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Attention Pizza Lovers, We have great news for you all! Your favourite pizza spot “Boston Pizza” is now open in Canada as well! Isn’t it great? People are literally adding this spot in their favourite restaurants list. So much hype about this place, there must be something then right?

Boston pizza menu prices are demanded by almost everyone. That is why a whole chart has been prepared because of this. If you are thinking that you will get only pizza items here then you are wrong. Along with a wide variety of pizza you will get other options as well like burgers, wings, desserts etc.

Boston Pizza Lunch Menu Canada

Bps menue is undoubtedly famous for its lunch items. A large number of people visit this restaurant at lunch time. Without wasting any time, let’s just dive into the menu details now.

The “Featured Menu” has great options for pizzas. Boston pizza pizza sizes include small, medium, large and individual. You can order whichever one you want because all of them have a different price tag.

In the “Others” category, you will get Tacos, burgers, fries etc. For something extra you can order Tacos with salad but of course it will cost you a little extra than the normal.

Boston Shareable

All your favourite things are included in this section. Let it be wings, chicken fingers, pizza bread or whatsoever, you can order them right away! You will see a special variation in the “Wings” section. You can now order wings in a single order, double order or even a combo. Other restaurants don’t offer this right?

Other than that your favourite Nachos are also a part of this big list. Craving for pizza bread? Boston Pizza has got you covered! Same is the case with chicken fingers, Thai bites and cactus cut potatoes.


We know, without any doubt, that there are lots of pasta lovers out there. Boston pizza knows this too, that’s why it has included an individual section for the pasta. The best thing about this menu is that it will offer you the defined flavours of pasta along with the option to create one for yourself.

Boston Pizzas

Well the section for which you all have been waiting for is finally here! Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to talk about pizzas now. Boston pizza menu with prices has all the possible options included for its customers. Spicy Perogy and Great White North are two most highlighted flavours. Other flavours include Boston Royal, Pepperoni and tropical chicken etc.

Create Your Own Pizza

As discussed before, Boston pizza gives you the free-hand to create your own pizza. You can do this for any size including small, medium, large and individual as well. The price for each size varies so make sure to consider every detail before picking your option.

Boston Pizza Sandwiches

Boston pizza menu Toronto not only offers you pizzas but pizza sandwiches as well. The best thing about these sandwiches is that they are neither too expensive nor too cheap. You can easily order your favourite sandwich for under $20.

Salads And Bowls

Boston pizza salad is another great menu item to talk about! You will not just get regular choices but lots of them. Also the salad menu here is far vaster in variety than the menu present in other restaurants. It will all be worth it!

Gluten Wise

Boston sized burger has been the talk of the town lately. This menu item is included in the Gluten wise section of the menu. You can easily see the relevant price for this and order it right away!

Kids Menu

Boston Pizza not only entertains its old customers but it also has a whole section dedicated to its junior customers. The main entities in the Kids meal include chicken fingers, pizza, cheese items, spaghetti etc. Now your kid will have an open hand in deciding what he actually wants to eat.

Boston Pizza Dessert Menu

Although Boston pizza has many dessert items to offer to its customers but it doesn’t offer dessert bundles served at Firehouse sub. Bundles are pretty convenient for everyone who wants to place a large order. Brownies, cheesecakes and chocolate explosions are the things which you will be able to get here.


Coleslaw, side fries, sauces, dips, cheese toast and what not! These are some of the few menu items which you can have at Boston pizza. To explore the full menu and its prices, head towards the price chart below.

Boston Pizza Drink Menu

Boston pizza will surely not disappoint you in the drinks section as well. A newly added item which hasn’t been added before is Red Bull. They say “Red bull gives you wings”, so try it out to see whether it is true or not.

Boston Pizza Canada Alternatives

Canada is home to several pizza chains, each offering its own unique style and menu. Here’s an overview of some of the popular pizza chains in Canada that satisfy the diverse tastes of pizza lovers from coast to coast.

Another popular pizza spot that is famous for its delicious and mouth-watering pizza flavour of Chicken supreme.

  • Pizza Pizza:

This iconic chain, known for its memorable “967-1111” phone number, serves a wide range of pizzas, from traditional to specialty options. They’re experts at speedy delivery and convenient takeout.

  • Pizza 73:

Operating primarily in Western Canada, Pizza 73 excels at delivery and takeout, providing not only a variety of pizza choices but also a selection of side items, such as chicken wings, salads, and dipping sauces. Pizza 73 doesn’t hold back from offering poutine as one of its special side items.

  • Panago Pizza:

Panago is famous for its gourmet pizza toppings and diverse crust options. They even accommodate dietary preferences with gluten-free and vegan choices. Besides pizza, they offer tasty salads and breadsticks.

  • Gabriel Pizza:

Based in Ottawa, Gabriel Pizza is a community-oriented chain, offering an assortment of pizzas, subs, and wings. They’re known for their local charity support.

  • Mamma’s Pizza:

With a history dating back to the 1950s, Mamma’s Pizza, centered in Toronto, provides traditional and specialty pizzas, including whole wheat and gluten-free options.

These chains offer a slice of Canada’s rich pizza culture. They are just a glimpse into the diverse pizza landscape that spans the country.

About Boston Pizza Canada

You don’t have to look any further when you have got Boston pizza included in your list. All your favourite items are offered at this one spot so it becomes easier for you to place a creative order. If you haven’t visited Boston pizza yet then now is the time to do so!

Contact Us

You can make a call on the phone numbers provided below.

Western Canada:   604-270-1108

Eastern Canada:     905-848-2700

Visit our official website for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Boston Pizza Wings Price?
If you order wings in a single order then it will cost $16.99.
What Are Boston Pizza Beer Prices?
Boston pizza beer has a price tag of $4.39.
What Is Boston Pizza's Individual Pizza Size?
Boston pizza individual pizza size is 8’’.
How Many Wings Are There In A Single Order At Boston Pizza?
In a single order you will get 10 wings whereas in case of double order you will get 20 wings.
What Is Bugs And Cheese Price At Boston Pizza Canada?
You will have to pay $9.79 to enjoy bugs and cheese at Boston pizza Canada.
What Is Boston Pizza Nachos Price?
Classic nachos (starter size) will make you pay a bill of $17.49.
How Many Boston Pizza Wings Flavours Are There?
There are a total of 8 flavours of wings that you will be able to order at Boston pizza.
Is Boston Pizza Poutine And Boston Pizza Tex Mex Fries The Same?
No, both the items are different and have a different price tag.

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