Chatime Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated


Chatime Menu And Prices In Canada

If you are looking for the best bubble tea to drink then you have to visit Chatime no matter what. It has a wide range of variety when it comes to tea. At first, many people were confused about Chatime boba but as they explored this spot they started getting to know what amazing drinks they can get from here.

Chatime Menu And Prices

In this section, we will be explicitly discussing the Chatime menu prices so it becomes easy for you to decide from the giant menu. Initially, Chatime was not available in Canada. It became famous in other areas and soon after its popularity it was launched in Canada as well.

Brown Sugar

The first type of tea to talk about in the Chatime menu Canada is brown sugar. It is just like regular tea but instead of white sugar it includes brown sugar. Brown sugar milk tea at Chatime contributes to most of the sales.

Milk Tea

Chatime milk tea is another amazing category to explore. If you are a milk tea lover then you will definitely love this section. There are a total of 9 drinks including roasted milk tea, Thai coffee milk tea, Jasmine Green tea etc. The most popular item of this section is Chatime’s Pearl milk tea. It costs around $6.5.

Fruit Tea

Another famous item of the Chatime hot drinks section is fruit tea. You will get tea in almost every fruit flavour. People personally go with mango green tea or lemon green tea. But when you have so many options to choose from then it becomes a must to try on other flavours too.

Fresh Tea

The last in this section is fresh tea. Unfortunately, it is not as vast as other categories but the three options which are available are worth-trying. Take our advice and try these tea options at your earliest.


Unfortunately, Sichuan Spicy Wonton is the only snack option that you will be able to get your hands on. It will cost you around $9.99.


In the mood for a frosted chiller? Well, Chatime has you covered! The slushies or smoothies offered here have a great taste. You will get to try new and different flavours every time you order something. The prices are economical as well. The most expensive item in this section has a price tag of $7.7.

QQ Jelly

QQ Jelly at Chatime is Pearl + Coconut Jelly. It is called QQ because the Chinese people find it difficult to pronounce “Chewy Chewy”. These jellies are available to be added on your drinks. A total of 7 options are available so you can grab whichever one you want.

Refreshing Juice

So do you have no clue what to order in this scorching sun? Chatime offers you 6 different refreshing juices to enjoy. They cost between 6 – 7 dollars.

Winter Melon

You will be amazed to know that winter melon combines with dew, fresh milk, lemon juice and mousse to prepare a whole section for the Chatime menu. Out of 4, two of them cost $6.2 while the other two cost $6.8.


Iced tea served at Denny’s is one famous drink but the Chatime latte is even more popular among people. Reason being, people usually prefer hot drinks instead of cold ones due to weather demands.


Black tea mousse, chocolate mousse, green tea mousse or matcha mousse; everything is just one order away!

The most popular items that you will come across at Chatime are:

Chatime Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Chatime Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

Starbucks needs no introduction, it is well-known for its wide range of coffee including other drinks as well. 

  • Boba Boy

Famous for its high-quality ingredients and a wide variety of bubble tea, Boba Boy is your go-to place!

  • Kung Fu Tea

After getting enough popularity, Kung Fu tea is now available in Canada as well. It offers yummy bubble tea to its customers.

Chatime Topping:

The following toppings are offered by Chatime.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Brown Sugar Pearls
  • Coconut Jelly
  • Crystal Boba
  • QQ
  • Rainbow Jelly
  • Sea Salt Crema

About Chatime Canada

Chatime Canada specifically deals with drinks. Not just regular drinks but drinks like bubble tea, juices, latte etc. If you really want to go for something worth-spending on then Chatime is your go-to place!

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.

+64 7-340 8406

Visit our official website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Bubble Tea Price At Chatime Canada?
The price of bubble tea at Chatime Canada is $6.3.
What Is QQ Bubble Tea?
Bubble tea got its name from the bubbles which are produced after shaking it. Whereas, QQ jelly is the topping of pearl and coconut jelly that enhances the taste of the bubble tea.
Which Is The Best Chatime Drink?
Pearl milk tea is considered to be the best Chatime drink.
Why Is Bubble Tea So Expensive?
Everything increases its price when the demand for it is high. Same is the case with bubble tea. People love it and are willing to pay more for it due to which they are overpriced.
What Is The Concept Of A Chatime Birthday Drink In Canada?
The concept is simple, if you visit Chatime on your birthday then you will get a free drink.
How Much Is Chatime Brown Sugar Milk Tea?
Chatime brown sugar milk tea has a price tag of $7.2.

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