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The very first thing that you need to know about Swiss Chalet restaurant is that it is much older than Tim Horton’s. The first Swiss Chalet restaurant was opened in 1954 in Toronto. The franchise was a quick success and then many more hotels were opened after that.

How Did Swiss Chalet Start?

It was not a single person job so the founder of Swiss Chalet, Maurice Mauran had to pair up with a businessman to get the job done. The inspiration for opening a restaurant like Swiss Chalet was the impressive Swiss cooking style. The chicken was put on a skewer and was allowed to roast on an open flame.

Later on, when Maurice tried this recipe she was more than convinced to open a restaurant that had a similar cooking style. So the dream came true and became a huge success.


What Appetizer Options Are Available At Swiss Chalet?

If you look at the Swiss Chalet menu with prices then you will get to know more about the appetizers. A newly introduced item in this section is Perogies. You can enjoy it with cheese or without cheese as well. Other options are the same as those in the regular menu like wings, spring rolls, etc.

Soups And Salads

Swiss Chalet menu and prices has a special mention of soups and salads in one of its sections. The soup, however, only has a single option i.e. Chalet chicken soup. You can order it in a cup or a bowl, depending on your preference!

The famous Chalet soup is prepared by using fine ingredients and adopting Swiss cooking style. It is cooked to match the taste and standard of Swiss restaurants.


There are lots of options in the chicken section of the Swiss menu. You will get a crispy chicken, meat dinner and lots of other options to eat. The major reason for including this much variety in this section is because chicken was the item due to which Swiss Chalet came into being. Poutine with chicken and without chicken are also two options to get started with.

Chicken And Ribs Combo

Does Swiss Chalet serve ribs? Of course! Swiss Chalet prices have a whole individual chart prepared for its ribs and beef combo. You will not just get a regular combo but lots of other options as well. The first categorization is of ribs’ types. You will have two options, back ribs and side ribs. Now it is up to you whichever one you like.

Chicken And Beef Combo


Rib Entrees


The yummy Rotisserie beef is also available in the rib and beef combo option. The side and back options for this combo are available as well. The BBQ Rack ribs and wings is another deadly combo which is a must try for everyone! But one thing which you would most likely to miss here is the Keg’s prime ribs.



Beef Entrees


Family Packs

The family packs and party packs are undoubtedly famous options as compared to other deals. When people with families visit this restaurant they tend to look for the family deals instead of individual ones. This is where such deals and packs come in handy.

The family packs have different options like crispy chicken family pack, a regular family pack, chicken and back ribs family pack etc. Moreover, the party packs have options limited to ribs and wings only. The related price charts for both of these packs are mentioned below.


Party Packs


Swiss Chalet Sandwiches

If you are wondering whether the Swiss Chalet takeout menu includes sandwiches or not then the answer would be a Yes! From a Chicken Caesar wrap to a white meat wrap, you will get everything that you are looking for in this section.


Swiss Chalet Burger Menu

The menu items in the burger section gets restricted to only 4 options. But don’t worry as you will be able to fill your taste buds with amazing food quality.


Swiss Chalet Menu Pasta

Who doesn’t love pasta? I mean pasta is everyone’s favourite! By keeping in mind these analytics, it was decided to include a whole section for pasta in the Swiss Chalet menu. Pasta and stir fry go side by side. There are almost 6 different options to try in this section.


Entrée Salads


Weight Watchers Healthy Entrées

The famous healthy entrees options are also being served at Swiss Chalet. The menu there has made sure that all of the necessary items get included in the overall menu so people can get all the things from one place.


Weight Watchers Healthy Sides


Kids Meal

It is the first time we have seen that the kids’ meals have an option of cheesy pizza as well. Normally it is just a simple hamburger or a chicken strip but here you will get an option to order a pizza slice as well.



The side options are almost the same everywhere. You can see a little bit of variety but the main entities remain the same. Some restaurants might serve more options under the Poutine entity and some might highlight any other side option.



Pies, cakes, cheesecakes and donuts will be served here. The pies have more flavours as compared to the other menu items. But it is entirely about the taste and you will definitely love the taste of these dessert items.





The best thing about the sauces section is that it includes the famous chalet sauce along with a home-made gravy. You will never taste something as yummy as a chalet dipping sauce.

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Salad Dressings


About Swiss Chalet Canada

If the history of Swiss Chalet entices you then you sure would want to visit it at least once. As for our suggestion, we would totally recommend you to go and experience a fine dine there. It will be totally worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Swiss Chalet Deluxe Family Pack Price?
A Deluxe family pack at Swiss Chalet costs around $44.99.
What Menu Items Are Included In Swiss Chalet Menu Ontario?
The same menu items which are included in the Canadian menu are included in the Ontario menu as well.
How Much Is A Quarter Chicken Dinner At Swiss Chalet?
Swiss Chalet quarter chicken dinner price is $11.99.
What Is Swiss Chalet Fish And Chips Price?
The Swiss Chalet fish and chips price costs around $18.99.
What Is The Swiss Chalet Whole chicken price?
At Swiss Chalet you will get a whole chicken for 9.49 Canadian dollars.

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