McDonald’s Coffee Prices Canada – May 2024 Updated


McDonald’s Coffee Prices Canada

So after exploring McDonald’s Canada menu you want to know explicitly about its coffee range, right? Well, don’t worry as this article will specifically talk about all types of coffees being served at McDonald’s.

Coffee Menu At McDonald’s

McDonald’s has got one big beverage section for its customers. Luckily, it contains all types of coffees and other drinks ranging from the hot ones to the cold ones. Below we have mentioned all coffees which are served at McDonald’s Canada along with their prices and calories.

If you are visiting with your friends then you can consider ordering Roast Coffee Carafe as it comes with a serving of 12. In case you are alone then you can pick any coffee option of your choice and enjoy it. There are many people out there including myself who are a huge fan of McDonald’s coffee.

McDonald’s Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for McDonald’s Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Small McDonald’s Coffee?
A small cup of coffee at McDonald’s is served for $2 or less.
What Is McDonald’s Coffee Called?
People usually prefer saying McCafe when they want to order coffee at McDonald’s.
How Strong Is McDonald’s Coffee?
The largest cup of coffee at McDonalds has about 120mg of caffeine and 60 calories.
Does McDonald’s Serve Coffee At Night?
Most McDonald's locations serve coffee all day long. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee at any time of the day.
Does McDonald’s Serve Coffee For 12?
Yes, McDonald’s has a special option included in its menu which goes by the name Roast Coffee Carafe. It comes with a serving of 12 and costs around $22.19. You can order the regular coffee or decaf depending upon your preference and taste.

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