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Earl’s Menu Prices Canada 2024

If you have to list down the top most restaurants of Canada then don’t forget to include “Earls”. Yes, you heard it right! Earls is considered as one of the top restaurants in Canada. If you haven’t heard about it yet then don’t worry as we have this article fully prepared for you.

There are more than 60 Earls restaurants operational in Canada. This is a great advantage for everyone as people living in different places can visit the franchise which is nearest to them. You will definitely find Earls restaurant even in the busiest streets as well.

Earls Restaurant Menu

Where are all the Sushi lovers? We have great news for you all! Earl’s food menu has your favourite sushi and dynamite rolls included. Now you can enjoy Earls sushi tacos with any combination of your choice. There are a total 3 combo options, so pick whichever one you would like to go with!

Sushi And Raw

To Share

“To share” is another section of the Earls Canada menu. What a great initiative to spread the awareness regarding “Sharing is caring” mantra. You get your favourite menu items in this section for instance fries, wings, pizza, cheese dips and what not! You definitely would want to share these menu items with your loved ones!

Salad And Soups

Salads and soups are always a go-to option when you can’t decide what to eat. If you are looking for something new in this section then we would recommend you to go with Santa Fe Salad as it is a new one to try.

Burgers And Sandwiches

Whether it is a Sushi restaurant, Steak restaurant or a simple coffee shop, you will be served burgers and sandwiches everywhere. Similarly, Earls kitchen and bar menu makes sure to treat you with the same items.

If you are a burger lover and want to enjoy a gluten-free burger then look into Earls gluten free menu. You will also be offered the regular burgers along with Earls gluten free burgers.

Earls Vegan Menu

Many vegetarians struggle with their order due to limited options. But at Earls you don’t have to worry as you will be treated equally and fairly. The vegan menu includes so many options that you would want to order all at once!

Plant Based

Sea Food

If you are thinking that you will not get sea food items at Earls then my friend you are wrong. The choices are limited no doubt but getting nothing at all is not the case.

Chicken And Ribs

Another section, really? Well, what else would you expect at Earls? This is one of the few restaurants in Canada which offers every possible item. You will be served with BBQ ribs along with Cajun Chicken which is for sure, a mind-blowing combo. Ordering the ribs as half or full is entirely your choice.


The Prime Sirloin at Keg will be served at Earls too. It is a bit exciting because a steak like Sirloin is considered one of the best steaks in town. After hearing this you should definitely give it a try! Other than this there are other steak options as well which will attract you for sure.

Earls Dessert Menu

Well, there is nothing much to talk about here as the dessert menu has only two items; chocolate pudding and celebration cake. You will have to make a choice between these two.

Earls Wine List

Earl’s drink menu has a wide variety of wine. Let it be sparkling wine, white wine or red wine, you will get every single one of it. The wines are mostly from Italy so the taste doesn’t get compromised. So when ordering your favourite menu items consider this section as well to make your order more creative.

Beers, Coolers And Cider

If you are not a big fan of wine then you can order from this section which says “Beers, coolers and cider”. You will get literally every item here for just $20.

Alcohol Free

Well, the alcohol-free section mostly has a variety of red bull. If you don’t want to go with it then order any other soft drink you like. You have an open hand in here.

The most popular menu items along with their prices at Earls are as follows.

Earls Canada Alternatives

Earls Canada alternatives are as follows:

If you are looking for something healthy yet delicious then do try Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Harveys.

Stop your search if you want to enjoy the best nuggets in town. Of course, McDonalds is the spot to look for!

About Earls Canada

Earl’s kitchen and bar is a great place to visit! You should never bring a doubt in your mind regarding this. We recommend you to visit and dine-in here with your friends so you can show them what a great place it is! So what are you waiting for? Go now!

Contact Us

You can make a call on the phone number provided below.

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 6E3: 604-646-4880

Visit our official website https://earls.ca/ for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Earls Chicken Tenders Cost?
You will get chicken tenders at Earls for just $14.75.
What Do You Wear To Dinner At Earls?
You should always dress up casually when visiting Earls as it is their dress code.
Who Owns Earls Canada?
Earls Canada has been owned by a father-son duo (Bus and Stan Earl Fuller) since day one.
What Are The Opening And Closing Hours Of Earls Canada?
Earls in Canada opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM.

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