Domino’s Menu Prices Canada – April 2024 Updated


Domino’s Menu Prices Canada

If you are a pizza lover then you must know about Domino’s pizza. It is the most well-known pizza spot in Canada. If you are craving for the best pizza then Domino’s is the right place for you! It offers the best pizza menu to its customers so they have an abundance of options to choose from.

Domino menu and prices have all the relevant information about various items. The best thing about Domino’s menu Canada is that they offer every pizza flavour in 3 sizes; small, medium and large. So if you are not so hungry, go with small, otherwise consider ordering medium or large.

Domino’s Pizza Menu With Price List

So the first main pizza flavour would be Cheese. We know everyone loves cheese and why wouldn’t you? I mean cheese is everything when eating a pizza. It is like a cherry on the top. Luckily there are further options in this section like hand tossed, crunchy thin crust, Brooklyn style etc.

Cheese Pizza

Specialty Pizza

Domino’s pizza menu with price includes a separate section for the “Specialty Pizza”. A single flavour has 5 more sub-flavors in the menu. So if there are a total 7 flavours then for each flavour you would get 5 sub-flavors making it a total of 35 flavours. Whew! That’s a lot of flavours right? Well I guess that’s the specialty of these pizzas due to which they got their name.

Feast Pizza

Domino’s feast pizza is almost the same in terms of flavours but the variety here is also insane. You wouldn’t notice a repetition in any flavour of this menu. Dominos is all about pizza and it doesn’t hold back to make sure of it. Such a crazy variety of pizza is literally all you need.

If you visit Dominos every month, even then the variety wouldn’t be finished because there is a lot to eat. Visiting this place alone wouldn’t be fair so we suggest you make a quick stop here with your friends


There’s more! Really? Of course! Not just pizza but Dominos offer other menu items as well which, no doubt, are your favourite. Starting from the chicken menu, you will get to enjoy boneless chicken, wings, specialty chicken etc. So what are you waiting for?


You will see a similarity in the sandwiches section of Dominos. The Italian sandwiches at East Side Mario’s will be served here too but with a bit of a difference. If you are a vegetarian then we recommend you to order a Mediterranean veggie sandwich.


Pasta is everyone’s all-time favourite menu item. After pizza people usually include “Pasta” as their second most-favourite item. Real Italian flavours are also offered in this pasta section. So why not give your taste buds an amazing taste of these pasta flavours?


Getting many options instead of a single one is truly amazing. Dominos gives you a complete free-hand to make your order creative. Experimenting with different menu items and adjusting them in such a way that it looks good on the table is an art.


The salad section doesn’t have much variety. You will be able to choose between the options of 3 menu items. All of these salads cost the same!


Regular soft-drinks will all you get in the beverages section. Whether it is a diet coke, a regular coke or sprite, you will be able to get your hands on every one of it. Orange juice is an additional drink option if you don’t prefer ordering a soft drink.


How would a menu stand without including the “Dessert” section? You will see this section in almost every restaurant’s menu. Order whatever you are craving for!


You will have your mind blown when you look at the sauces menu. Lots and lots of options are available for the sauce-lovers. You can easily combine your favourite sauce with the order to make it more appealing and tasty.

Dominos Canada Alternatives

Dominos Canada alternatives are as follows:

Boston surely knows how to treat its customers fairly by serving the special Carnitas Pizza to them.

If you are in a mood to have the best fried chicken ever then do visit Mary Brown.

About Dominos Canada

If you look at the menu then Domino’s pizza prices are actually affordable as compared to other pizza spots. With affordable prices you will also get the taste and quality that you have been looking for. So plan a short trip to this amazing restaurant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Domino’s Wings Price?
You will get Domino’s wings for $6.49, $10.99 and $25.99 for 8 pcs, 14 pcs and 40 pcs respectively.
How Much Is A Medium Pizza At Dominos?
Domino’s medium pizza price is $13.99.
How Much Is A Large Pizza At Dominos?
Domino’s large pizza price is $15.99.
Is Dominos Only In Canada?
No, Dominos has its franchises world-wide. Almost everyone is familiar with this brand.

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