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Cora Menu Prices Canada

If you are still searching for a good eating spot in Canada then you have not tried or heard about Cora yet. It is one of the top rated places in Canada and people love to pay a visit here. One thing which is guaranteed in Cora is the food quality and taste. People who are working here don’t want to compromise on its standard, that’s why they serve the best they can.

Although there are many eating spots in Canada but visiting such places where you feel valued is a beautiful feeling. Luckily, Cora is one of such places. People love to know about its prices and menu, if you are one of them then do check out the next session of this article.

Cora’s Menu With Prices

There are loads of options which are available in Cora’s menu. When the menu is this vast it certainly becomes difficult to decide where to start from. Don’t worry! As we will be taking you through each and every available option present in Cora’s menu.

Cora is not a place which is dedicated to a single menu meal. You could enjoy lunch or even breakfast here. No matter what you are craving for, everything will be presented to you right away! Cora price list is generally labelled as an “Affordable” one which makes customers more than happy.

Cora Breakfast price list

Cora has many options in its breakfast menu. You wouldn’t even imagine how tasty and amazing their breakfast items are. If you are still trying to figure out the menu items then wait no more and consider the below section for every kind of detail.

Sweet And Salty

Eggs Ben et Dictine

The menu items here usually have a French naming convention. So if you are facing any difficulty in pronouncing them then don’t worry, we understand! The items in this section have a price tag based on the add-ons.


Skillets, sounds like an unusual dish right? But this unusual dish is a part of Cora’s menu. The good news is that every item in this section costs almost the same. So you can easily order whichever one you want without worrying about the price.


People love crepes, take this from us. As a famous breakfast item, crepes are usually costly as compared to other items. Cora’s crepe special menu has it all! Whether it is the tasty strawberries, crepes with meat, Banana blast or any other flavour, all of them taste exactly the same i.e. simply amazing.

The best thing about this section is the mention of “Cora’s all you can eat crepes”. This is a festival which is held almost every year in which people are allowed to enjoy the crepes at less than $10. Isn’t it amazing?


You will get sweet pancakes along with pancakes with meat. The choice is yours! Again the price of every item is the same. So now it is totally up to you whether you want to enjoy sweet pancakes or the ones with meat.


Cora’s restaurant menu prices have lots of other things to offer to you! So you have heard about omelettes right? Now it is the time for you to learn about crepomelettes. The dish is as different as its name. You will have a total of 3 options in this section, order whichever one you want!

Savoury Omelettes

By now omelettes should have been extremely normal for you right? Savoury omelettes have a separate dedicated section for them. You can decide from the 5 choices which are further provided in this menu section.


The “Eggs” category has the most sub-options among all. You will find different combos and regular eggs here in this section. The eggs will be accompanied with potatoes as well so if you are willing to spend your pennies on this combo then wait no more and go for it!

Teens’ Favourites

So you really thought we would be ignoring the teen’s section? Absolutely not! You will get different options here like a burrito crepe, brunch burger or the club. If you want any of these then you have to order from this section.

French toast

If you were waiting for French toast then the wait is over! This menu item is a must to consider if you are a French toast lover. Not one not two but a total of 6 options will be made available to you here. A surprising combo of French toast with meat is also present, maybe you want to give it a try.


Waffles are also being served at Cora. It comes with two options; you can either have it with strawberries or fresh fruit. The choice is yours!


If you already had an encounter with the Montana’s sandwiches then you would definitely love Cora’s sandwiches as well. Some options include bagels, and egg salads while the others have a flavour of tuna melt or chicken melt. There are lots of options to decide from, right?

Fresh Fruit

After hearing all about Cora’s prices for breakfast, now is the time to discuss its very last item which is fresh fruits. Some people really do love eating fruits in their breakfast so this section is for all such kinds of people.

A Little Extra


Well the beverages section is full of variety. After getting to know all about breakfast and Cora’s lunch menu prices now is the time to get in touch with the beverages section. Cocktail, smoothies, latte, juice or soft drinks, you will literally get everything here.

The most popular items at Cora are mentioned-below.

Cora’s Early Bird Special

If you are looking for Cora’s early bird menu then look no further as we have created a separate section for your ease.

Cora Canada Alternatives

Cora Canada alternatives are as follows:

If you are a pizza lover then you must visit Little Caesar and try their Hot-n-Ready Pepperoni Pizza.

The best root beer that you can get is definitely from the A&W restaurants.

About Cora Canada

Cora should be included in your must-to-visit restaurant list otherwise you would be missing a lot. Well the best thing about this restaurant is that it offers a complete package to its customers and doesn’t compromise on its quality. Make sure to pay a visit here with your friends.

Contact Us

You can make a call on the phone number provided below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Owner Of Cora’s?
The founder of Cora is Cora Tsouflidou.
What Is An Early Bird Menu?
Early bird menu is such a type of menu which is generally served before the traditional or regular hours. Let it be dinner or breakfast.
How Many Cora Restaurants Are There In Canada?
There are a total of 130 Cora restaurants in Canada.
What Are The Opening Hours Of Cora In Canada?
Cora restaurants open at 7:00 AM and close at 2:00 PM.

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