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Booster Juice Menu And Prices In Canada

It would sound unusual but there are many people who are interested in the drinking menu more. They usually think about those yummy smoothies and fresh juices. Unfortunately, there are a few restaurants in Canada who hold specialty in this domain. Booster Juice has a special mention in those few restaurants who actually serve top-quality drinks. Today we will be taking a ride to discuss Booster juice pricing along with its menu.

Booster Juice Combos

Who doesn’t like combos? I mean they offer you more items and that too at a reasonable price. Booster Juice does the same for its customers by offering different combo options. The combos usually have boosters and smoothie options available because that is what Booster Juice holds specialty in.

Booster Juice Classic Smoothies

The Booster Juice menu includes another impressive section of classic smoothies. As the name suggests, in this section you will come across smoothies which are no different than the regular ones including Banana smoothie, Mango smoothie along with other similar options. One thing which you might miss here is the chocolate shake served at Harvey’s.

Booster Juice Spirit Smoothies

Now comes a variety of different smoothies that you might not have heard before. Luckily, these Juice Spirit smoothies come in two sizes; regular and snack size. So if you are thinking of trying various options then you can choose the cup size according to that.

Booster Juice Refresh Smoothies

Booster Juice has taught us this thing that smoothies are not meant for enjoyment only but you can also have a refreshing experience with them just like you have with the brisk iced-tea served at Jollibee. Spinach or Kale smoothies are some of the famous ones among the list.

Booster Juice High Protein Smoothies

If you are a gym freak then you can visit this section of Booster Juice Canada. All the popular high-protein smoothies are made available to you here. Pick your favorite one and enjoy the taste of heaven.

Booster Juice Superfood Smoothies

Superfood smoothies are meant to keep you healthy by providing a sufficient amount of calories. Doesn’t matter which option you go for, in the end you will be the one to receive benefit by getting your daily protein intake.

Booster Juice Superfood+ Smoothies

Superfood+ smoothies can be considered as an extended version of superfood as it provides more protein. If you have tried the famous lemon sparkling fruit beverage at Chipotle then you must know how it feels to drink something heavenly like this.

Booster Juice Smoothies Feature

In Booster Juice menu prices you will come across watermelon explosion smoothies. It is served in two sizes; regular and snack so it is up to you whichever one you opt for.

Booster Juice Fresh Juice

Luckily, you will get unique and more flavors of fresh juices when visiting Booster Juice. The best thing to discuss here is that no matter which juice you choose, you will be charged the same for every option you pick.

Booster Juice Grilled Fresh

Many of you would be thinking of quesadilla served at Chipotle and wraps served at Osmows. But what if you were to get both the items at a single restaurant, amazing isn’t it? Booster Juice has made it possible by serving both the items in a single section.

Booster Juice Grilled Fresh Breakfast

Egg White and Chorizo wrap is the only option you will have in the grilled breakfast section. Try new things and recommend others to do the same!

Booster Juice Specialty Items

The specialty menu of Booster Juice mostly includes shots options like lemon and ginger shot, lemon, ginger, turmeric and coconut shot. So if you are interested in such types of items then go ahead and try them!

Booster Juice Secret Menu

You will be amazed to know that Booster Juice has a secret menu as well. It has a total of 7 items and each one of them costs the same. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite one now!

Booster Juice Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Booster Juice, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Jugo Juice

Jugo juice is a famous place to visit especially if you want to try yummy smoothies and juices along with delicious wraps and salads.

Another famous drinking spot that offers all kinds of teas, smoothies, juices and coffees is Chatime. You will love it here if you are really into trying different kinds of drinks.

  • Greenhouse Juice Co.

A popular Canadian chain that serves cold-pressed juices, healthy snacks and yummy smoothies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Price Of Mango Hurricane At Booster Juice?
Mango Hurricane is served in two different sizes. The regular size costs $8.69 while the snack size costs $5.98.
Which Is The Healthiest Booster Juice?
If you are looking for the healthiest Booster Juice then find one without added sugar and prepared with fresh vegetables such as Kale or Hail.
Which Ingredients Are Used For Preparing Pineapple Freeze At Booster Juice?
Pineapple freeze is a smoothie that is prepared using bananas, strawberries, pineapples and vanilla frozen yogurt.
What Is Very Berry At Booster Juice?
Very Berry is a delicious smoothie served at Booster Juice. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is prepared with raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and yogurt.
How Many Cup Sizes Are Available At Booster Juice?
There are three Booster Juice cup sizes available.Snack Size (355ml), Regular Size (710ml), Juice Size (480ml)
List The Ingredients Used For Making Ocean Mist Smoothie At Booster Juice.
Ocean Mist is a smoothie that is prepared using strawberries, bananas, passion fruit, mango, guava and collagen.
Is Booster Juice Gluten-free?
The drinks served at Booster Juice might not be gluten free as they contain traces of gluten. But it is 100% sure that they don’t use gluten as an ingredient in their drinks.
Does Booster Juice Do Free Birthday Drinks?
Birthdays at Booster Juice are usually celebrated by following the right procedure. You need to sign-up before 7 days of your birthday and include your birthdate in the profile. By doing this you will receive a free regular sized smoothie from the Classics category.
How Many Booster Juice Flavors Are There?
The fresh juices served at Booster Juice have a total of 10 flavors for the customers to experience.

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