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A&W Menu And Prices Ottawa

A&W doesn’t need any introduction. The brand says for itself. If you are looking for someplace nice to eat then this is your go-to place. There are lots of other contributing factors which will force you to choose A&W as your eating spot.

More About A&W Ottawa

A&W thought that why the people of Ottawa should be deprived of the amazing food served here. For this reason, a franchise was opened in Ottawa and people loved this initiative. If you are thinking that there has been any reduction in the A&W menu of Ottawa then you might be wrong here. Even the Ottawa branch has all the items that people ask for when they come to visit A&W.

A&W Menu Price Ottawa

It is now time to finally reveal the menu of A&W Ottawa because we know that this is what you have been waiting for. The whole menu is divided into different sections so don’t worry regarding the confusions. Each and everything is presented in an extremely understandable way. Keep reading to find out more!

A&W Coffee Price

The A & W Ottawa menu is liked by people because it provides them with a serving of coffee. You can order either a Mocha or Latte, the choice is yours. Moreover, if you are wondering about the price then it is the same i.e. $3.29.

What Is The Mama Burger Combo Price?

In combos, the mama burger combo is the most famous. People ask about its price whenever they hear its name. For your ease, we have written down all the combos in a separate section so it becomes easier for you to sort out. However, the price of the mama burger combo is $11.99.

Chicken Combos

The name of this section is self-explanatory. You can get chicken combos in the form of burgers, strips and wraps as well. However, the crispy chicken wraps of Subway are still loved by people the most. A&W restaurant menu has added other additional items as well to make their menu different from the rest.

Does A&W Have All Day Breakfast?

Yes, A&W do serve all day breakfast. If you are a breakfast lover then you can simply order from this section. Moreover, there are further two categories here. You can either go for the combo options or the individual ones. It is totally your preference.

Individual options

Combo options

What Is Uncle Burger A&W Price?

If you go through Arby’s sandwich menu then you would literally have water in your mouth. The tempting names of the menu items are enough to make customers fall in love with the menu. Well, the A & W menu of Ottawa does the same for its customers. Mama Burger is famous in the combos section while the uncle burger (individual) is famous here. Its price is about $10.99.

A&W Ottawa Burger Price:

A&W Ottawa Poutine Price

A&W restaurant menu with prices includes poutine as one of its top-selling items. People love to order this item along with other eatables. You can even say that poutine and family burgers are responsible for making this restaurant a successful one. If you are a poutine lover then do try the poutine served at Montana’s.

A&W Ottawa Drinks

Double the experience of your meal by ordering a cold or hot beverage. There are abundant options here like coke, orange juice, iced tea and even lemonade.

A&W Ottawa Kid’s Packs

This section is totally reserved for the little customers of A&W. They get to enjoy their own meal through this menu section.

A&W Ottawa Condiments

Complement your meal with dips and sauces. This is the only branch of A&W that has a separate section reserved for sauces and dips. Do try them out.

The most popular items at A&W Ottawa are:

A&W Ottawa Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for A&W Ottawa, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Kettleman’s Bagel Co

Kettleman is famous for its bagels but it also serves high quality burgers and sandwiches.

  • Big Rig Kitchen And Brewery

If you are willing to invest in pub-style food then Big Rig should be on your bucket list.

OPA! Offers a wide range of variety with exceptional taste. You would want to come and visit this place again and again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Buddy Burger Price?
The price of buddy burger is about $3.49.
What Is A&W Frozen Root Beer Price?
A frozen root beer at A&W is served for $2.19.
Does A&W In Ottawa Serve Veggie Burgers?
No, there is no veggie burger included in the menu of A&W Ottawa.
What Is The Most Famous Item Of A&W Ottawa?
Poutine is the most famous item of A&W Ottawa.

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