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Starbucks restaurant Menu Prices

Starbucks Menu Prices In Canada

If you are in Canada and you haven’t visited Starbucks then you are missing out on a lot of things. Starbucks, which doesn’t need any introduction, is famous for its mind blowing coffee range. If you are a true coffee lover then you have to visit Starbucks no matter what.

The Starbucks menu in Canada offers a lot of options when it comes to their beverages. Whether it is hot coffee or cold coffee, starbuck coffee menu price has it all. The main focus of Starbucks remains on their beverages menu but now they have expanded their menu and have included breakfast, lunch and bakery items as well.

What Is So Special About Starbucks Coffee?

The Canadian Starbucks menu takes care of its customers by knowing their needs and wants. People living in Canada prefer coffee over everything. Reason being, the weather calls for it and secondly coffee is a part of their daily routine. It is like an energy booster for them, so they want the best coffee which will help them to survive through the day.

Starbucks Grande latte price is generally higher than latte tall and less than latte venti. So it is totally up to your preferences which one you will order for yourself.





Iced Coffee

Starbucks menu Canada has a whole separate section for its cold coffees along with hot ones. The first item to top this section is Iced Coffee. Iced coffee price at Starbucks is less than their actual hot coffees. You will get a lot of options for this drink as well. You could always consider ordering such coffee on your rainy days.



People have lots of queries regarding Starbucks Frappuccino sizes and prices. They usually want to know about how much is a Grande at Starbucks Frappuccino and other similar queries like this. Out of so many options, people love Frappuccino the most. Starbucks frappe prices do not concern their customers at all because they will pay any amount to have the taste of their favourite drink.


Starbucks menu ca will not keep you restricted to just coffees only, they have a wide variety of refreshers as well. Starbucks’ refresher price and flavours will amaze you, in a positive way of course.

Hot Drinks

If you want to know about Starbucks drinks cost then you have a whole price chart prepared for it. Let it be hot drinks or cold beverages, you will have details about every single drink. But talking generally, an average Starbucks drink cost is around $4.80.

Cold Beverages


Starbucks Breakfast Items

As mentioned before, Starbucks has started serving breakfast items as well. So if you are in a hurry and want to grab something along with your coffee then a lot of options are waiting for you. Starbucks breakfast menu prices will make it easier for you to choose between various items according to your budget.



Bakery Items

Along with breakfast and lunch, you will get to enjoy bakery items as well. All the items which are available at a regular bakery have been included in the Starbucks Canada menu. So you can get all the things from one place. 

If you are a bagel-lover then sadly you will get only a single option for it at Starbucks. Unlike Tim Hortons which serves a variety of classic bagels including the customization options of butter and cream cheese.

Instant Menu

Sweets And Snacks

Which Starbucks Items Are Liked By Most Of The People?

Starbucks prices in Canada are slightly higher than the other coffee shops. But the customers don’t mind this expensiveness because they prefer quality over money. Although, all the menu items at Starbucks are nothing less than the others, only a few items were selected to be included in the “Most Popular” category of Starbucks.

About Starbucks Canada

There are endless interesting facts to know about Starbucks Canada. The first fact is that there is a complete ban on smells in their stores. No scent would overpower the smell of coffee, this was the main reason for the ban. Even the staff members aren’t allowed to wear strong scents and perfumes to the store. The other interesting fact is that if we consider all the customizations and modifications of the drinks then a total of 87,000 combinations could be made. The last fact is that Starbucks has its own record labels which could be heard playing in their stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Starbucks Grilled Cheese Price?
You will have two options if you go for grilled cheese. One is the old-fashioned grilled cheese which will cost you around $5.25 and the other one comes with a sourdough having a price tag of $6.95.
How Much Would You Pay For A Small Coffee At Starbucks?
A small coffee at Starbucks will cost you a pocket-change of about $1.85.
People Ask About Starbucks Oatmeal Price, How Much Is It?
At Starbucks, you will have more than one option for every menu item. Similarly, in case of oatmeal you have two options, Heart blueberry and rolled & steel-cut. They cost around $3.45 and $3.95 respectively.
What Is The Grande Latte Starbucks Price?
Starbucks menu with price has $3.65 dollars as the cost of a Grande latte.
How Much Is A Grande Frappuccino At Starbucks?
Coffee Frappuccino Grande has a price tag of $3.95.
How Much Is A Small Starbucks Drink?
If your selected drink is coffee Frappuccino then the mini size of this drink will cost you a bill of $2.95.
What Is Starbucks Chocolate Croissant Price?
A butter croissant costs around $2.45 whereas for a chocolate croissant the dollar bill is about $2.75.
What Is Starbucks Cookies Price?
A regular chocolate cookie doesn’t cost much. You will have to pay $1.95 to enjoy it.
How Much is A Medium Starbucks Drink?
There isn’t a concrete answer to this question. However, for every drink there are 3 to 4 sizes available. Each size has a different price so you could choose accordingly.
What Is Starbucks Bagel Price?
“Everything Bagel” has a price of $3.15 in the Starbucks menu.
How Much Is A Grande Refresher At Starbucks?
Refreshers range is loved by the Canadian people. Reason being, all the refresher flavours cost under $5. So it is pretty convenient for the customers to buy these.

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