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Montana’s Menu Prices Canada

Montana’s was used to be called a cookhouse before. But with the passage of time people started loving this restaurant and it gained much popularity among its customers. Currently, if you compare Montana’s prices with their previous menu then you would see a clear difference.

Despite that, Montana’s cookhouse menu is still the most searched one among the rest. Well, what is so special about it? Let us dive into it, shall we?

Montana’s BBQ and Bar Menu

So the first category is none other than the summer rib fest. If you are a true rib lover then you would find this section enticing. You will be served with pork back ribs with further 3 options; taster plate, half rack and full rack.

Summer Rib Fest

The ordinary ribs are also available if you are not into pork ribs. Well these ribs are actually costlier than the pork ones so you have to figure out what actually your demand is before placing an order.

Signature Combos

One thing, out of many things, which people love about Montana’s take out menu is its signature combo section. Most combo options are for two and they cost exactly the same. Along with this, there is also a family combo and a southern BBQ combo for four. Choose wisely!


For starters, let us introduce you to the famous double dusted chicken wings. They come in two servings; 8 pieces or 16 pieces, choose whichever one you want to order! Then we have a poutine menu chart for poutine lovers. If you are wondering that we forgot about nachos then you are wrong because they are also served here.


Fall off the bone ribs section is completely dedicated to the ribs. As discussed earlier, pork ribs and regular ribs are the two choices which you will get. Both of them cost differently.

100% Canadian Steaks

You will be amazed to know that Montana’s also serves Canadian steaks and that too at a much lower price. It is either a Sirloin steak or a Striploin; the choice is totally yours!


In the Hand-held section you will come across a vegan burger choice. Sounds familiar right? This is because you will get the same vegan impossible burger at Earl’s too! Finding such vegan burgers in the menu is a big relief for the vegetarians.

Forks And Knives

The Fork and knives section has 2 main categories; salads and other options. If you prefer salad over any other item then order it right away! The “Others” section has chicken items like chicken tenders, chicken burrito, and fish and chips etc.

Kids Menu

Unlike other few restaurants, Montana’s doesn’t stay back from giving its customers what they actually want. That is the reason it includes the “Kids Section” in the menu. It would be surprising to know that even on the kids menu you can now order pork back ribs. The other menu items are just the regular ones.

Side And Add-ons

You will mostly find dips, sauces, French fries, onion rings and other similar items in this section. This shouldn’t be a new section for you if you have been a regular visitor. The good thing is that these items don’t even cost much.


Complementing your order with a beer isn’t a bad option at all, that is why Montana’s has a separate section for it. You will be entertained with 4 different choices, so go with your favourite one!

Wine And Cocktails

If you want to try wine or cocktail instead of a simple beer then this section is definitely for you. However, the options are extremely restricted and you get to order only one option that is currently available.


Soft drinks, sparkling water and other stuff will be offered to you in this section.

The Sweet Stuff

Craving for something sweet? Well you can always order the shake and share donuts. It is the only sweet item available for you to enjoy in this section.

Montana’s Market

In this market section, you will most likely come across the different sauces which are available at Montana’s. Believe me, you don’t want to miss these amazing ones!

The most popular food items at Montana’s are mentioned below.

Montana’s Gluten Free Menu

Montana’s gluten free menu includes the following items.

Montana’s Canada Alternatives

Montana’s Canada alternatives are as follows:

If you are genuinely looking for chicken items in mild and spicy flavours then Popeye’s is the right place for you!

Church’s chicken has Iced Capp as one of its popular items in the Canadian menu.

About Montana’s Canada

Montana’s BBQ and Bar is one of the best options for dine-in. Some people still call this restaurant as Montana’s cookhouse because this is what it was called in its initial days. But as the time passed, this cookhouse turned into a proper restaurant and became famous among people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is All You Can Eat Ribs At Montana’s?
Montana’s all you can eat ribs price is $29.99.
What Is The Most Expensive Item At Montana’s?
The most expensive item at Montana’s is Rib Combo for Two.
When Does Montana’s Canada Open?
Montana’s in Canada opens at 11:30 AM.
What Is Montana’s Restaurant Known For?
Montana’s in Canada is known for smoked ribs, steaks and burgers.
How Many Calories Are There In Montana’s Fries?
There are 630 calories in Montana's fries.

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