Jollibee Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Jollibee Menu And Prices In Canada

You must have heard of Jollibee right? Well, if you haven’t then no worries as this article includes all the essential information regarding it. From its menu to its official website, you will find everything here.

Jollibee Canada is another famous dine-in spot for many people. We know there are lots of other options as well but this time let’s give Jollibee a try, shall we?

The first section of Jollibee’s menu talks about the popular items. Here you will see crispy chicken bucket listed as one of the items. You can make a choice between a 6 Pcs and a 10 Pcs bucket.

If you don’t want to enjoy the chicken alone then order it with sides. You can choose among 1 Pc, 2 Pcs and 3 Pcs for your side’s option. You can choose whichever side you want but it has to be only 1. You can also order a combo of chicken pieces with spaghetti.

Family Bucket Treats

Visiting Jollibee with your family? Well, they have a dedicated section for this purpose as well. You can look for the “Family Bucket Treats” section in their menu. The first main category is the crispy chicken bucket. There are 4 different options to choose; A, B, C and D. Every one of them costs differently.

Similarly, there are 2 crispy chicken deals in the deals category. It is up to you whether you want to choose the treat or deal.

Jolly Crispy Chicken

As discussed earlier, crispy chicken buckets come in either 6 Pcs or 10 Pcs. You can choose whichever option you like. Then comes a combo which includes crispy chicken along with a side. The chicken can be ordered in 2 Pcs or 3 Pcs whereas the side is preferable.

After this comes the combo which includes crispy chicken, 1 side and a drink. If you want to increase your options for sides then go for the combo which includes 2 sides instead of 1.

Jolly Spaghetti And Palabok Fiesta

Now it is time to change the domain from chicken to spaghetti and palabok fiesta. The jolly spaghetti is famous enough to be included in a separate section. You can order the regular, with drink or even the family pack of this menu item.

Jolly Spaghetti And Palabok Party Packs

Just like the regular ones, you can get the party packs of the famous jolly spaghetti and palabok fiesta. The part pack of Jolly spaghetti is less expensive than the palabok fiesta party pack.

Chicken Sandwiches

How can we forget the sandwiches? You will get a wide variety of sandwiches too. Every category includes two options; you can either order a regular deal or the one which comes with a side and a drink.

In this section, you can choose from the following options; spicy chicken sandwich, spicy deluxe chicken sandwich, original chicken sandwich and deluxe chicken sandwich.

Yam burgers

This is probably the first time that you are hearing about Yam burgers. Well, this is because Jollibee is the first restaurant to introduce them. The combo options remain the same here as well so you can easily order whatever you like.

Burger Steak Menu

You have heard about Sirloin steak served at Keg’s, but hearing about a burger steak.., surprising right? Don’t get too surprised because Jollibee includes this item in their menu. You can order it with a single side, 2 sides, and a drink or without a drink; it all depends on you.

Sides And Jolly Kids Meals Menu

Kids’ meals couldn’t be ignored at any cost. You will see a kids’ menu section here as well just like in other restaurants. You will be entertained with French fries, mashed potatoes and other options as well.

Drinks And Desserts Menu

This section is not very large but it does include prominent items which are loved by the people. So make sure you at least go through this section to explore more about it.

The most popular items of Jollibee are mentioned below.

Jollibee Canada Alternatives

Jollibee Canada alternatives are as follows:

As you all know, Popeye’s is famous for its fried chicken. If you haven’t tried its signature chicken yet then order it now!

All beef hot dogs are an amazing menu item to try when visiting Costco.

About Jollibee Canada

Another day, another amazing spot for you to visit. Jollibee is one of the famous restaurants that you will be able to see in Canada. You will get everything from spicy food to sweet menu items of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the meals and inform your friends about this as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jollibee Spaghetti Price 2024?
At Jollibee, you will get the jolly spaghetti at $7.46.
What Is Jollibee Yum Burger Price?
Cheesy Yum burger price 2024 at Jollibee is around $6.31.
What Is Jollibee Chicken Bucket Price?
If you decide to order the Jollibee chicken bucket having 6 pieces then it will be around $20.69 whereas a 10 piece bucket costs $34.49.
What Is Burger Steak Price At Jollibee’s?
A regular burger steak with one side only costs $11.49.
What Is 1 Bucket Jollibee Price 2024?
The least expensive crispy chicken bucket at Jollibee costs $20.69.

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