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The Old Spaghetti Factory Toronto Menu

Like many other restaurants, Old Spaghetti Factory Toronto has also become the talk of the town. From its diverse menu to its high-quality products, everything is just commendable. Luckily, people living in Toronto can now order their favorite items from the Old Spaghetti Factory lunch menu. Today we will be talking about the spaghetti factory menu with prices so stay tuned!


Starting from appetizers, the old spaghetti factory has so much to offer to its customers. You can order your favorite item from the available 7 items. The maximum price that you will have to pay is $18.

Entrée Salads

Old Spaghetti Factory menu prices have a separate section dedicated to salads. There are three options available having a price tag between $17 and $22. Unfortunately, at Harvey’s you are allowed to order just a side salad and nothing else.

Signature Pastas

Signature pastas is another popular category at Old Spaghetti Factory. There are 8 different pasta options available for you to order from. You can pick your favorite flavor and order it right away!

Spaghetti Classics

Now comes spaghetti classics. The combinations of this item with other menu items are just mind-blowing. You can order your spaghetti with meat sauce, marinara sauce, meatballs, mushroom tarragon sauce and the famous mushroom sauce.

Oven Baked

Oven baked menu items include lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and manicotti. All these things are prepared in the oven and can be ordered from the menu.

From The Grill

Grill options only have steaks. New York steak can be ordered from this menu section having a price tag of $38. If you want to try more options then try Canadian steaks served at the Montana’s.

Alcohol Free Beverages

The beverages menu includes lots of categories and the first one to discuss is alcohol free beverages. This section has all types of drinks i.e. hot and cold. You can order a coffee, ice cream soda, chocolate milk and even iced teas from here.

Daily Specials

Daily specials include different drinks served throughout the weekend. The following chart shows the weekdays along with their respective drinks.

House Wine

The house wine section is divided into two major categories; red wine and white wine. They both are available in two sizes i.e. 175ml and 250ml.

Red Wine

Red wine served at the Keg is loved by people. That is why the old spaghetti factory has included red wine in its menu due to its popularity among people. All the wines are available in 3 different sizes.

White Wine

White wine, just like red wine, is liked by people so much. There is no discrimination when it comes to both the wines. People order according to their preferences.

Ciders And Coolers

Ciders and coolers section has only 1 option i.e. Strongbow original cider which costs around $8.5.

Beer On Tap

Now comes the beer options. You can order beer if you want to try something other than wine. The beer is served according to oz. There are three sizes which you can consider before ordering from the menu. Moreover, you can also consider ordering from the bottled beer section.

Bottled Beer

The bottled beer section includes the following items.

Pub Cans

Pub cans offer a special thing to the customers and that is its price. No matter which pub you choose, you will have to pay only $8 for your bill.

Frozen Drinks

If you are looking for something casual then you can consider ordering from the frozen drinks section. The drinks are not that fancy and have a reasonable price as well.

Classic Cocktails

Cocktail lovers can now satisfy their cravings by ordering from the classic cocktails section. All the cocktails have a price tag of $13 and the quality of each drink is top-notch.


After cocktails comes mocktails. It is hard to find a restaurant that serves both the menu items. Luckily, the old spaghetti factory can be considered as the restaurant that serves both of these. Mocktails are less expensive than cocktails.


If you are a Sangria fan then you have to be happy as old factory spaghetti offers its customers with this menu item. There is the classic red sangria, blood orange sangria and white peach sangria.


How can we forget talking about martinis? Just like wine, people love to drink martinis. People usually prefer ordering martinis instead of other drinks.

Spaghetti Factory Gluten Free Menu

The good news is that Old Spaghetti Factory also serves a gluten free menu. You can order from this menu as well if you are allergic to gluten. Unfortunately, the menu is quite short as compared to the original menu but important things are available.

Kids Menu

The junior customers are equally treated in this restaurant. A whole section is dedicated to kids using which they can order easily.

Group Menu

This menu section is useful when the order has to be made for a large group of people. Group menu is the main category, it is further divided into sub categories which are as follows.

Old Spaghetti Factory Hours

Old spaghetti factory operates on the following hours.

Old Spaghetti Factory Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Old Spaghetti Factory, then do try the following restaurants.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has The Old Spaghetti Factory Been In Toronto?
Old Spaghetti Factory was founded in 1969 and is still operated by Guss and Sally Dussin.
What Brand Of Ice-Cream Does Old Spaghetti Factory Use?
Old Spaghetti Factory uses Spumoni ice-cream as their signature ice-cream.
Who Is The CEO Of Old Spaghetti Factory?
Chris Dussin is the CEO of Old Spaghetti Factory.

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