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Burger King Drinks Menu Canada

Burger King Canada is famous for its burgers. But don’t forget that it doesn’t serve burgers only in fact there are other options as well to consider. Today, I will be discussing Burger King Drinks Menu with you which will include all types of beverages. If you are interested in knowing about this then you should definitely give a read to this article.

Burger King Regular Drinks

Burger King Beverage menu starts with regular drinks. All types of soft drinks including Coke, Diet Coke Lemonade and Fruitopia are served here. The best thing about this section is that every drink costs the same i.e. $3.19. However, the calories might vary for every drink.

Burger King Iced Coffee

Next comes the iced coffee section. Here you will get two options to choose from. One is the regular iced coffee which has a price tag of $3.19 while S’mores iced coffee is sold for $2.99.

Burger King Iced Tea

After iced coffee let us discuss about iced tea. Luckily, the iced tea is available in two flavors; lemon and raspberry. While the regular Nestea is also available in the menu. You can order whichever one you like depending on your taste as all of them have the same price.

Burger King Juices

Now comes the juices. You might have heard about Oasis juices. If yes then you will get to enjoy those juices in the BK Canada drinks menu as well. It is available in two flavors; apple and orange. The only difference between these two juices is calories.

Burger King Hot Beverages

In a mood to order regular coffee? BK has got you covered. If you don’t want to order any fancy hot beverage then you can always order a regular cup of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate.

Burger King Milk Drinks

Last but not the least, you can order chocolate milk from BK as well. It will only cost you around $1.79 and nothing more. Another option of 2% milk is also available to consider.

Burger King Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Burger King Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BK’s Iced Coffee Price?
Iced coffee at Burger King is served for $3.19.
How Much Is Iced Coffee At Burger King?
Two types of iced coffees are served at Burger King. One of them costs around $3.19 while the other one has a price tag of $2.99.
What Size Drink Comes With Whopper Meal?
A medium-sized drink is usually served with Whopper Meal.
What Is Burger King’s Coffee Price?
A regular cup of coffee is served for $2.59 at Burger King.

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