will get the required discount.

The most popular items at Denny’s are as follows.

Denny’s Canada Alternatives

 Denny’s Canada alternatives are as follows:

It gets really hard to satisfy your breakfast cravings, but you don’t need to worry as Cora offers its delicious crepes which will definitely do its magic.

A wide variety of Blizzard treats will surely take you on a new amazing ride.

About Denny’s Canada

Denny’s Canada started as a small restaurant which wasn’t popular in the start. However, with the passage of time it was counted among the top restaurants of Canada. After knowing all these facts, it is now compulsory for you to pay a visit here.

Contact Us

You can make a call on the phone number provided below.

1 (800) 733 6697

Visit our official website for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 55 Mean At Denny’s?
55 means that if you are 55+ then you will get a discount on the regular menu of Denny’s on Thursdays.
What Is Denny’s Famous For?
Denny’s is famous for its wide range of breakfast menu. But you will get to order from Denny’s lunch menu as well, the choice is entirely yours.
What Does GF Mean At Denny’s?
GF at Denny’s means “Gluten-Free”. Menu items have these initials present against them if they really are gluten free.
What Age Is Senior Discount At Denny’s?
If you are 55 or 55+ then you will get to order from the senior menu and avail the relevant discount.

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