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McDonalds happy meal is a meal box which has been designed specifically for the kids to make eating at a restaurant enjoyable and more fun for them.

The meal consists of some of the constant items which include a burger or nuggets, some crispy fries and a choice of any drink. The meal has been made specifically for the kids and contains all kinds of essential nutrients which are required by the body.

Not just this, the McDonalds happy meal is known as the happy meal for a reason! And it’s because with all the food items, the box also contains a piece of toy for kids!

This colorful happy meal box which has been served by McDonalds for over years brings an unmatched smile to children and their parents’ faces!


McDonalds happy meals in Canada are similar to the happy meals of McDonalds of different places. The options remain the same but the toys can vary.

The unique thing about the happy meals in Canada is that McDonalds there serves adults’ happy meals too! This has not been done anywhere in the world yet.


In Canada, McDonalds offers an adult happy meal which is known as ‘Adult Happy Meal’. This happy meal is specifically designed to satisfy the taste buds of adults and provide them with a whole unmatched dining experience.

The adult happy meal consists of:

  • Mouthwatering premium burger or a tasty wrap
  • With a large portion of fries made to perfection

And to further make your meal complete, you can order from McDonalds diverse variety of drinks options. Not just this McDonalds arm and freshly brewed coffees are also a great option if you are looking for a caffeine boost.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, the adult happy meal is a complete dining experience for adults and to make it a dining experience, dessert is a must. So the restaurant offers some of the yummiest dessert options mainly it’s incredibly famous ice-creams.



McDonalds Happy meal toys have become a beloved part and mainly the reason behind the success of happy meals when they were first introduced in June 1979 in a circus wagon themed bus.

The toys included in the happy meals are from famous movies, tv series, video games and sometimes McDonald’s own unique characters. The toys are made of simple plastic with many colors that captivate the attention of children and sometimes they are in the form of interactive gadgets.

Moreover, McDonalds keeps on changing the collection of toys in their happy meal from every to every month to keep them updated with the time and to keep the interests of children intact. This strategy has definitely helped in increasing the engagement of people on happy meals.  


Happy meals at McDonalds in Canada include diverse choices from the main entrée, drinks, side options and dessert but as mentioned above, the restaurant keeps on bringing in the variety and changes to keep the interest of people intact in their happy meal, so it’s always best to check your local McDonald’s restaurant to confirm what they are offering in their happy meals.

  • Main Entrée

The main entrée either consists of a hamburger with a beef patty, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard on a bun or a McDonalds special cheeseburger which is similar to hamburger only with the additional slice of cheese.

  • Drink options

The drink options include soft drinks of different types, milk and an apple juice.

  • Side options

Generous amounts of French fries or apple slices which are often dipped in caramel are served in the side options.

  • Dessert options

Desserts include cookies or mini ice cream cones which children absolutely love!

Moreover, McDonalds has now been working to bring in more nutritious food options in their happy meals like fruits and water and by reducing stuff that has more calories.


There has been news that McDonalds in Canada is now teaming up with the plush toy brand Squishmallows that are already quite famous for making inclusive and diverse collections of toys representing characters who are even deaf, blind or use a wheelchair to make their very own special and unique McDonalds squishmallow McFlurry.   


McDonalds Happy Meal Canada, although offers a delightful experience for the kids and parents with a variety of different food items and toys but it is equally important for parents to understand the fact that they need to manage such treats with other balanced and healthier diet options to maintain their child’s overall health and well-being. 


When Did McDonalds First Introduce Their Happy Meal?
The first ever happy meal at McDonalds was introduced in June 1979.
What Is The Average Price Of A Happy Meal In Canada?
The average price of a happy meal in Canada ranges from $4.99 - $6.79 and these may vary according to the customizations.
Is McDonalds Working On Introducing A Healthier Happy Meal?
Yes, the restaurant is now working to provide children with more nutritious and healthy food.

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