The Keg Drinks Menu And Prices In Canada – April 2024 Updated

The Keg Drinks Menu

The Keg Drinks Menu And Prices in Canada

Although Keg is famous for its entire menu but there is always something special which attracts the customers greatly. As far as Keg Canada is concerned, it is none other than its drinks menu. So let us discuss Keg’s drinks menu, shall we?


Starting from Classics. I mean these drinks can literally go with any menu item that you order. Going out with friends? Order from the classics menu to double the fun.


Tell me that you didn’t think there isn’t going to be the Favorites section, right? Every other restaurant has it so why not Keg Canada? You can order your favorite Caesar, Mojito, Margarita and even Gin Basil Lemonade from this section costing only $9.


Well, I assume you must be 18+ to consider ordering from this section. The menu items are great and reasonable too! If you are looking for the famous Keg Martini then you will definitely find it in this section.


I must say that the majority of the drinks are present in the Gin section. The items are different here like would you expect to see a strawberry rhubarb fizz in any other restaurant? No, right? Well, that’s the beauty of this section I guess.


Where are all the whisky lovers? If you are interested in ordering from Canadian, Irish or Bourbon Whisky collection then Keg has got all covered! The prices are reasonable too, you wouldn’t have to spend much for ordering from the executive collection.


Another budget-friendly section to order from is Rum. You can easily order a nice rum drink from the following menu. The most expensive item in this section costs around $11.

Tequila + Mezcal

Tequila and Mezcal, what a nice combination. It should be known to you that Tequila is much stronger than other drinks so make sure to order wisely.


You might have heard someone saying: “I would like to have scotch, neat.” Well, this is that scotch. It doesn’t always have to be neat, you can try other variants as well as per your preferences.

Bottles + Cans

The simple bottles and cans wouldn’t excite you much after hearing about vodkas, gins and whisky. However, this is another section which Keg includes in its drinks menu. You should try ordering from here as well.

On Tap

On Tap, did you ever hear about this before? One thing about Keg is that it tends to introduce customers to new items and you can consider this section as one of their initiatives.


Ciders are everyone’s favorite. Unfortunately, there are only two options to order from but hey if you really want to enjoy it then you will order no matter what. Both of the available options have a price tag of $9. Choose whichever one you want!

Zero Proof

In case you are looking for the drinks that are not too expensive then consider ordering from here. When you order from this section make sure to have $6 in your pocket because that’s the price of every drink available in this section.

The Keg Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for the Keg, then do try the following restaurants.

  •       Moxie’s Grill and Bar
  •       Earls Kitchen + Bar
  •       Hy’s Steak House and Cocktail Bar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keg Serve Whisky?
Yes, the Keg does serve Whisky to its customers. You will get Canadian, Irish and Bourbon Whisky when visiting the Keg.
Is Keg Famous For Its Drinks Menu?
Keg is famous for a lot of things and one of them is drinks. You will be offered a large variety of options when it comes to Keg’s drinks menu.
Is Keg Located In Canada?
Of course! Keg is present in Canada and has its franchises in Toronto, Ontario etc.

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