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Mr Puffs Menu Prices Canada

Mr Puffs, as the name indicates, specializes in serving puffs. Now what exactly are puffs? Well, instead of puffs you can call them donuts. Yes, you heard it right! Now you can order Mr Puff’s donuts of your choice. The menu here at Mr Puffs is not at all boring, in fact it includes many exciting things like flavours, toppings, syringes etc.

Mr Puff Menu Price

You must be waiting for Mr Puffs menu prices, don’t worry about this at all as we will be guiding you through each and every section individually. The whole menu has been divided into individual sections so it becomes easier while ordering.


Starting from Mr Puffs prices, if you want to order a single puff then it wouldn’t be possible because they either come in bouquet, platter or box. Each one of them costs different, however it is totally up to your needs and requirements which option you go for.

Artisanal Hot Chocolates

Mr Puff Canada has another amazing section with the name Artisanal Hot Chocolates. These are actually hot chocolate drinks available in different flavours. The hot chocolate served at Ikea is different from this in many aspects. First of all, more flavours are offered at Mr Puffs and secondly the prices vary at these two places.

Hot Beverages

Hot beverages available at Mr Puffs are similar to the hot beverages served at Tim Hortons Toronto. The options include cappuccino, regular coffee, latte, mocha latte and Americano etc. However, the coffee box is the most expensive one costing around $22.

Cold Beverages

The menu does get better when you explore the cold beverages section. Chatime is famous for its iced teas but Mr Puffs is famous for its whole menu. You wouldn’t be offered a large variety of soda in any other restaurant.


Personally, people of Canada love shakes and when the menu is this much vast then the cravings get heightened as well. People usually prefer milkshakes with a touch of chocolate in it but there are other options available as well like blueberry, vanilla and strawberry which are worth trying.

Mr Puffs Tornadoes

Now comes the tornadoes. Mr Puffs, along with its puffs, is famous for tornadoes as well. They are different from milkshakes and artisanal drinks. If you are looking to try something different then this might be a good pick for you.

Mount Olympus

OPA of Greece serves Olympus bowls and people love to order these. Mr Puffs is not behind in following this trend. You can order the famous mount Olympus in two choices i.e. either with English cream or with Greek Yogurt.


Even the extras section has 10 items included in it. You can always go for your favourite pick and that too at a reasonable price. Syringe and English cream costs around $3 but the rest of them costs the same i.e. $2.

Mr Puffs Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Mr Puffs, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Omonia Bakery

Located in Toronto, Omonia Bakery specializes in serving Greek food items. A large variety of Greek desserts are being offered here.

  • Byblos Bakery

Byblos Bakery is located in Montreal. It focuses on serving Middle Eastern desserts such as pastries. Along with them it also serves items that are similar to loukoumades.

  • Presotea

Presotea serves everything that you would wish for if you have a sweet tooth. From coffees to fruit teas, you will literally get everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Mr Puffs Flavors Are There?
There are around 17 different flavours present in Mr Puff’s menu.
Which Flavour Is The Best At Mr Puffs?
Although every single flavour of Mr Puffs is worth a try but according to the audience the best flavour of all time is chocolate hazelnut.
What Are Mr Puffs Made Of?
The puffs at Mr Puffs are made of 3 simple ingredients which include cinnamon, flour and water (peanut-free).
How Many Mr Puffs Locations Are There In Canada?
There are 19 locations of Mr Puffs in Canada. Uber Eats have revealed that the most famous restaurant that receives major orders is none other than Mr Puffs.
What Is Mr Puff’s Cookies And Cream?
Cookies and cream is one of the artisanal drinks available at Mr Puffs. It costs around $6 in total.

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