Firehouse Subs Menu Prices Canada – April 2024 Updated


Firehouse Subs Menu Prices 

Other fast-food restaurants have been serving their customers for over 10+ years. But this is not the case for Firehouse subs as it has been serving its customers for only 5 years. It must be said that this restaurant has made its name in quite a short amount of time.

People who have eaten here are fully satisfied and recommend others to try this restaurant too. As soon as the Firehouse menu in Canada got out, people went crazy and wanted to be the first to try out the restaurant.

Firehouse Subs Menu With Prices 2024

Most people want to know the prices of the menu items before actually going to the restaurant. This is where the price charts come in handy. The very first item on the menu is Featured Subs. You will get many flavor’s like Pepperoni pizza meatball, class on a sub etc. There are further two options of large and medium so people could easily make a choice between these two.

Hot Specialty Subs

The “Hot Specialty Sub” section is no doubt the best section of all. Plenty of flavours are offered to the customers. A total of 7 flavours are available in this section and each flavour gives you the option of ordering your sub in either large size or medium.

Firehouse subs Canada menu makes sure to include as much variety in their menu as possible. A large sub is usually 11 – 12 inches in size whereas a medium sub is 7 – 8 inches. You can order whichever one suits your appetite.

Build Own Sub

There is another exciting option available for the customers and that is you can make a sub of your choice. Believe it or not but this is the most exciting option that makes people question their creativity. With a bundle of 7 options you can create whatever you are craving for.


Firehouse subs menu with prices has a whole section allotted to the salads. It might sound a bit weird how a sub restaurant can have such a wide variety of salads but it is what it is. You will be able to get your hands on a regular salad, turkey salad, ham salad, etc.


If you want to know more about firehouse sub menu prices then head towards their “Sides” section. The main entity here is only one but its sub-options are more than enough. Cheese, Basil and Bisque are the options you will get to choose from.

Other than this, you will come across “Desserts Bundle”. You can order a bundle for 3, 6 or 12 depending upon your choice. Firehouse chilli, chips, cookies and brownies are just some of the other options to try on.

Drinks Menu

Fancy drinks are not part of the firehouse menu. You will either get a bottled soda or bottled water and that too at the same price.

Kids Combo Menu

Kid’s combo will never leave you alone. Whether it is the kid’s meal at KFC or McDonald’s, you will get it literally everywhere. By looking at the firehouse subs prices in Canada, you will figure out the price chart for kid’s combo as well.

If you want to know about the top-selling or most popular menu items of firehouse sub then we have a whole chart prepared for you. This chart has been prepared after considering the likes and dislikes of the customers.

About Firehouse Subs Canada

Canada is known for its wide variety of fast-food restaurants. But not all restaurants are worth-visiting. Only a few truly stand out to be the best and Firehouse is one of them. Don’t miss a chance to try out this amazing restaurant and have the greatest experience of your life. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Firehouse Sub?
A medium firehouse sub is about $5.99 whereas a large sub is $8.39.
Name The Alternatives Of Firehouse Subs In Canada
The best alternatives of Firehouse subs in Canada are:1- Subway2- Burger King3- Swiss Chalet4- McDonald’s5- Wendy’s
How Many Outlets Of Firehouse Subs Are There In Canada?
A total of 35 Firehouse subs franchises are operational in Canada.
What Are The Opening And Closing Hours Of Firehouse Subs Canada?
The Firehouse subs restaurants are open from 11:00 AM and get closed at 9:00 PM in Canada.
Does Ontario Have Firehouse Subs?
Yes, Ontario has Firehouse subs in Bowmansville.

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