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Pizza Hut Menu Prices Canada

There is always some reason to start a particular project. As many of you would know, Pizza Hut was the first pizza spot to ever open. It gained rapid popularity because it was the only eating spot that served high-quality pizzas. People love to pay a visit here.

With the passage of time, its popularity continued to increase and there was a need to open its further franchises. This thought-process was considered carefully and at last the process made it to the implementation stage. Now there are many franchises of Pizza Hut including Canada.

Pizza Hut Menu With Prices

As soon as it was opened in Canada, people were eagerly waiting for the menu and price list. The whole menu was divided into different sections so that it would be easy for the customers to select their order.

Famous Items

Every restaurant has placed its famous items at the start of the menu. Pizza Hut did the same. The reason for doing this is that some people visit the restaurant for the first time. They get confused with their orders so this particular section helps them in clearing their confusion.


Limited Time Offer

Pizza Hut menu prices also inform us regarding limited time offers. This menu mostly contains flatbread options. Amazing thing is that every option costs the same. Moreover, you will have an option to create your own flatbread. Isn’t it great? Yes, it really is!


14’’ Large Pizzas

Do you consider a 14’’ pizza as large? If you do, then you must be wondering how much is a large pizza at pizza hut? Relax, all your queries will be answered within no time. You have to consider the below menu chart carefully to go through every option.

The flavours offered in this category have no limit. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, all will be offered to you. You don’t have to compromise on your order just because you are a vegetarian or meat lover, you will be treated equally and fairly with different menu items.


12’’ Large Pizzas

Then comes a 12’’ pizza. The number of slices in this size is less than the slices in a 14’’ pizza. But don’t worry, with the reduced number of slices, the cost is also reduced. Here again you will be presented with lots of flavours similar to the ones offered for 14’’ pizza.


9’’ Large Pizzas

A 9’’ pizza is comparatively smaller than the two discussed before. If you really like pizza then we assume that this size would be enough for you alone. You will be in pain if you want to share it with someone. You will be given a free-hand to experiment with your order just like when you are offered to create your own pizza at Papa John’s.


6’’ Large Pizzas

A 6’’ pizza is generally known as a personal pan pizza. It is made for a single person to eat. If you are the only one to visit this restaurant then ordering this pizza would be a better option for you. However, there is no difference in the flavour options.


XL Panormous Pizzas

After knowing about Pizza Hut’s large pizza price it is now time to jump on to the extra-large category. The XL Panormous pizzas are offered to the customers at reasonable rates. The rates are generally higher than the regular ones but you will get to have more variety in this domain.



People usually tend to combine pizzas with other options like wings and pastas. You will get two options here, you can either have boned wings or boneless bites. The choice is yours, although the traditional wings cost a little more than the boneless bites.



This section is for the pasta lovers. If you are visiting with your family then you can choose from the family category but if this is not the case then you can also go with the regular options. Many new and unique flavours are waiting for you.


Sides Menu

The regular breadsticks, mozzarella sticks, fries, Caesar salad etc. will be offered to you in this section. If you want to try these then they are pretty economical and affordable.


Desserts Menu

Not just 1 or 2 but a total of 7 sweet dishes are waiting for you. Rolls, cookies and brownies are the major categories that you can select from. Within just $11, you can pick and enjoy any item.


Drinks Menu

Bottled cans or litre drinks are available here. Unfortunately, you will not be able to have juices or iced-tea like stuff here.


The most popular menu items at Pizza Hut Canada are as follows.


Pizza Hut Canada Alternatives

Pizza Hut Canada alternatives are mentioned below:

You have to try the famous creamy garlic pizza when you are visiting Papa John’s.

If you want to eat the original Pesto Penne pasta then East Side Mario is the right spot for you.

About Pizza Hut Canada

Pizza Hut was the first pizza place that came into being. People only knew one single place when they wanted to eat pizza and that was the famous Pizza Hut. We can say that Pizza Hut is the reason why other people started opening their own pizza spots. It is actually a great place. If you haven’t tried its pizza yet then now is the time to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pizza Hut’s Large Pizza Price?
The cost of a large pizza at pizza hut is slightly higher than the rest. The price is $14.99.
What Is The Medium Pizza Price At Pizza Hut?
A medium pizza at Pizza Hut is around $11.99.
What Is A Personal Pan Pizza At Pizza Hut?
A personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut is a 6’’ pizza that has an outer crispy crust and an inner fluffy crust.
How Much Is A Pizza From Pizza Hut?
A large Thin N Crispy pizza at pizza hut Canada costs $14.99.

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