Mandarin Restaurant Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Mandarin Restaurant Menu And Prices In Canada

Mandarin Canada is a popular buffet-place to visit. There are over 150 items on the menu which you can enjoy endlessly. For more information, visit the next section of this article.

Starting from the Mandarin buffet price, it has been the talk of the talk lately. There are two reasons for it; first is the providence of high-quality food items and second is the discount offered for each age group.

Prices For Mandarin Buffet

The best thing about Mandarin is that it offers a large variety of buffet items. Mandarin prices for buffets are extremely reasonable considering the quality of food. You will get to enjoy 150+ items here. To know more about the Mandarin buffet price per person in Canada, consult the below chart.

Mandarin Buffet Prices For Seniors 2024 Include A 20% discount.

Mandarin Dinner Prices

The dinner menu in Mandarin mostly includes dinner deals for different numbers of people. The complete details of the deal are mentioned below which includes deal items, prices and total calories.

Combo Platters for 1

Osmow’s platters are a little different from the combo platters offered at Mandarin. There are a total of 4 different combos available including a variety of options.


If you want to explore Mandarin prices per person then this is the right section for you! Starting from appetizers, there are a total of 7 mouth-watering appetizers options to experience.


By now, you can easily estimate Mandarin all you can eat price. If you are a soup lover then it is a must for you to order from here. Every soup costs almost the same i.e. $4.99, so order whichever one you like.

Chow Mein (Not noodles)

When people hear the word “Chow Mein”, they think of noodles. But here, it is not about noodles. The name, however, is similar, but the overall dish is different. The options in this section are complemented with vegan and non-vegan items.


It is no news that rice is loved by almost everyone. By using this fact, Mandarin restaurants have made sure to include as many rice options as possible. The most famous “Chicken Fried Rice” is also included in this section.


If you were searching for noodles then you have come to the right place. Remember one thing, in Mandarin you will not be served with regular flavoured noodles but with unique ones. Whether it is Beef Ho-Fen noodles or Shanghai noodles, you will get served with every possible and different option.

Vegetable Delights

Every restaurant has a separate section for vegetarians and so does Mandarin. The section is labelled with the name “Vegetable Delights”. The most expensive item here is Sautéed Mushrooms with a price tag of $13.99.

Spareribs And Pork

Apart from rice and noodles, if you are a pork or ribs lover then you can order your favourite dish from the three available options. Spareribs are generally costlier than the pork items so make sure you choose your order wisely.


The next on the list is the beef section. You can either enjoy beef alone or with vegetables, the choice is entirely yours. Your beef cravings will be for sure fulfilled.


But what if you are a chicken lover like the majority? There is nothing to worry about when you are visiting Mandarin. The same high-quality menu items are available in the chicken section as well. People usually prefer to order Lemon Chicken from here.


Don’t think that the seafood section will be ignored by Mandarin. When someone says Mandarin is your go-to place then they actually mean it. Every single dish is made available to you without compromising on the taste or quality.


The beverages corner has regular cola and mineral water. There is nothing too exciting here.


If you want to complement your menu with a nice wine then order one right away! Three popular wines are included in the menu having the same price tag.


You will get more options in the Beer’s department than wine. 10 beers are available on the menu and you can order your favourite one if you have $5 in your pocket.


Last but not the least to discuss is the sauces section. Some people have least interest in this section while the others pay full attention to it. Having a sauce along with your menu will enhance the overall taste.

The most popular items that you will come across at Mandarin are:

Mandarin Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Mandarin Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

Jollibee is famous for its 2 Pc Crispy Chicken Meal. If you haven’t tried it yet then do it now! It is pretty affordable too.

  • Golden Dragon Restaurant

If you want to go for Chinese and Cantonese cuisine then visiting Golden Dragon restaurant will be the right option for you.

  • Chopsticks House

In a mood for something spicy? Well, Chopsticks house is famous for its spicy Chinese and Szechuan dishes.

About Mandarin Canada

Mandarin is a popular buffet place to visit in Canada. Well, buffet is one factor of popularity, the other factor is the discounts offered in this section. People love to visit this place due to the discount and quality of food provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mandarin Buffet Cost?
Mandarin restaurant buffet price depends on the time slot you consume. The lunch buffet usually costs less than the dinner one.
What Is The Opening Time Of Mandarin In Canada?
Mandarin restaurants in Canada open from 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM.
Is Mandarin Free On Canada Day?
Yes, every Canadian will be offered a free meal on Canada day. The customers should be able to prove their identity and citizenship.

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