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About Pizza 73 Canada

Finding the perfect pizza slice for your cravings gets risky sometimes. Either the dough is not up to the mark or the sauce tastes weird. In this chaos, Pizza 73 comes to the rescue and serves you the best pizza in town. In this article, I will be explicitly dealing with Pizza 73 menu and prices so stay tuned!

In order to get familiar with the vast menu of Pizza 73, it is important to first know the most popular items. There are a total of 4 items in this section out of which 2 are related to wings while the other 2 are related to pizza. In conclusion, pizza and wings are the top most items of Pizza 73 just like Dominos.

Everyday Deal Pizzas

At Pizza 73 deals today, you will get an abundance of pizza options to deal with. If you are a pizza lover then now is the time to have your favourite pizza served for you. Whether you like Tandoori pizza, vegetarian pizza, deluxe pizza or any other pizza; everything is just one order away. Meat Supreme pizza is included in pizza 73 special category.

Solo Pizzas

If you are interested in solo or single pizzas then you need to visit this section. Some people prefer single options over deals so if you are one of them then congrats because pizza 73 has got you covered. There is no difference in the flavours of both categories, the difference lies only in the solo or deal option.

Alternative Crusts

Famous restaurants like Pizza hut will offer you a regular crust which will fulfil the criteria of all the customers. Pizza 73, however, gives alternative options when it comes to crusts. Some people want to eat a Gluten free crust while the others go for Keto crust. You can also choose Cauli crust if you are into it.

Wings And Shrimp

Wings and shrimps go together when we say their name. However, in reality these both items are way different. Even on the menu you will not be able to order the two in a single deal. The variety is present for both the items and people enjoy the taste of this delicious stuff. Also the wings served at Jollibee are much similar to the wings served here.

Chicken Sandwich

Whether you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner; chicken sandwiches will always be your go-to food option. The best thing about this section is that it also takes care of its vegetarian customers by serving a plant based chicken sandwich.

Wedges And Fries Menu

Well, who doesn’t like French fries right? You can even get wedges complimented by ketchup. Other than this onion rings are also there for your assistance. Choose your favourite from the menu.

Dips And Extra Menu

The sauces menu at Pizza 73 is large enough to fit into a different section. You will also get brownies, cake, and chips etc. as side items of this menu chart.

Drinks Menu

The monster energy drink  is the only unique drink here. Rest of them are the same as you get in other restaurants as well.

The most popular items that you will come across at Pizza 73 are:

Pizza 73 Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Pizza 73, then do try the following restaurants.

Papa John’s has one motto “Better ingredients, better pizza”. We cannot do anything but to agree to their slogan. Due to this, they serve the best pizzas in town.

  • Pizza Pizza

The famous pizza-chain of Canada is Pizza Pizza. It is known for its high-food quality and services. Classic and specialty pizzas are served here.

If you are searching for gluten-free or vegan pizza options then Panago pizza should be your go-to spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pizza 73 Operational Hours?
Pizza 73 restaurant remains open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM in Canada.
Are There Any Pizza 73 Gluten Free Crusts?
Yes, you can order gluten-free crusts along with Cauli crust and Keto crust at Pizza 73.
What Does The Pizza 73 Everyday Deal Come With?
The Pizza 73 everyday deal is very popular among people. It gives users the control to order either two pizzas or one pizza and one wings meal deal (shrimp meal or boneless wing meal).

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