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Best Popeyes Sauces Canada

After exploring the whole menu of Popeyes Canada, now is the time to explore the best sauces at Popeyes. You will be thrilled to know about the sauce range present here. Doesn’t matter whether you order fries or tenders, the sauces go with literally everything!

Popeyes Dipping Sauces

Dipping sauces at Popeyes are huge in number. Well, this whole theory began with the question: “How are Popeyes sauces ranked?” In simpler words, this question directly asks about the best sauces that are served at Popeyes. So without any further ado, let us find the answer to this question, shall we?

Best Popeye Sauces

Following are the best sauces served at Popeyes Canada.

1- Creole Cocktail Sauce

A cocktail sauce with horseradish and tomato flavor, is this what you are imagining? Well, then you must order Popeyes cocktail sauce i.e. Creole Cocktail Sauce. It can also be considered as the alternative to Tartar sauce. However, this cocktail sauce pairs up decently only with fish or shrimp.

2- Tartar Sauce

If I were to give a description regarding the famous Tartar Sauce then I would say it has a thick and creamy texture and the taste is highlighted by using dill relish prepared using cucumbers and pickles. It too goes with the shrimp meal but you can also pair it up with chicken tenders or Cajun fries.

3- BoldBQ Sauce

Be ready to get a little disappointed if you really think that the BoldBQ sauce is as spicy as it sounds. Of course, if you want to pair this sauce with your chicken then it will do it. However, if you have high expectations regarding this sauce then I am afraid you need to know more about this. It has vinegar as its most prominent flavor and is extra sweet as compared to other spicy BBQ sauces. The good thing is it does have that tangy and smoky flavor but it cannot be labeled as “bold”.

4- Buttermilk Ranch Sauce

Buttermilk Ranch Sauce is no different than the regular ranch sauce except the fact that it has a buttermilk base whereas the regular one has a sour cream base. It has a creamy and tangy texture. The garlic and herbal flavor of this sauce can completely complement many items present on the menu.

5- Bayou Buffalo Sauce

Bayou Buffalo Sauce, as the name indicates, is a mixture of two flavors; the regular Buffalo sauce and Louisiana style hot sauce. This sauce is prepared from red cayenne peppers and Cajun spices. If you are into thin sauces then consider Bayou Buffalo at all cost as its texture is thinner compared to the rest of the sauces. It is also considered as one of the Popeyes chicken sauces. The taste of tangy vinegar makes it a great pair to go with chicken tenders and nuggets.

6- Wild Honey Mustard Sauce

One of the most loved sauces of Popeyes is Wild Honey Mustard sauce. It has a strong vinegar flavor but as you start feeling it, the honey kicks in and makes it sweeter. It also has a zesty mustard taste overall to be concise. You can always pair it with nuggets and chicken tenders.

7- Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce

Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce has a taste that is not for everyone. But if you are a horseradish mustard fan then of course you will love this sauce. As the name suggests, the prominent flavor is of Mustard. It is further complemented with a mix of spices and horseradish to create a more amazing flavor. Put this sauce on your nuggets, chicken tenders and even popcorn shrimp.

8- Sweet Heat Sauce

True to its name, Sweet Heat Sauce served at Popeyes really has sweet and spicy flavors. If you are a fan of sweet chili sauce then this sauce is definitely for you! It is not so thick when we examine its texture but it will still go with your chicken tenders and nuggets. You will become a fan after eating this.

9- Blackened Ranch Sauce

The best sauce served at Popeyes is the Blackened Ranch Sauce. There are no pros and cons of it as it is absolutely and completely delicious!

Blackened Ranch vs Buttermilk Ranch

The blackened ranch sauce contains ranch that is made with sour cream and mayonnaise. It is then combined with onion, black pepper, garlic, white pepper and blackening seasoning. However, in buttermilk ranch the Greek yogurt replaces mayonnaise.

Popeyes Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Popeye, then do try the following restaurants.

Chick-Fil-A doesn’t have many franchises in Canada as compared to the US but it does serve chicken nuggets and sandwiches in the present outlets.

Well, who doesn’t know about KFC right? If you want to experience the tastiest chicken then of course KFC is the right spot for you!

  • Nando’s

Nando’s serves Portuguese style flame grilled chicken that is served with peri-peri sauce. If you are looking for something different then do visit Nando’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are Popeyes Nugget Sauces?
Popeyes nugget sauces are as follows:Bayou Buffalo, BoldBQ, Blackened Ranch, Buttermilk Ranch, Wild Honey Mustard, Sweet Heat.
Which Are Popeyes Tenders Sauces?
Popeyes tenders sauces are as follows:Honey, Wild Honey Mustard, Mardi Gras Mustard, Sweet Heat, Blackened Ranch.
Which Dipping Sauces Does Popeyes Have?
If you are wondering what sauce does Popeyes have then there are total 9 of them.Creole Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, BoldBQ sauce, Buttermilk Ranch Sauce, Bayou Buffalo Sauce, Wild Honey Mustard Sauce, Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce, Sweet Heat Sauce, Blackened Ranch Sauce.
Which Popeyes Sauces Are Served With Chicken Sandwiches?
The chicken sandwiches at Popeyes come with regular mayonnaise or kicked-up spicy mayonnaise.
Does Popeyes Have Honey Mustard?
Yes, Popeyes serve Wild Honey Mustard sauce to its customers.
Which Are Popeyes Signature Sauces?
Popeyes signature sauces include BBQ and Ranch.

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