Moxies Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Moxies Menu And Prices In Canada

Moxie is another famous restaurant that is available in Canada. It is a complete grill and bar restaurant that offers a great range of wine and other similar drinks. Moxie grill menu has over 160 items included so the user has enough options to choose from. Trust me, you will have a great time here!

Moxies Menu And Prices

The first category of the Moxie bar and grill menu is the summer feature. It has a total of 6 menu items and each one of them costs according to their own customer-value. You will get a variety of salads, pie and tacos here.

Summer Feature Menu

Meal Bundles

If you are looking for meal bundles in the moxie bar and grill menu then you will surely find this section. Unfortunately, there are only 3 items but every one of them is worth-it. You don’t want to miss these delicious items at any cost.

Vegetarian And Plant Based

Moxie restaurant menu has an individual section for its vegetarian customers. It mostly includes guacamole, tacos and vegetarian power bowls. If you are a vegan then you can order whichever one option you want.


For appetizers, you can order from the following menu items. If you are in a mood for sushi or calamari, this section has got you covered. Moreover, ribs, wings and nachos are also served here.


Cora’s egg salad is the one thing missing from the salad section of Moxies. Other than this, you will get three salad options which include Caesar salad, Avocado and Bacon salad and Chimichurri steak salad.


Being a steak lover is difficult especially if your cravings are not satisfied properly. But Moxies solve this problem for you. It offers delicious and top-notch quality steaks to you. The most famous among all the options is Sirloin steak.


Lemon basil salmon, Chipotle mango chicken and baby back ribs are the main entries of this category. However, the items are a little expensive but the taste is great!

Pastas And Bowls

You must have heard of Tuna Poke Bowl served at Moxies. Well, this is the section where that famous item is found. Along with this, there are pastas as well which you can enjoy fully and completely.


The handhelds section mostly includes burgers and tacos. Burgers have both types of variety i.e. meat and chicken. Moreover, cheeseburgers, tacos and tenders play the role of cherry on the top as they complete this whole section.

Kids Menu

Don’t think that your kids will be left behind by Moxies. It takes care of your kids by offering 6 different menu items in the kids section.


You will be able to enjoy brownie, pie and famous cheesecake from the Moxie’s dessert menu. People usually complain regarding the taste of cheesecake because making a tasty cheesecake is not everyone’s game. But Moxie wins here as well and offers a great experience to the customers.

Bubbles And Rose

The drinking section of the restaurant starts from here. The first in the category is bubbles and rose. Then we have white wine, red wine, ciders and at last non-alcoholic items.

White Wine

The variety in this section is less as compared to the variety in the Red Wine section. A total of 8 drinking items are available here.

Red Wine

Every famous red-wine option will be presented to you in this section. This section includes a total of 13 items in the menu.

Bottled Spirits



The above mentioned products are labelled as alcoholic but this section deals with non-alcoholic items. It includes pop and water mostly.

Moxies Market

Whether it is Nacho DIY kit, Caesar DIY kit or any other one, you will be able to get your hands on every possible option in this section.

The most popular items that you will come across at Moxies are:

Moxies Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Moxies Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

Keg is famous for its large variety of wines and beers. It has all kinds of wines including red wine as well as white wine.

  • Joey Restaurant

If you want to enjoy countless delicious sandwiches and sushi then Joey restaurant is the right place to visit!

  • Milestones Grill + Bar

Looking for a casual dining option? Milestones grill + bar will offer you everything you need. The menu includes steaks, pastas and sea-food.

About Moxies Canada

There isn’t a single dish out there that you wouldn’t be able to find at Moxies. It has everything you are looking for. Moreover, it has a wide variety of bar drinks including red wine, white wine, ciders etc.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.

+1 647-748-7172

Visit our official website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Moxies Poke Bowl?
Moxies tuna poke bowl costs around $29. You will love the taste of this dish because it is one of the famous dishes of Moxies.
Is Loaded Cheeseburger Available At Moxies?
Yes, you will get a complete meal including a loaded cheeseburger and fries in just $31.50.
What Is A Blackened Chicken Burger At Moxies?
Moxie's blackened chicken burger is made up of crisp bacon. The mixture of cheddar cheese and roasted garlic mayo is applied on the buns. At last, the burger is complemented by lettuce and tomato.

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