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McDonald’s Menu With Prices Montreal

If you are a regular traveller then you must miss your favourite eating spots when visiting any other place. If we talk specifically about McDonald’s, how would you feel about it? Well, it is not a secret to hide that McDonald’s is one of the favourite restaurants of people. They pay a visit here once a week.

But the good news is you don’t have to miss this place anymore. Reason being, you will get its franchise wherever you go. Let it be Canada or Montreal, McDonald’s is present everywhere! If you are concerned about the menu then don’t worry because there isn’t much difference here.

McDonald’s Menu With Prices Canada

Now it is time for us to dive into the details of McDonald’s menu Canada prices. The first thing that you will come across is a section named “Feasts to share”. The name says it all, whenever you want to share your meal with your friends or family, consider ordering from this section.

Trios sandwichs au bœuf

If you are a beef lover then this section is for you. If you look closely at the McDonald’s prices Canada menu then you will find a section under the title “Three Beef Sandwiches”. The famous Big Mac, Grand Big Mac, Double Big Mac along with other options are offered in this menu section.

Poulet et poisson

Not a meat lover? Don’t worry, you can order from the below section. It contains all the chicken and fish related items. You can make a choice among them and get hands on your favourite item.

Déjeuner toute la journée

Visiting McDonald’s for lunch? Well, that’s a great idea. You will get lots of variety here as well. A total of 12 items are offered in this section, so are you ready to order your favourite one?

Joyeux festin

This happy meal section is for our junior fans. We take care of our customers no matter what. McDonald’s is popular among children as well, they like Happy Meals the most. They also have a free-hand to order whatever they want from this vast menu option chart.

Boissons chaudes

Then we have hot drinks. If you want to get familiar with its cost then consider Canada McDonald’s price chart. The option to order your drink with milk or without milk is also present, make sure to choose a drink according to your taste.

Boissons froides

After hot drinks, now is the turn to enjoy some cold drinks. One thing that should be noticed is that cold drinks are less expensive than hot drinks. Cold drinks have a variety of smoothies, diet cokes, canned drinks etc.


If you are specifically looking for pastries then jump on to this section of the menu without any question. You will get confused while ordering your favourite item because there are lots of them.


A separate section for desserts is also included. You will get to decide from a menu of 12 items, that’s huge!

Collations et à-côtés

You must have been waiting for snacks and sides right? Well, here it is. We hope it was worth your wait.


The condiments section mostly includes different sauce options. You can see that not even a single item has a price tag of above $1.

Articles individuels

If you are in a mood to order individual items then here is the menu for you. Make sure you don’t waste your money by ordering something that you don’t want to eat.

McDonald’s Montreal Alternatives

McDonald’s Montreal alternatives are as follows:

The best Café Moka is served at Tim Hortons. If you are a fan then make sure to pay a visit.

The most famous item of Burger King is Nashville Hot Chicken, if you get a chance to visit this restaurant then do give them a try.

About McDonald’s Montreal

McDonald’s is your favourite right? If you live in Montreal then don’t worry about the fact that McDonald’s is present here or not. Of course it is! If you haven’t visited it yet then now is the right time. The menu is almost the same as McDonald’s Canada so you wouldn’t feel any difference here as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is McDonald’s Cheeseburger Price?
The cheeseburger at McDonald’s has a price tag of $1.89.
How Much Is A Large Fries At McDonald’s?
McDonald’s large fries price is $3.29.
How Much Is A Happy Meal In Canada?
McDonald’s happy meal price in Canada is $4.59.
What Are The Operating Hours Of McDonald’s Montreal?
You will be amazed to know that McDonald’s restaurants in Montreal are open 24/7. You can place your order whenever you want.

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