A&W Menu And Prices In Toronto – April 2024 Updated


A&W Menu And Prices In Toronto

Today, we have another amazing spot to discuss with you i.e. A&W restaurant in Toronto. For starters, just know that this restaurant has an abundance of branches in all over Canada including Toronto. So we will be specifically targeting the Toronto branch.

About A&W Toronto

The most frustrating thing is to decide where to eat from. People waste their time in deciding about the restaurant but end up with no concrete answer. Luckily, if you are living in Toronto then you don’t have to think any further. Just visit A&W and order your favourite food. It is famous for its serving of burgers, fries, milkshakes and other products. The good news is that A&W has managed to maintain its status to be a successful restaurant.

My Choices At A&W Toronto

Well, A&W price menu has abundant of items waiting for you. These mouth-watering and tempting items have a great juicy taste. It is hard to resist them. We will come to the A&W restaurant menu prices in the next section so stay tuned!

Choosing among various items can be stressful but at the same time having a variety of options is good if you want to try something new. We know that you are now curious regarding the A&W restaurant menu, so we won’t make you wait more.

A&W Menu Price Canada

Finally! It is now time to reveal A&W restaurant menu with prices. We will go like this: First we will discuss burgers along with their combos, then we will focus on the breakfast menu, after that individual items will be focused and at last sides, drinks and most popular items will be discussed.

A&W Burger Prices Canada

Burgers are everyone’s favourite, aren’t they? Most people tend to visit Burger King to satisfy their burger cravings. But let me tell you this that A&W also offers some great burger options which are truly worth it.

The famous mama burger, papa burger, grandpa burger etc. are included in this category. Many people are curious about the mama burger combo price. Well, now there is no need to look any further as this section has it all. The price for this combo is $11.18. Affordable, right?

Chicken Combos

In this section, the most famous menu item is chubby chicken burger. People literally ask about it every time they hear the name of A&W. There are other famous combos as well like BLT chicken burger combo, chicken wraps combo, chicken strips combo etc. Order whichever one you want!

A&W Breakfast Menu Prices

The breakfast menu of Starbucks is much vaster than anywhere else. However, A&W is trying its best to keep up with this heavy breakfast competition by offering its own menu items. You can enjoy the All Day Breakfast served at A&W as much as you like. There is muffin, sausage, egger combo and wraps available.

All Day Breakfast Combos

A&W Breakfast Prices – All Day Breakfast

The same menu items that are available in combos are also served as individual items. It is up to you whether you want to order individual items or go for the combo options.

Individual Items

If you are not in a mood to order something heavy then go for simple individual items. The prices for these items are generally less than the combo options. The most expensive item in this section is Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger having a cost of $10.09.


A&W onion rings price is what makes this section special. There are 5 menu items available in this section and everything is worth trying. You need to try them at your earliest.


A&W root beer is the specialty of this cool spot. You can even get the diet version of this drink if you don’t prefer the normal one. Other than this, you can order chocolate milk, regular milk or iced tea as well.

Kids Pack

Mary Brown’s kid’s meal has drumsticks as one of its superior items. As for A&W, the superior items are chicken buddy burger, chicken strips and baby burger.

The most popular items at A&W Toronto are:

A&W Toronto Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for A&W Toronto, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Fat Burger

Fat burger is famous for its burgers and milkshakes serving all over Canada.

  • Johnny Rockets

If you want to visit a restaurant with a retro-styled theme then do visit Johnny Rockets to enjoy classic burgers and shakes.

This restaurant is famous for its freshly used ingredients and hand-cut fries. Moreover, you can also order burgers and sandwiches from here.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.


Visit our official website https://web.aw.ca/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mama Burger A&W Price?
The price of a mama burger at A&W is $6.29.
What Is Uncle Burger A&W Price?
Uncle Burger A&W price is $10.09.
What Is Chicken Buddy Burger Price?
Chicken buddy burger combo price is $7.88.
What Is A&W Frozen Root Beer Price?
A regular A&W root beer has a price tag of $2.29.
What Is A&W Veggie Burger Price?
$6.99 is the price of a veggie burger at A&W.

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