The Keg Menu And Prices In Ottawa – April 2024 Updated


The Keg Menu and Prices in Ottawa

After discussing Keg Menu and Prices in Canada, now is the time to take over its Ottawa branch. Yes, you heard it right! The famous Keg is also open in Ottawa now. You can visit and have the perfect experience of fine-dining here.

Having lots of menu items made it difficult to handle the entire menu, for the users as well as for the workers. The smart thing to do was categorizing the entire menu into different sections to make its organization easier. Gladly, we will go through every single section of the Keg menu with prices.


The keg lunch menu starts with the starters just like they used to do at Mandarin. Menu items included in starters are so yummy that you might not have any space left to order from the main menu.


Salads are famous everywhere. However, not every restaurant has the intention to sell it but most of them do. If you came across Panago salads ever and actually liked them then buddy, you have a good taste!

Casual Plates

Casual plates served at Keg Ottawa are nothing but regular menu items offered in a little less quantity. However, there is not much but a little difference in the prices as well. You will get exactly 4 items here not costing more than $18.

Steak And Prime Ribs

Steak and prime ribs, sounds yummy right? Well, not only the Keg steakhouse Ottawa but every other branch of it is famous for its stakes. However, the Keg rib steak still remains at the top having a price tag of $40.

Steak + Seafood

If you want to include Ikea’s Salmon wraps in the seafood section then it is your choice. However, if you want more than just simple rolls then you can explore the steak + seafood section in the Keg steakhouse menu prices.

Keg Classics

Now comes the Keg classics and how can I forget about Sirloin when discussing this menu? Well you should know that Sirloin is the most famous at Keg. People usually visit this restaurant so they can have a taste of it. However, the keg prices for classics have a range between $35 and $43.


Not Keg’s specialty but the fish served here is a must to try! Why? Because it is much different than the regularly served fish in other restaurants.


We usually remember KFC when it comes to the best crispy fried chicken. However, if you are one of those people who doesn’t like crispy chicken then you can opt for other options like Thai chicken or Supreme chicken served here.


The ribs served at Swiss Chalet usually come in combos. These combos include beef, chicken and wings. However, when you see the ribs section of Keg then you will get to know that there aren’t any combos offered here.

Red Vines

The vines are also present in the menu section to enhance the taste of your food. You are presented with more than 10 options to choose from, ensuring that you make a wise decision.

White Vines

Not into red vine? Don’t worry, get white vine! Unfortunately, the options here are not many in number but they will definitely suffice once you go through the options.

The Keg Hunt Club Menu

The Keg Hunt Club Menu includes the following sections.

  •       Keg Creations
  •       Dinner
  •       Wine
  •       Drinks
  •       Casual Plates
  •       Desserts
  •       Coffees + Digestifs
  •       Kids

Keg Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Keg, then do try the following restaurants.

  •       A&W in Ottawa
  •       East Side Mario’s
  •       Gitanes
  •       The Shore Club

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(613) 241-8514

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Keg Locations Are In Ottawa?
You can come across the following Keg locations in Ottawa.75 York St, 376 Hunt Club Rd, 529 Richmond Rd, 15 Huntmar Dr
What Are Some Of The Best Steakhouses In Ottawa?
The best steakhouses in Ottawa include:Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar, Al's Steakhouse, Chop Steakhouse & Bar, Rose Bowl Steak & Seafood, Harmons Steakhouse, The Shore Club, Luxe Bistro, Madison’s Restaurant & Bar and Delicious Steak House.
What Is A Sirloin Oscar At The Keg?
Sirloin Oscar at Keg is a steak which is served with asparagus and is topped with shrimps and scallops which are cooked in a Béarnaise sauce.

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