The Keg Menu With Prices Canada – April 2024 Updated


The Keg Menu Prices Canada 2024

Keg Steakhouse and bar is a famous restaurant in Canada which has been serving its customers for over 50 years now. It was first opened in 1971 and had very basic items in its menu. But now by the end of 2024, you can select from a menu of 100+ items.

Prices at the keg have changed very much since its opening. Reason being its popularity. Initially, it wasn’t that famous as it is now so the prices were pretty decent back then. But now considering the economy and other factors, the keg pricing has taken a turn.

Do We Get Starters In The Keg Menu Canada?

The very first thing which keg Canada menu has for you is their starters. It will be unfair to think that the menu has only a few options in their starters. You will come across a variety of options in the keg menu Canada.


Is Keg A Good Eating Spot For Salad Lovers?

Being a salad lover who loves to enjoy food is now possible! The keg steakhouse menu prices also include the pricing for its salad range. Whether it is their regular Caesar salad or steakhouse salad, you will love both of them!


Steakhouse salad is also common in the Subway menu but with a little variation. You will get a combo of steak and cheese salad at subway which is by far their best salad choice.

What Are The Menu Items Included In The Casual Plates At Keg?

Sometimes you don’t feel like eating much but you still crave for something good. Well, if this is the case then you should try the casual plates offered by Keg. The keg price for casual plates is as follows.

Casual Plates

Steak And Prime Ribs

This section of the menu has to be your favourite because it includes steaks and ribs as well. If you are a meat lover then you should definitely look at the keg menu prices of these items.

Steak With Seafood

Another combo is sea food along with steaks. I cannot emphasize on this enough that keg has the best seafood options. Whenever you are going through the keg menu with prices, don’t forget to visit this section.

What Dishes Are Being Served In The “Keg Classics”?

Well, you will be happy to know that the Keg classics have your favourite ribs and other steak items. Keg steakhouse menu prices are affordable if you don’t want to compromise on the food quality. Every penny that you are going to spend on your food at keg will be worth it.

Keg Classics

Does Keg Serve fish?

Luckily, yes. Fish is one of the menu items that is being served at the Keg Canada. Further details have been mentioned in the below chart.




How Many Total Dishes Are There In The “Red Vines” Section Of The Menu?

Not just 1, not just 2, not just 3 but a whopping number of 15 dishes are included in the “Red Vines” menu. You can choose whichever one you want according to your taste and need.

Red Vines

White Vines

Out of 100+ items, some of the items have been included in the “Most Popular” category. These dishes are really liked by the people and are often ordered by them.

Apart from the above mentioned-items, chocolate cake, Caesar salad and bacon wrapped chicken also have a special mention in this category. People look forward to pizza options in Keg’s menu but unfortunately they don’t get any. Costco here has won the race because it provides the option of pizza in its menu.

About The Keg Steakhouse

If you are craving for a classic dinner with good ambiance then Keg steakhouse is definitely recommended for you! Initially the Keg menu and prices were not so impressive but after a decent amount of time, the Keg menu prices increased and so did their quality. You can find 160 locations in the US and Canada for the Keg steakhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Keg Steakhouse Have A Dress Code?
The keg steakhouse doesn’t have any specific dress code. However, by considering the atmosphere and the type of people visiting, it is recommended to wear a semi-formal attire to the restaurant.
What Is The Best Steak To Get Served With At The Keg?
Although the keg prices in Canada are slightly higher than any other steakhouse, if you want the best steak then you must visit it. Striploin, hands down, has to be the best steak being served at the keg.
Does The Keg Restaurant Take Reservations?
Yes, the newly designed website of the Keg makes it easier for the customers to book their reservations beforehand.
What Are The Alternatives To Keg Canada?
The Keg menu with prices in Canada has been really impressive for a long time now but if you still want to consider other choices then we have a list of other alternatives as well.Montana’sBurger KingSwiss ChaletMcDonald’sMr. Sub
Does Keg Offer Delivery In Canada?
No, Keg doesn’t offer delivery in Canada. You can always consider the dine-in or take-out option but no delivery system has been introduced yet.
What Are The Opening Hours Of The Keg?
The opening hours of the Keg is from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM in Canada.

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