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Osmow’s Menu And Prices In Canada

At first, Osmows wasn’t such a big hit, but with the passage of time it gained popularity. It became famous among people who loved Middle Eastern cuisine. Reason is obvious, the majority of the menu items at Osmows include Middle Eastern dishes. It has a unique variety as compared to the rest.

Osmow’s Menu Prices

People were more than happy to know about the opening of Osmows in Canada. In the era of fast-food, people love to try something different. That difference is offered by none other than Osmows.

As usual, the first category consists of the most popular items. It includes chicken on the rocks, chicken on the stix and shawarma items. The good news is that these items are affordable and reasonable. There is nothing wrong with the quality or taste.


The Middle-Eastern dishes are mostly offered in wraps or platters. At this moment, we will discuss wraps. You will have two options to choose from, you can either have a simple wrap or a wrap combo. A total of 11 menu items are present in this category alone. Now imagine how vast the entire menu will be.

SAJ Shawarma Wraps

Osmow’s shawarma menu is literally loved by people. They come and enjoy a nice meal of their favourite item i.e. shawarma. You can even order shawarma wraps in combo deals. The variety includes Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Falafel etc. Don’t forget one thing, Osmow’s shawarma are the best ones in town.

Signature Creations On The Rocks

You might mix the name of this category with the drinks section but it is not what it is. The menu at Osmows is totally unique and different. What else would you expect from such a hit restaurant? Same flavours which were present in the wraps section are also present here.

Signature Creations On The STIX

The mouth-watering menu items in the “Signature creations on the STIX” category will cost you almost $16. Buy anything and you wouldn’t have to pay a bill of more than $16. Affordable enough, right? That’s the specialty of Osmow’s deal. Order your favourite item right away and enjoy the best experience ever.

Half And Half

The half and half shawarma deal enables you to enjoy a variety of flavours. You can try different combinations in a single shawarma. Enjoy two flavours by paying the price of a single item. Now you must be getting familiar with the reason why this restaurant is such a big hit.

On The Poutine

You can enjoy a lamb shawarma either alone or with poutine. The price is obviously high as compared to the ordinary flavour. But why would it hurt to pay a little extra to give your taste buds an amazing experience?

JR Shawarma

Same flavours but a different category. Osmow’s presents you JR shawarmas at the cheapest possible prices. The variety is different but the flavours remain the same. The most expensive item to pay for in this category is only $8.

Signature Creations On The Veggies

Osmows didn’t leave its vegetarian lovers behind. In fact, a whole section is dedicated to the vegans only. As stated earlier, the flavours remain the same but with a variety of veggies this time.


Our personal favourite platters are here. You will be happy to know that these platters have more variety than the shawarma menu. If you had 11 items previously then this time the number of items would be more altogether.

There are some traditional flavours like chicken, beef, lamb and falafel. New flavours include Kebab, Kofta, steak and Philly chicken. If you are a cheese lover then enjoying a Philly cheese steak platter would be heaven for you. The platters are generally expensive and so are Osmow’s platters. The minimum starting price of the platter is $18.


It will be considered cheating if you decide to buy a salad instead of shawarma. However, there are some people who are really into salads and Osmows make sure to treat them the right way. You can choose your favourite salad from a list of total 9 options easily.

Sides And Appetizers Menu

Where Osmows is offering so many variety items, why wouldn’t it be offering Sides and Appetizers? You can explore this section very easily as it is pretty straight-forward and doesn’t include any ambiguities. You can order your favourite one from a list of 10 unique items. But one thing which you will probably miss in this menu chart is Chipotle’s Tomato salsa.

Drinks Menu

Apart from some juices, the options in the drinks menu include regular canned drinks. The canned drinks are less expensive as compared to the juices. So if you want to have a nice glass of juice then don’t hesitate to get one for yourself.

Desserts Menu

Unfortunately, there is only one item in the desserts menu i.e. Baklava. You can order a single piece or 6 pieces.

The most popular items that you will come across at Osmows are:

Osmow’s Daily Special

Osmow’s special oz. box plays a very important role in the Osmow’s student special as well as daily special. The menu below shows the daily specials served at Osmows.

Monday Special

  • Philly chicken oz. box

Tuesday Special

  • Beef shawarma oz. box

Wednesday Special

  • Osmow’s chicken shawarma poutine

Thursday Special

  • Osmow’s special oz. box

Friday Special

  • Falafel oz. box

Saturday Special

  • Lamb shawarma oz. box

Sunday Special

  • Mixed shawarma oz. box

Osmow’s Shawarma Day

15th October is celebrated as Osmow’s national shawarma day. It is considered to be a symbol of unity and joy. The CEO of Osmows is of the view that “Traditions bind us”.

Osmow’s Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Osmow’s Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

Harvey’s serves the best grilled veggie wrap so if you are in town then make sure to try the wraps at least once.

  • Paramount Fine Foods

The best place to enjoy Middle-Eastern cuisine is Paramount Fine Foods. Traditional Middle Eastern dishes which are offered in this restaurant include kebabs, falafel and shawarma etc.

  • Shawarma Palace

This place has its branches in all over Canada including Ontario and Ottawa. They have specialty Middle Eastern dishes so if you are a fan then we suggest you visit this place at your earliest.

About Osmow’s Canada

Sam Osmow, the owner of Osmows, didn’t plan on opening such a hit restaurant at first. He shifted to Canada from Egypt and decided to run his own business. In the very start, it was a small place which served only shawarma to the customers but later it turned into a big business.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.


Visit our official website https://osmows.com/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Osmows Healthy?
Osmows is not overall healthy as it uses many sauces in its items. The sauces are spicy and not healthy for the body.
What Is Osmow's Franchise Cost?
Osmows has franchises with a total investment range of $100,000 - $250,000.
What Are Osmow's Chicken On The Rocks Calories?
Osmow's chicken on the Rocks calories for a single serving is: 90 grams total carbs, 90 grams net carbs, 32 grams fat, 42 grams protein, and 745 calories.
What Is Osmow's Poutine Price?
The poutine at Osmows will cost you around $9.03.

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