Church’s Chicken Menu Prices Canada – April 2024 Updated


Church’s Chicken Menu Prices Canada

If you want to know about the top chicken restaurants in Canada then you will surely have Church’s chicken included in the list. The owner of Church’s chicken, George W. Church, opened his first drive-in restaurant where he sold chicken to the public at fairly low prices.

Even after 65 years, Church’s chicken restaurant hasn’t backed off from providing quality food to its customers. The audience is totally satisfied and they have this restaurant labelled as one of their favourites.

Which Items Are Included In The “Picked For you” Category?

Every restaurant does this, they prepare a chart for their customers in which they have picked their most famous items for the audience. This comes in handy due to two reasons; firstly, they get to sell these items more than the other ones. Secondly, it is a convenient way for the customers to order their food.

Does Church’s Chicken have limited time offers?

Yes! There are merely two items which got the privilege to get included in this category; Large BBQ fries and honey butter chicken. I mean people do love these food items but somehow they are placed under limited time offers. “Enjoy while it lasts”, I think this is the perfect situation to use this phrase!

Churches Sandwiches

Oh well, this has to be my favourite section to discuss. Reason being, there are lots of options to discuss here. One important thing to be noted down here is that each sandwich comes with a combo and regular option. So if you are craving some extra then surely go for the combo option.

Church chicken menu has a great sandwich variety for its customers. Let it be a Tex sandwich, Mexicana sandwich or BBQ sandwich, just name it and it will be presented right away! People often compare the classic sandwich of Wendy’s with that of Church’s. Some people vote in the favour of Wendy’s while others vote for churches depending upon their taste.


Boneless Chicken

Church’s chicken menu prices do include an individual pricing chart for the boneless chicken. Although the options are generally limited and do not have enough sub-options, people love what they love right?

Planning to go out with your friends? Well, the smart move would be to visit Church chicken in this situation. Church’s chicken prices in Canada will help you a lot in food ordering. There is a whole section allotted for family and friends. The great thing about this section is that it has so many option bundles that you can go with! Not hungry enough? Then order an 8 piece family meal. Feeling extremely hungry? Well then order a 24 piece family meal! Churches have got you covered.

Family And Friends

Bone-In Chicken

Your craving for bone-in chicken might have brought you here. If you are feeling confused while ordering then you must consider each and every meal bundle before placing your order. The available options are 3, now it is up to you which one you decide to go with!


Mexicana and tex wraps are the two wraps on which you will be able to get your hands on. They come as a combo deal so make sure to check the pricing chart before ordering.

The sauces at Church’s chicken will be charged on the basis of add-ons. There isn’t any individual price set for the sauces but their pricing criteria depends on the add-ons as mentioned below.


Lots and lots of options are available in the side’s menu list. The famous honey butter biscuits, mashed potatoes, gravy, fries, coleslaw and lots of other options are available for the customers to explore.


A bottled soft drink is all that the church restaurant has to offer. The pricing is round-about $3 so if you are planning to order a soft drink then look at its option chart.


A new item has been included in the “Desserts” section of the menu i.e. Churros. You might have read it somewhere but restaurants don’t offer this item often. Call it a special item or whatever but this has surely made this section more exciting.

Chicken Bucket Menu

The chicken bucket menu plays the role of cherry at the top. After going through so many menu options there are still some menu items to be discussed. You can either order an 8 pieces bucket, 16 pieces bucket or a 12 pieces bucket. The choice is entirely yours!

Totally worth-mentioning specials in the church’s menu is “Manager Specials”. It might sound weird but it is what it is. You don’t have to go in detail, just go through the menu items and if you like any item then place your order to try it!

Manager Specials Menu

The most popular items at Church chicken Canada are mentioned-below.

Church’s Chicken Daily Specials

If you are wondering about the Churches burger then think no more as they have been included in the daily specials. Well, the overall breakdown of the specials is mentioned below.

About Church Chicken Canada

If you haven’t tried Church chicken restaurant in Canada then now is the time to do so! Also if you are a true Canadian then keeping sufficient knowledge regarding every fast food restaurant is important. Explore and grow, that should be your motive when trying out new places.


What Is Church’s Chicken Price?
An 8 piece church’s mixed chicken costs around $18.99.
What Is Church’s Chicken 10 Piece Special?
A special deal for the customers was presented at Church’s restaurant. People were able to order the bone-In chicken as well as the original one at fairly low prices. The 10 pieces legs and thighs deal was offered at the price of $10.99.
What Is Included In The Church’s Chicken Surrey Menu?
All the items which are included in the Canadian menu are included in the surrey menu as well as in the Ontario menu. Church’s chicken prices in Ontario might be slightly different from that in Toronto but the main entities remain the same.

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