McDonald’s Lunch Hours Canada – May 2024 Updated


McDonald’s Lunch Hours Canada

When it comes to quality and variety, McDonald’s Canada is the right choice for you! If you are a breakfast lover then you must be aware of the breakfast hours followed by McDonald’s. Many of you might not know but McDonald’s follows separate lunch and breakfast hours. They don’t mix up both the menus, in fact they have dedicated time slots for both.

McDonald’s Lunch Serving Hours

McDonald’s is mostly known for its lunch menu because most people prefer eating lunch outside. So it is important to know their breakfast as well as lunch hours. In this section, we will be discussing all the important information associated with McDonald’s Canada Lunch Hours.

Does McDonald’s Follow Lunch Hours On Weekends Too?

Yes! The lunch and breakfast hours are specified and followed throughout the week which includes weekends as well. This happens so people don’t get confused in remembering the different time slots for weekends and weekdays. However, a slight edge is given to the customers on weekends by starting the lunch menu half an hour late i.e. 11:00 AM.


Some franchises might follow the same lunch hours throughout the week including weekends as well while some of them might follow 10:30 AM – midnight schedule from Monday-Friday and 11:00 AM – midnight schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

Lunch Items Served At McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s serves a wide variety of lunch items including:

  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Nuggets
  • Chicken
  • Happy Meals
  • Beverages
  • Family Deals

McDonald’s Canada Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for McDonald’s Canada, then do try the following restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is McDonald’s Breakfast Served Until 11:00?
Yes, McDonald’s serves breakfast until 11:00 AM. After this time, it starts serving its lunch menu which includes all the lunch items like burgers, nuggets, chicken etc.
Do All McDonald’s Serve Breakfast Till 11:00?
Yes, all McDonald’s branches start serving breakfast at 6:00 AM and end the serving at 11:00 AM exactly.
Is McDonald’s Breakfast Till 10:30 Or 11:00?
You can enjoy your favorite breakfast item from McDonald’s menu from 6:00 AM to between 10:30 – 11:00 AM. But don’t expect any breakfast after 11:00 AM because that is the time for their lunch menu.
Why Did McDonald’s Stop All Day Breakfast?
At the start of the pandemic, McDonald’s faced reduced staffing and reduced dine-in traffic. After this a decision was taken to end the famous all-day breakfast to provide better speed of service.
How Early Does McDonald’s Start Breakfast?
All McDonald’s stores start opening at 5:00 AM which is also the time for their breakfast menu.

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