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Little Caesars Menu Prices Canada

Another day, another restaurant to talk about! We have already told you that there are lots of eating options which you will find in Canada. Today’s topic of discussion is Little Caesars restaurant. This cool restaurant holds a specialty in making and delivering top-notch quality pizzas to its customers.

It was founded in 1959 and since then it has been making sure to deliver the best it can. The Little Caesar pizza menu is so vast that you will literally take some time to decide your order. Well, maybe that is something which makes it special than the rest.

Little Caesars Menu Prices 2024

In this section of the article you will be able to explore Little Caesars menu with prices. We will start from the limited time offers. Here you will have a dedicated section for such menu items which are only available for a shorter time span. After that time duration you might or might not get a hold onto these items.

Limited Time Offers

Chicago bundles along with boneless bundles are the two main entities included in this section. So if you want to enjoy these then hurry up and don’t miss your chance!

Create Your Own Pizza

Who doesn’t like to get creative? Well, if you are given an option of creating your own pizza you would definitely hop on to this opportunity, right? At little Caesars, you will come across a section which is fully dedicated to this thing. The pizza sizes are either 12” or 14”, along with this you will also be offered a Deep!Deep! Dish create your own pizza option.

Bundled Specials

Personally, everyone loves bundled special options. The best thing about these bundles is that they combine various menu items and cost much lower than the individual menu items. So if you look carefully, it is a winning situation for you because you get to enjoy your favourite items and that too at a lower price tag.

Large Pizzas

The size of large pizzas at little Caesars is about 14”. There are 8 different flavours available for you to try in this section. You would want to share this pizza with your friends as well because 14” is a huge pizza size to finish alone!

Medium Pizzas

Of course, after large pizzas comes medium pizzas. They are only 2 inches smaller than the larger ones but the good news is that they come with an extra flavour. So if large pizzas offer 8 flavours then medium ones will offer you a total of 9 flavours.

Deep!Deep! Dish Pizzas

Deep!Deep! Dish pizzas are one of the famous pizza items of Little Caesars. People usually want to know about these pizzas more as compared to other pizzas. Well the flavours offered in this section are only 5 but these flavours are actually to die for! The prices for each flavour varies but they are actually worth every penny.

Thin Crust

Attention thin crust lovers! We have good news for you. Now you can have your favourite thin crust pizza at little Caesars too! You don’t have to look any further as you will be presented with every flavour here.


The main specialty of little Caesars in its sides section is its wings. Whether you want to order boneless wings, oven roasted wings, BBQ wings or any other option; all will be available to you within no time! The boneless wings are a little costlier while the rest of them cost the same.

However, Domino’s sauce menu is way vaster than the sauces option offered here. So if you are really into sauces then you will get only one kind of it.

Little Caesars Hot and Ready Menu

If you are looking for Hot and ready pizza price Canada then look no further as this section explains it all. This menu is quite famous among people so little Caesars had to mention it as a separate section. To know about its items and prices, consider the below-mentioned chart!

Some popular items which are highly demanded by the customer at Little Caesars are mentioned below.

Little Caesars Canada Alternatives

Little Caesars Canada alternatives are as follows:

Brooklyn style pizza is that one menu item which makes Dominos superior to other pizza restaurants.

You will be served with abundant side options at Boston including Thai bites, Perogy, Garlic Toast, Calamari etc.

Little Caesars deep dish prices

There are a total of 5 flavours included in the deep dish menu.

  • Pepperoni Pizza                 $12.99
  • Canadian Pizza                   $16.99
  • Ultimate Supreme Pizza   $17.99
  • Hula Hawaiian Pizza         $16.99
  • 3 Meat Treat Pizza             $16.99

About Little Caesars Canada

We know there are many pizza options for you to explore so why not start with little Caesars? This pizza restaurant by far has the most amazing taste and options for its customers. It is really the time for you to get creative with your order when visiting Little Caesars Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Pizza Price?
Bacon wrapped pizza price at little Caesars is $12.00.
What Are Little Caesars Working Hours In Canada?
Little Caesars opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM in Canada.
How Much Is A Large Pizza At Little Caesars?
There are lots of options available in the “Large Pizza” section of Little Caesars. You can get any flavour in just $17.
How Much Is A Little Caesars Pizza?
You will get around 8 slices if you buy a little Caesars pizza. The price, however, varies according to the flavour.
Which Items Are Included In Little Caesars Lunch Combo Canada?
There are 3 items included in Little Caesars lunch special combo deal; 4 slices of Deep! Deep! (Detroit Style), Dish Pepperoni Pizza and 20-ounce regular Pepsi.

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