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Popeyes Menu Prices Canada

Popeye the Sailor Man, it does ring a bell doesn’t it? Although the Popeye sailor man and Popeye menu are two different things but the love for both of them is nearly the same. Looking for the best fried chicken restaurant in Canada? Well, search no more as Popeye has you covered!

This famous fast food restaurant has been serving customers since 1970.  If you are a true Canadian then you must have Popeye in your favourite restaurant list. When the restaurant is this much good then it becomes difficult to make a choice among the menu items.

For this you can always consider Popeyes menu with prices for your ease. You will mostly find chicken options in the menu because this is what Popeye is famous for.

Popeyes menu prices Canada will tell you about the prices of chicken combos and platters primarily. This section is a must for you if you want to satisfy your chicken cravings. The chicken pieces don’t come alone, they are offered with many side options like mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy.

Popeye’s chicken menu Canada offers three flavours; mild, spicy and extra-spicy. You can order whatever suits your preferences.

Chicken Combos And Platters


Wings are also like the fried chicken pieces; juicy from the inside and crispy from the outside. The serving is usually in 6 or 12 pieces so you can get the perfect amount for your party. The intensity of heat is also up to you, you can choose mild, spicy or extra-spicy of your choice.

Seafood Combos And Platters

If you want to know about the prices of seafood combos and platters then you must have access to Popeyes Canada menu prices 2024. The fried seafood options include fish and shrimp. You can either get a combo of these two or you can even order them individually.

Sandwich Combos And Platters

Popeyes prices in Canada also include the cost of their famous Sandwiches. Just like other menu items, these sandwiches also come in combos and platters. You can either order it with a 2 piece fried chicken option or a fish sandwich. If you go with the first option then you will get a side along with a biscuit but if you decide to order a platter then you will get two side options.

Chicken Family Box

Popeyes family meal is another important item in the menu. Popeye’s chicken prices might be affordable for you but ordering a whole family box is going to save you a lot. The best occasion to order this meal is when there are more people to be fed. It generally contains 12 or 16 chicken pieces along with 3-4 sides and 6-8 biscuits.

Chicken Family Meal

Signature Sides

If you go through the Popeyes Canada prices menu then you will see a dedicated section for signature sides. These delicious side options are available to add taste to your meals.


As a dessert lover, you will be happy to know that Popeye also offers pies and beignets as its menu items. So if you have a sweet tooth then feel free to order your favourite among these.


The drinks section of Popeye’s menu offers basic drink options to the customers. Unlike Harvey which serves a wide variety of milkshakes as well.

About Popeye Canada

There’s nothing that could stop you from trying the amazing menu items of Popeye Canada. If you are a die-heart fan of fried chicken then it is a must for you to have this restaurant included in your visit list. So what are you waiting for? Order your favourite menu items right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Popeyes Fries Price?
The famous Cajun Popeye fries come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. The prices for these sizes are $2.49, $4.49 and $6.59 respectively.
What Is Popeye’s Biscuit Price?
A single biscuit at Popeyes cost around $1.29 whereas 6 pieces and 12 pieces cost $4.99 and $8.29 respectively.
What Are Popeye’s Specials In Canada?
The Popeyes specials in Canada are served according to day-wise.Monday3 PC Tenders (Tenders Only)$5.99 (Spicy 375 Cal, Mild 310 Cal)Tuesday2 PC Chicken (Leg & Thigh)$4.49 (Spicy 490 Cal, Mild 460 Cal)Wednesday$Off any classic or Deluxe Chicken Sandwichstarting at $6.99 (650-655 Cal)Thursday3 PC Chicken (Leg, Wing and Thigh)$6.49 (Spicy 640 Cal, Mild 610 Cal)FridayCajun Poutine$5.29 (880 Cal) Saturday5 Ghost Pepper Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes)$7.29 (640 Cal)Sunday8 PC Nuggets$5.99 (400 Cal)
What Is Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Price In Canada?
A regular chicken sandwich at Popeyes cost around $7.29.
What Are Popeye's Chicken Menu Prices?
The whole chicken menu of Popeye’s has been mentioned in the above section of this article.

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