Arby’s Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Arby’s Menu And Prices In Canada

Known for its Beef and Cheddar sandwiches, Arby’s is undoubtedly one of the best fast-food restaurants to pay a visit to. Arby’s was first opened in the UK but later on it expanded its franchises. Arby’s Canada menu prices started becoming talk of the town. After its popularity in other states, Arby’s got quite famous in Canada as well.

Moreover, Arby’s Moncton menu created a wave of excitement among people. They wanted to try different menu items as soon as possible. In the next section of this article, we will be discussing the menu in detail.

Arby’s Canada Menu With Prices 2024

The first entity to discuss is none other than Roast Beef sandwiches. This includes simple roast beef sandwiches, beef sandwiches with a mix-up of Cheddar and lastly French dip and Swiss sandwiches. The good thing is that they offer these items individually as well as with meals. You can order whichever one you prefer.

Roast Beef Sandwiches

Signature Sandwiches

Next we have “Signature Sandwiches” in Arby’s specials Canada. First on the list is cheese and bacon sandwich which is a deadly combo on its own. Secondly, we have sandwiches with a filling of smoked Montreal meal. Similarly, another delicious sandwich comes with a filling of double Montreal.

Turkey Sandwiches

Who doesn’t like Turkey sandwiches? Well, if you are a fan then you would definitely love the turkey sandwiches offered by Arby’s. The combinations offered include Bacon, Swiss and Turkey Ranch. Don’t worry as you will be offered both the options i.e. individual and meal.


Chicken lovers will definitely love this section. You can say that instead of Turkey, you will now get Chicken as the filling. The combo options somehow remain the same. New options include prime cut chicken tenders, chicken Cordon, Crispy chicken and nuggets.


Now comes Gyros. There are also three options in this section; roast beef gyro, roast turkey and traditional Greek. You will get to enjoy all these flavours according to your preference.

Baked Potatoes

If you are thinking you will get regular baked potatoes at Arby’s then you are wrong. Arby’s menu prices Canada chart includes three varieties for baked potatoes. Every flavour is to die for. The deliciousness that you will get in butter baked potato is next level.


The falafel served at Osmow’s is one thing which is missing from the Arby’s menu. Other than this, you will get all the possible options including chicken slider, buffalo chicken slider, turkey slider etc.

Friends Of Meat And Snacks

Arby’s menu with prices offers other things as well such as curly fries, crinkle fries etc. And who doesn’t like fries right? The variety extends to poutine, loaded fries and Mozzarella sticks as well.

Kids Mains

If you want to see Arby’s prices Canada for Kids Mains then we have a whole chart prepared for you. There is not much variety here but the items which are present are totally worth it. Do consider this section for your kid’s meal.


Regular juices like apple juice or orange juice are served in the beverages section. Along with this, milk, pop and water are also included in this section.



Shakes, cookies and turnovers; Arby’s has got it all! The most expensive item here is shakes, then comes cookies and at last turnovers. Order your favourite one right away!



If you prefer extra topping for your meal then you can consider this section. It includes sauces, cheese, ranch, lettuce and tomatoes etc.


The most popular items that you will come across at Arby’s are:


Arby’s Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Arby’s Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

In a mood for a tasty baked Salmon fillet? Well, Swiss Chalet has you covered here! Try out the amazing fillet at your earliest!

  • Mr. Sub

If you want to try the best submarine sandwiches then visit Mr. Sub. It specializes in this area and also offers a variety of different toppings.

  • New York Fries

Along with French fries, New York fries also offers poutine and delicious hot dogs.

About Arby’s Canada

Arby’s doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to explaining. It is one of the fastest growing food chains that specializes in beef sandwiches. It was first opened in the UK but now it has branches in Canada as well. If you are a Canadian then you must have visited this place once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Menu Items Are Included In Arby's Special Menu?
Arby’s special menu or limited-time offers include:1- Fried Pickle Spears2- Roasted Garlic Roast Beef Sandwich3- Bacon Ranch Wagyu Blend Burger4- Raspberry Shake
Does Arby’s Thunder Bay Menu Include The Same Menu Items As Mentioned Above?
Yes, Arby’s Thunder Bay menu offers the same items as mentioned above. There is no change in its entire menu.
What Is Arby’s Most Famous For?
Arby’s is most famous for its Roast Beef and Beef ’n Cheddar sandwiches.
Does Arby’s Canada Have Burgers?
Arby’s has introduced its first burger with the name “Bacon Ranch Wagyu Blend Burger”. It is considered to be their debut burger.

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