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Have you completed the list of your favourite restaurants? Well, wait! Because there is more. You need to add another cool restaurant in the list that is none other than Mary Brown. This restaurant is also located in Canada just like other restaurants. You don’t need to travel a long way to get to this restaurant.

Mary Brown menu and prices have been the talk of the town lately. The impressive taste and affordable prices make Mary Brown one of the top restaurants in Canada. To know more about its menu and prices, kindly head towards the next section of this article.

Mary Brown Prices

The first price chart has the label of “Picked for you”. The customers who are planning to visit Mary Brown should definitely consider this chart. It becomes super beneficial when you don’t know what to order. Just look at it and select whichever option suits you.

Picked For You


Feasts? Feasts! You will get 4 different options in the feasts section. Mary Brown chicken menu will allow you to order a 9, 13, 18 or even 30 pieces feast. The 30 piece feast costs more than the rest so make sure to order it only when it is necessary.


Meals are less heavy and affordable than the feasts. Although you will get a variety of options in the meals section as well so don’t worry about it. The meal options include 2 pieces, 3 pieces and 4 pieces, the prices vary with each option. If you are looking for more than just a regular meal deal then consider ordering “Chicken with Taters”, you will definitely love it!

Wraps And Combos

Mary Brown’s price list has the related pricing of wraps and combo deals as well. You will get to enjoy a chicken wrap and big Mary wrap in the “Wraps” section. However, the combos include chicken and buffalo tenders for the customers.

Chicken Only

If you are a chicken-lover then this section will be your favourite one. The “Chicken-only” deal includes 3 further options; 9 pieces, 13 pieces and 30 pieces. 30 pieces, well that’s a lot of chicken right? You can order it whenever there are more people and the other two options can be considered depending on your preferences.

Sandwiches, Pop-Ins And Tenders

Sandwiches, pop-ins and tenders; this section is all about it! If you are thinking of ordering a big Mary sandwich then you will have to decide whether you want a regular, spicy or buffalo one. In case of pop-ins you only need to decide the size; regular or small that’s it!


“Snacks”, well this is a yummy section to deal with. The purpose of this section is to provide something to the customers when they are not hungry enough to order a full meal. This is the reason you will see pickle chips, snack wrap and other similar menu items in this section. From this wide variety, choose whatever you want.

Taters And Fries

Taters is the new menu item that you might not know about. If this is the case then it is totally okay as Mary Brown also serves this as one of its menu items. Order it in a small size, medium or large, the choice is all yours!

Salads And Gravy

“Mac and Cheese” is the highlight of this section. People mostly like this more than the regular coleslaw. So make sure if you are in this section then don’t forget to order this salad right away!

Kid’s Meals Menu

Pop-ins, drumsticks, tenders, sandwiches; you will get all of them for your kid’s meal as well. This is the greatest kid’s meal section that any restaurant has to offer.

Dessert Menu

Strawberry cheese pies are the ones that you will get in the Dessert menu. The pies at Swiss Chalet have more flavours as compared to Mary Brown. Nevertheless, the taste of strawberry pies still remains splendid.


The beverages section has got quite some variety, make sure to choose wisely so you don’t miss out on anything!

The most popular items of Mary Brown are mentioned below.

Mary Brown’s specials.

Mary Brown’s specials are mentioned-below.

  • 6 chicken pieces, medium taters and salad for $19.99
  • 20 pub-style wings along with a medium tater for $31.99
  • The big Mary Monday for $3.99

About Mary Brown Canada

After eating at Mary Brown Canada you will label its food as your comfort food. It’s relaxing and soothing ambiance is all you need after a hectic day. Visit this amazing restaurant with your friends and family and be creative with your orders!


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Twitter: @MaryBrowns

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Big Mary At Mary Brown’s?
At Mary Brown’s you will get a big Mary sandwich for about $8.89.
What Is Big Mary’s Monday Price?
The big Mary’s Monday price is $3.99.
Does Mary Brown Have Spicy Chicken?
Yes, you will get to enjoy Mary Brown’s spicy chicken in the form of a spicy big Mary sandwich.
What Are Chicken Pop-Ins?
Chicken pop-ins are the pieces of white-meat, usually bite-sized. They are fried golden brown and served with various dips.

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