Burger King Allergen Menu Canada – April 2024 Updated

Burger King Allergen Menu

Burger King Allergen Menu Canada

There are many people who can be included in the frequent visitors list of Burger King Canada. But you know when the number of customers is high then you need to pay attention to even the tiniest details. You can consider discussing Burger King Allergen menu. People often get conscious when they eat something from outside. They want to know the details of every single ingredient that is present in their menu item. So today, we will be discussing about Burger King’s dairy free menu.


Burger King Allergy information is essential for people who are allergic to various ingredients. By utilizing this information they can avoid future inconveniences. Well, the BK allergen menu starts by discussing the burger ingredients first. Tree Nuts are not present in any of their burgers and same goes for the peanuts.

Moreover, if you are looking for Burger King gluten-free buns then unfortunately, you won’t find any. The reason is that BK doesn’t serve these buns, in fact it serves toppings and fillings which are gluten-free.

Chicken And More

Now comes the chicken section. Well, most of the chicken items are safe to eat until and unless you are allergic to fish or wheat. If this is the case, you can always order Spicy Chicken Jr., Original Chicken or Chicken nuggets.

Salads And Veggies

You will not find much in the salad section of Burger King Canada. But the three available options are encouraged to consider. Garden side salad is the one option you can order blindly. However, you need to examine the ingredients when it comes to chicken garden salad and chicken club salad.

Burger King Breakfast Allergen Menu

Burger King dairy free menu also has an allergen menu for breakfast items. Most of the items have egg, milk, soy and wheat involved. So if you are trying to order something from this section then make sure you aren’t allergic to one of the mentioned items.


Beverages section too has some items which involve the usage of fish, milk and wheat. However, in case you have peanut allergy then there is nothing to worry as none of the items have peanut traces. But if you are going for milk or juices then make sure to have a look at the allergen chart.


It is common sense to think of milk as one of the ingredients present in coffee. Other than this, you will find soy and wheat as well.


Well, the sides section is a tricky one to deal with as it has a combination of ingredients present. The list of items present in this section is fairly large so you need to examine the allergen information carefully.

King Jr. Meals

Just like sides, King Jr. Meals also have items containing a mixture of ingredients. In one item, you will find no soy but next you will come across an item having soy as one of its ingredients. Tricky, isn’t it?

Burger King Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Burger King Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Burger King Have Gluten Free Buns?
No, Burger King doesn’t serve gluten free buns to its customers.
Is Burger King Fries Gluten Free?
Burger King fries are not guaranteed to be 100% gluten-free. If you are willing to take the risk then it is definitely up to you.
Does Burger King Use Peanut Oil?
The fryers present at Burger King contain corn, canola, and soy oil.
What Is Onion Rings Allergens Information At BK?
Onion Rings served at BK only contain wheat and nothing else.

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