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Pizza Pizza Canada

Another day, another restaurant to discuss. Have you ever thought about the number of restaurants present in Canada? Well, there is a reason why Canada is called the centre of fast-food chain. Moreover, you will lose count when you start counting the number of restaurants here.

Out of many restaurants, today we will be discussing Pizza Pizza place. The name is quite evident as from reading it we get to know about the kind of dishes it may serve to its customers. To top it all, pizza is the one dish that comes into everyone’s mind.

Pizza Pizza Price Menu

Getting to know about the place is not enough. There are many other things to consider including its menu, the prices as well as location. Don’t worry, as we will be covering every single aspect in this article. If you too want to know about pizza price Canada then I would suggest you to keep following the article till the end.

Don’t misunderstand that Pizza Pizza Canada menu only serves pizzas. In fact, there are lots of other options too which are included in its menu. Starting from the popular combos which offer a deal of two or more menu items. If you are into pizza then go for that deal otherwise you can get yourself a chicken wings deal too.

Create Your Own

Believe it or not but this section has to be your favourite. If you have visited Papa John’s then you must be familiar with this section as it is offered there as well. The menu for Pizza Pizza is different yet similar to other pizza places in Canada. But only a few dishes which are almost the same in every pizza place are the same here as well.

Meat Favourites

Nothing could compete with the flavour of Ultimate Pepperoni served at Domino’s. Is it true? Well, it is hard to say when you have only tried a single pizza place. You would disagree with this statement if you ever got a chance to eat at Pizza Pizza Canada.

Veggie Favourites

Pizza Pizza price list has a whole section dedicated for vegetable lovers. The options are not at all limited in fact they are at the competition of non-veg items. This section includes creamy garlic, garden veggie and Mediterranean Vegetarian options.

Gourmet Thins

Pizza Pizza menu has a variety of Gourmet Thins as well. It includes Pesto Amore, Chicken Bruschetta, Prosciutto and Arugula and Chili Chicken Thai. Order whichever one you like.

Alternative Crusts

Ordering pizza is fun, but it gets better when you have the option for ordering alternative crusts just like you do in Pizza Hotline. The crusts include Gluten free crust, Pepperoni crust, Pesto Margherita and Cauliflower crust etc.


The chicken section is the most interesting one to discuss. It has all items ranging from chicken wings, popcorn chicken, chicken sandwiches, and chicken bites (regular as well as gluten-free). You can either enjoy the items individually or with family.

Plant Based

The plant based section mostly includes sandwiches and bites. The prices may vary according to the item you order.


Unlike Panago, Pizza Pizza offers only one option in its salad menu which is Caesar salad having a price of $7.79.


This section is unique because it is not something that every restaurant serves. Pizza Pizza stands out from the rest due to such unique items. The most expensive Panzerotti has a price tag of $10.59.

Bread Items

If you want to order bread separately then you have the following options like Garlic bread, Garlic bread with cheese and Half Moon cheesy bread.


Well, the drinks section gets bigger as we discuss. It includes iced-tea, fresh juices, chocolate milk and last but not the least Nestea.

Famous Dips

Unfortunately, there is only a single famous dip that is served at Pizza Pizza which costs around $1.35.

Sweet Treats

Do you have a sweet-tooth? If yes, then you can explore this section with full heart. Order your favourite fudge brownie, chocolate chip cookie and other similar items.

Apps And Sides

Lots of options are present in this section. You will literally be amazed by looking at the options in the sides menu. The quality and quantity of every side option is remarkable.

Most popular items served at Pizza Pizza Canada are as follows:

Pizza Pizza Locations

Pizza Pizza is operational in the following areas:

  •       Ontario
  •       Quebec
  •       Manitoba
  •       Saskatchewan
  •       Nova Scotia
  •       New Brunswick
  •       Alberta
  •       British Columbia
  •       Yukon
  •       Prince Edward Island

Pizza Pizza Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Pizza Pizza, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Pizza Nova

Pizza Nova is an Italian place that offers a variety of dishes such as pizzas, panzerottis, pasta etc.

  • Gino’s Pizza

An Ontario-based pizza place that has a unique variety of pizza options along with sides.

Papa John’s pizza believes in the slogan “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”. They don’t only believe in this slogan but actually follow it due to which they serve top-notch quality pizzas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Small Pizza Price At Pizza Pizza?
You will be able to enjoy a small pizza at Pizza Pizza for just $8.49.
What Is Pizza Pizza’s Large Pizza Price?
A large pizza costs around $13.59 at Pizza Pizza.
What Is Pizza Pizza’s Medium Pizza Price?
Get ready to pay a bill of $10.49 in order to enjoy a medium pizza.
What Is The Party Size Pizza Price At Pizza Pizza?
The most expensive of all, a party size pizza costs a total bill of $16.79.

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